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Jury awards $290 million towards damages to Apple in case retrial

The jury has given their verdict in the partial retrial of the Apple vs Samsung case. After being awarded a hefty sum of $1.05 billion in damages to Apple, judge Lucy Koh reduced the damages by $450.5 million as she considered the number to be based on some wrong calculation.

The new jury has now ruled that Samsung needs to pay a sum of $290 million, in addition to $598 million from the first case, taking the total to $888 million.

It goes without saying that Samsung will contest the damages further in appeals and post-trial motion, so we’ll have to wait for the word from the judge for the final figure.



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Apple need the money for the new Apple Campus Building which is casually same look like one in Spain, you can search images of ‘Centro Internacional de Innovación Deportiva En el Medio Natural’ I bet they will sue every circular building in the world since they have invented the design of circular building in the woods. Jobs got up one inspiring morning and painted the patent on a paper napkin.


And Samsung still makes parts for the Iphones / Ipads…