Korean carriers testing Tizen-based Samsung smartphone

After numerous delays and continuous postponement, the first Tizen smartphone is now expected to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2014. This time, it seems Samsung might meet the intended target, as according to ZDNet, Korean mobile operators are currently testing a Tizen-based smartphone. This falls in line with a previous rumor that said Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo was pressuring Samsung to launch the first Tizen device as early as January, though whether Samsung can get everything ready in the first month of 2014 is something that we can’t be certain of.

There’s no information on the specs of this prototype device – the first Tizen phone isn’t expected to be as high-end as Samsung’s Android flagships, but it should have specs that match or exceed those of the Galaxy S III (Tizen won’t have as high demands as Android’s, so that hardware will be enough to run the OS without issues). As for those thinking Tizen will steal Samsung’s focus away from Android, don’t worry, that won’t happen – Samsung has said that Tizen and Android will co-exist, not to mention Tizen in its initial form won’t be able to offer the same experience as current Samsung Android handsets.



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it’s just another version of android
no diffrence
like u put a theme on android


Excited to see what Tizen can bring to the table and see it grow. Competition is healthy for the technology world and a brand new ecosystem would be great. Samsung is a beast in the Android world and in my personal opinion Samsung is Android. If it weren’t for Samsung and their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines Android would not be the powerhouse OS and ecosystem it is today. It will be interesting to see if in 2 years or so Tizen has evolved so much to become a major player in the smartphone wars. And seeing as it… Read more »