Galaxy S5 or Note 4 will feature 64-bit processor, confirms ARM; 128-bit chips might follow soon after

Ever since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s with its 64-bit processor, and ever since Samsung followed up the iPhone 5s’ announcement with a confirmation that they’re working on 64-bit processors as well, everyone has pretty much taken it for granted that these 64-bit CPUs will make it to Samsung devices in 2014. Samsung recently confirmed that they’re working on a custom 64-bit CPU that will make its way to market sometime in 2014/2015, and now a “senior ARM official” has reportedly confirmed that the 64-bit CPU will make it to a Samsung device next year.

No particular device was mentioned, so there’s no telling whether the 64-bit processor will debut on the Galaxy S5 or the Note 4. If we were to hazard a guess, it will probably be in the Galaxy S5, as Samsung would want to counter Apple’s latest flagship iPhone in one of its features as soon as possible (especially since Samsung’s 64-bit chip has been rumored to be in its final stages of development). The ARM official also said that 128-bit processors could make an appearance in the next couple of years, as applications such as face recognition increase the demand on computing power, though when (and if) Samsung (and other chip makers, like Qualcomm) will make a similar move any time soon remains to be seen.


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