Android 4.3 update for Verizon Galaxy S4 rolling out

Well, in a rather surprising turn of events, Verizon has beaten other carriers and become the first to start rolling out the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, as was expected when the update’s details were made available just a few hours back on Samsung’s website. In addition to inherent features of Android 4.3 (though there’s no OpenGL 3.0, as the S4′s GPU doesn’t support it on the hardware level), the update will add support for the Galaxy Gear, enable Band 4 LTE, update the Group Play app, improved Easy Mode, KNOX support, and a few other tweaks.

The update is available over-the-air right now, but in case you haven’t received a notification yet, be sure to hit the Check now button in the Settings » About phone » Software update menu.



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3 years 5 months ago

Nothing for i9505 UK yet? Can anyone provide a release date. The reason i ask is i have gone back to stock firmware on my S4 and want to know if its working with OTA correctly. Cheers

3 years 5 months ago

I am not sure why this is surprising. The leaked document from Best Buy, as reported on a couple of days ago put down October 28th for the Verizon update. One more update that matches the leaked document will be enough for me to feel the leak is accurate, and we can expect the others to release on the given dates as well.

I will note however, that since AT&T and Verizon are very competitive, that AT&T MAY bump up the schedule on their S4 update due to the Verizon release. Maybe not, but I’ve seen it happen in the past with other devices(Palm Pre Plus).

3 years 5 months ago

when will international version of Note 2 will receive 4.3

3 years 5 months ago

According to the leaked document they will start rolling our update late november.