Galaxy S5 to have plastic construction and faux leather back, suggests new rumor

Here’s a Galaxy S5 rumor that should add to your Monday blues. According to the folks over at GalaxyS5Info, Samsung’s upcoming flagship won’t come in a metallic body – instead, Samsung will be sticking to its current practice of using plastic, while carrying over the faux (aka fake) leather back from the Galaxy Note 3. This rumor goes against the rumors we’ve been hearing about since the last few weeks, which suggested that Samsung might finally be looking towards metallic designs for their smartphones.

Now, while the source of this info isn’t exactly reputable or well-known, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if it turns out to be right. Samsung is no doubt thinking that the plastic and faux leather combination on the Note 3 is a nice middle ground between a fully plastic and fully metal construction, and could be looking at sticking with it for their next flagship. Not to mention that Samsung is reportedly only just getting ready with production lines for metallic cases, so it might not be until the next Galaxy Note that the company is actually ready to start using that metal in its devices, or until its rumored Galaxy F range of smartphones make an appearance.

What do you think? Are you okay with what Samsung has done on the Galaxy Note 3, or do you think it’s high time the company started making flagship devices that actually feel worthy of what they cost?


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3 years 6 months ago

I always use a case on my Galaxy, and I love plastic for its lightness and durability, and shock absorption.

3 years 6 months ago

if it was glass it will feel very nice and premium just like the Sony experia z

3 years 6 months ago

Nooooooooo !!! don’t use plastic change that crap we want metal or glass no plastic

3 years 6 months ago

Same and same. Always one rumor about metal then another one rumor about plastic again. They have to change at last this design cause many people is bored by this.Even this fake leather look in Note 3 many people that i conversate with them they said they would like more if it was normal plastic like note 2.But i cant understand.One big company.How hard is to build metal smartphone?

3 years 6 months ago

If rumours about other features comes true and if metal back delays its launch then faux leather back will be acceptable for an early launch. I cannot wait any longer than February!!

3 years 6 months ago

For most people, how the device feels to USE is the more important thing. If an iPhone user has a case on their phone, and a Samsung phone has a case on it, then what the phone is made of becomes a VERY minor thing, as long as the construction of the phone is good enough to not break if dropped with a case on it. If anything, a case on a “plastic” phone makes a lot more sense than covering an aluminum phone with a plastic case as well. Think about that, if your phone is so great looking without the case, you wouldn’t want a case on your phone. So, why NOT go for a decent “plastic” if people will just cover it up anyway?

3 years 6 months ago

I’m actually okay with this. The Note 3′s back feels pretty nice, though I though it’d be a Note-exclusive design style due to Samsung trying to replicate the classic Notebook feel. I mean sure, I wouldn’t mind it, I haven’t minded the plastic or the faux leather, but it just seems a bit out of place on any other device than the Note.

3 years 6 months ago

plastic makes the phone lighter,too! i love plastic!

3 years 6 months ago

Actually i am more comfortable with the plastic Samsung used. I am using SGS3 for 1+ years and i feel that its almost scratch proof and has more resistance to shock. I need performance and durability not beauty because i dont use any cover or case to protect my mobile.

3 years 6 months ago

I use cover, but I like more the plastic also. :D