Samsung reportedly in talks with metal casing suppliers, fuels rumors of a metallic Galaxy S5

A Galaxy S flagship made of metal instead of Samsung’s usual cheap and glossy plastic? Yes, it was a rumor that cropped up regarding the Galaxy S5 recently, and now a report in Taipei Times suggests that Samsung is in talks with Catcher Technology, a Taiwanese company that makes the metal bodies of the HTC One and Apple’s iPad, for securing metal cases for “at least one of its high-end smartphone models from the second quarter next year.”

The second quarter of 2014 is when, according to tradition, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5, so it’s entirely possible we’ll finally catch a break from the plastic that the Korean manufacturer uses on all its devices. According to the report, Catcher is qualified as a supplier of 10 to 30 million units, but the final decision from Samsung will be made based on the bids it receives. Samsung is rumored to be starting up a production line of its own for creating metal casings, and it’s likely they’ll splitting production between multiple suppliers to meet the huge demand the Galaxy S5 (or whatever the next flagship is called) would create.

Of course, all of these are just rumors for now, so it’s best not to get your expectations too high right now. It’s high time Samsung made their flagship products actually feel like flagship products, so here’s a prayer to the man above that the Korean manufacturer kicks off the trend as soon as possible.

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