Samsung Galaxy S5 to have metal chassis, production line starting at end of year?

Well, the rumor mongering never stops, even if a device is quite far away from being released. It was recently rumored that the Galaxy S5 could sport a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, but the latest rumor is something that will make a lot of people even more excited – a report by ETNews claims that Samsung may be looking to use a metal chassis on its next flagship smartphone.

The report also claims that Samsung is looking to start a production line later this year to create those metal chassis, with a sample produced in Europe sent for testing to Vietnam earlier this year. Samsung is reportedly treading lightly and is looking to minimize effects of a metal housing, such as on the antenna reception (Apple’s “death grip” on iPhone, remember that?). Hopefully, things like removable batteries and expandable storage are being focused on, too.

Of course, we’ve all heard this one before so there’s no assurance that we won’t see plastic construction yet again. As always, there’s considerable time before the Galaxy S5 makes its way to market, so it’s best not to take these rumors seriously, though you’re always free to get excited.

Here’s hoping Samsung is working on a new design as well.


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