Apple could add more Samsung products in the U.S. import ban

Import ban on some Samsung products went into effect early this month and now FOSS Patents has spotted a new filing that claims Apple to have appealed on the final decision of the ITC case. The Notice of Appeals and Petition for Review was filed by Apple last week in the Federal Circuit that could potentially result in a ban on products with three more patents or even get a ban on additional products with a modified claim of the infringed patents.

In August, The U.S. ITC had ruled against Samsung for infringing two Apple patents and more recently failed to gain a veto from President Obama’s administration to overturn the ban.

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3 years 6 months ago

It’s pretty clear that CrApple has Obama in their back pocket and he will do NOTHING when it comes to protecting fair competition in the US unless it concerns US companies.

Samsung has designed around ANY and ALL supposed patent violations and CrApple simply can’t handle that their phones kick their “unapologetically Plastic SHIT” in the ballz. Too bad.

3 years 6 months ago

I think APPLE yet to find a (Brave) men. They cannot do it in business now a days, so they earn money in a different way with patents in their own country. Shame on you APPLE. At the same time i don’t like Samsung either for being partial with most Asian Countries. Most of the functionality that work in US still not available for us. I think that’s why US let them down in the patent… Enjoy SAMSUNG…

3 years 6 months ago

good luck with that apple since samsung have made all of your devices processors except for the iphone 5 and are still continuing to do so with the iphone 5s the iphone 5c and also the upcoming iphone 6 go against samsung eventually samsung will have enough of it and say good luck finding someone else who makes as good and just as fast processors as us