Bell to be first carrier to integrate Samsung’s KNOX for business customers

Samsung has made a lot of noise about its KNOX security suite for businesses and consumers alike, and now Canadian carrier Bell has become the first carrier to integrate KNOX security into its backend infrastructure for business customers. Bell will support customers and provide the back-end administration infrastructure for IT administrators on supported devices (the Galaxy Note 3 initially, and later on the Galaxy S4 and others once they get support for KNOX via software updates).

For those wondering what KNOX does, it is basically a security platform that integrates itself with Android’s framework and the device hardware to create a “container,” a separate execution environment for apps to run and store data. Any apps that are run inside this environment have their data safe and sound from those outside it, allowing one to run trusted apps without fear of having their data compromised. This way, enterprise users can carry the same device for both official and personal use, separate their work and personal apps and files through the KNOX container.

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3 years 6 months ago

Unless you root your device the counter in Knox will increment and invalidate Knox. It’s also causing some other issues for those that want to root their devices and load custom ROMs.

3 years 6 months ago

You are not allowed to roote a business mobile ;)