Coupon code gets you 30% off on Galaxy Gear from T-Mobile

That $299 price keeping you away from buying the Galaxy Gear? Well, if don’t mind purchasing one from T-Mobile, you can now get the Gear at only $209.99 with the promo code “FALLFUN30″, for a 30 percent discount. The deal seems to be present only on T-Mobile’s website, and since there’s no mention of how long it will last, it would be best to make haste and order the Gear before the price goes back to its usual steep status.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our review of the Galaxy Gear, it should help you decide whether you want to buy one, discounted price or not.


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For those who got in congrats. T-Mobile has closed this code off, or removed the GG from the approved accessory list and no longer qualifies. I was on the fence all weekend and after I read more reviews of REAL users not tech reviewers with biased opinions I was sold. Only to have it sold out and then code gone.

I also read tonight that T-Mobile may have about 300,000 on back order (could be the code) so it seems to be selling well for $200 range. Did you hear that Samsung $200 range.