Samsung opens registrations for November 18th European Developer Day event in London

Not attending Samsung’s first developer conference in San Francisco next month? Well, maybe you’ll be able to make it to London the month after that, as Samsung has announced that it will be holding the European Developer Day conference in England’s capital on November 18th, and is now allowing developers to register their interest. The event will provide insight into Samsung’s “new tools and services to help developers create exciting, innovative applications across Samsung’s smart device range.”

Particularly, there’s three things Samsung will be focusing on. Samsung’s SDKs for mobile, in-app purchases, and their SmartTVs, APIs (both native and web) for their upcoming Tizen OS (which is expected to be officially unveiled at the October 18th event, along with the first Tizen-powered device), and finally, opportunities for working with Samsung and taking advantage of Samsung Hub, Samsung Wallet, enterprise and other such services offered by the Korean manufacturer.

Entry to the event is free, though there’ll be limited seats, so be sure to hit up the source link as quickly as possible if you’re interested in attending.



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