More Tizen 3.0 images leaked, running on a Galaxy S3 this time

Samsung must be working double-time on Tizen, as merely a day after version 3.0 of the upcoming OS was seen running on a Galaxy S4, we now have images of it running on a developer edition of the Galaxy S3 (this developer device is what carriers and developers have had access to for working on Tizen). The screenshots don’t see anything new, though they do show, once again, how Samsung has ripped off things like Windows Phone’s messaging icon, and stock Android’s clock with bold hour and thin minute indication.

Drop down notifications seem to be present as well, with one image showing Facebook notifications on the screen, though whether the OS will support this for all apps remains to be seen (it probably will). Tizen is certainly looking much better and less cartoon-y than TouchWiz, though whether it captures of the attention of consumers is something that’s still up in the air.

Here are the images of Tizen 3.0 on the Galaxy S3.

Tizen-Dev-RD-PQ-Tizen-3-4-1 Tizen-Dev-RD-PQ-Tizen-3-3 Tizen-Dev-RD-PQ-Tizen-3-2Source



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Looks nice, but I wonder how long will it take to be released.


Well the good news here is since my wife uses an S3 I9300, this is Samsung’s not so subtle way of saying “OK I9300 won’t get past Android 4.2.2 people but we’re working on a next gen Linux based mobile OS Tizen for it instead”.

The bad news? This looks like a minimum of a year for this to even get to a public alpha phase and that’s discounting apps?