Samsung HomeSync shows up on online store, comes with $50 credit but no way of purchase

Samsung’s HomeSync, a home server-cum-set-top box device was unveiled way back in February this month, but has been missing from any official listing since then. Now, it has shown up on Samsung’s U.S. site, but it doesn’t look like the manufacturer wants you to buy one, as neither a price nor buy option is present.

As a result, the free $50 credit Samsung is offering on the HomeSync for use with Samsung’s Media Hub is useless at this point as well. But whenever the device does go on sale, you’ll surely want to grab that free credit as the HomeSync can only be used to sync media content between your smartphone and TV when you’ve bought that content from Samsung’s store (or Google Play). A 1TB hard disk is inbuilt to store your music and videos, and the device runs on a customized version of Android Jelly Bean.


While availability details are unavailable at this point, we can expect that to change soon considering Samsung has listed the HomeSync officially and is also touting that free credit. We’ll be sure to let you know whenever it launches, and you can check out our hands-on of the HomeSync in the meantime.


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