Samsung appealing ITC ruling on 3 patent claims against Apple

Samsung was dealt a huge blow when the U.S. government overturned a ban the company had managed to obtain over some of Apple’s products over a patent claim, so it looks like they’re going after the other 3 patents whose claims were rejected in the same ruling: the company has confirmed that it is appealing the ruling against the three patents, which might cause Apple to face another ban when the final verdict is given on August 9.

Of course, with Apple’s earlier ban being cancelled in what is being called an “act of protectionism,” even if the ITC does rule in Samsung’s favor again, it remains to be seen whether it will ultimately be of any importance. One thing is clear though: neither company is going to give the other a break, and with Apple recently getting the upper hand, Samsung is probably going to double down on its efforts to eke out a win in the numerous upcoming disputes with the fruit company.


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3 years 11 months ago

The last line makes me laugh “the fruit company”. 😀
A fruit that sues you each time you take a bite…