Samsung might launch its Anti-Theft feature for smartphones in July

Samsung might be launching an Anti-Theft feature for its smartphones in the upcoming weeks. Samsung, along with other tech industry giants, joined New York Attorney General Erich Schneiderman to discuss the implementation of an Anti-Theft feature in smartphones and it looks like Samsung has finally agreed to implement a Kill-Switch feature in its smartphones.

Smartphone industry’s rapid growth has also increased the growth of Mobile theft all around the world, especially in the U.S. When a smartphone gets stolen, the thief not only steals the mobile device but also steals the owner’s identity, and the owner’s data gets compromised as well.

Samsung is currently the world’s no.1 smartphone maker and is big enough to make an impact on the smartphone industry. Once implemented, the Kill-feature will allow the authorized personal to remotely lock, wipe, and disable any smartphone so that it will be in a brick state.

More information about Samsung’s kill-switch feature isn’t available yet but if everything works out to be on schedule then we can expect more details about this feature in the upcoming weeks.

Via: AndroidAuthority Source: MK


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What will be the difference between this new feature and the actual one of Samsung Dive?


I wonder what “disable any smartphone so that it will be in a brick state.” means, if you still can boot into recowery it is kind of useless.. but if you could actually brick it:)