Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom uses a optical zoom of 10 times!

This week SamMobile leaked out the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is Samsung’s first camera phone. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is expected to have a 4.3” qHD AMOLED display and a 16 megapixel camera sensor with optical zoom. (Same as the Galaxy Camera) According to the Galaxy S4 Zoom will have an optical zoom of 10 times! This is a lot better than the Nokia 808 PureView with only an optical zoom of 3 times. Samsung downgraded the optical zoom function of the Galaxy S4 Zoom because of the thickness of the device itself. The phone itself looks like the Galaxy S4 mini.

Samsung just received their bluetooth certification on the Galaxy S4 Zoom too.

We expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 Zoom this month. The device must be available before the summer months.

So what do you think do we need camera phones?

source (translated)

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