Samsung wont stop, 1 billion extra

Samsung wont back out in the Apple VS Samsung and Samsung VS Apple case.
Samsung decided to invest 1 billion dollars extra in these cases! Samsung and Apple aren’t friends any longer. Since the beginning of Samsung’s GALAXY line Apple is not amused. According to Apple Samsung uses some Apple’s patents. Samsung told Apple the same. The patent battles between both companies are getting bigger and bigger. Samsung is one of biggest parts suppliers of Apple. Apple decided that they will go away from the Samsung parts more and more and Samsung has plans to do the same. Samsung will stop the parts delivery more and more. Of course Samsung will lose money but at the moment many clients are using Samsung’s hardware.
One other problem for Apple could be the production. Samsung is the only company that delivers all parts right on time. Which could mean more delay in future products of Apple. Where Samsung doesn’t have this problem with their GALAXY line, they produce almost all parts themselves.

Samsung and Apple need to be careful.
Companies like LG, HTC and Sony could take more and more market, because of the bad court news messages regarding Samsung and Apple.
Samsung will be innovating as ever where Apple starts case after case.
Apple even started a case against HTC and HTC lost this case and created some deal with Apple. Samsung says we have no plan to make a deal with Apple.

One of the biggest cases against Samsung is the one in America. Samsung could pay up to 1 billion dollars to Apple.


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