Samsung lost case against Apple

Today Samsung lost a case against Apple. Samsung lost the patent battle about Apples patent of scrolling in the gallery (EP 2.059.868).
Samsung need to give all Android devices with Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 a update for the blue bounce effect in the gallery.
The court in the Netherlands decided this. Samsung started earlier with those updates, sadly not all devices are using this bounce effect yet.

Samsung need to make sure the update is done in 8 weeks if not Samsung could have to pay 100.000 euro a day!

Samsung Benelux, said in a statement to be “disappointed”: “Apple wants to restrict consumer choice and innovation discourage their excessive and incorrect legal claims… We take all possible measures to protect consumer choice in the Netherlands.”

The patent wars between Apple and Samsung are quite big in 2012, the biggest decision will come in December. Samsung lost a case in Apples home country, Samsung could pay Apple up to 1 billion dollar.


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