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New patent reveals Samsung’s foldable smartphone display

Display technology has rapidly progressed over the past couple of years. Just last year companies like Samsung and LG released devices with curved displays which some viewed as a teaser of what's to come in the future. The US Patent and T…


Samsung to set up a $1 billion display manufacturing plant in Vietnam

Samsung Display Co Ltd has announced that it has received an approval from Vietnam authorities to set up a $1 billion display manufacturing plant in the country. The facility, which would be built in Bac Ninh province in Vietnam would be o…

bended display

Samsung Display Centric World

Samsung Display published a video on their own website showing of the future in display technology. Samsung showed this video at their own Analyst day 2013. As known Samsung is the biggest innovator in Display technology. Samsung already s…


Samsung acquires 7.4 percent stake in Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass

Corning, maker of the Gorilla Glass that is used on basically every high-end smartphone out there, has announced that it has taken full control of Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co. Ltd., a joint venture 43 percent owned by Samsung. In…


Samsung, LG Display agree to end lawsuits

Samsung Display's legal war with LG Display will finally come to an end as both companies have decided to settle it amicably. Both companies were entangled in a series of lawsuits where they alleged infringement of respective display techno…


Workers at Samsung Display in Slovakia treated horribly?

It looks like Brazil may not be the only country where Samsung workers are treated unfairly. We received an email a few hours ago, mentioning that conditions are as bad, if not worse, in Slovakia at Samsung Display, the Samsung group respon…


Samsung busy to get patents for flexible displays for tablets

Samsung is currently busy to get patents on flexible display's for tablets. New patents by patenbolt have confirmed this. The future of flexible display is ready to start from 2014. Samsung worlds biggest electronics maker wanst to be the l…


Samsung’s flexible display has been delayed

The first flexible display devices from Samsung has been delayed. According to Korean newspaper ETnews Samsung is having issues with the display quality. Samsung expected to bring the first flexible display smartphones on the market from e…




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