Samsung: Here’s why you should buy the Galaxy S5 over HTC’s new One smartphone

Each year, various manufacturers unveil their flagship devices in the first few months, and then set sights on the consumer in order to sell these flagships. Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in February, and HTC followed up with an announcem…


Galaxy S5 display compared to LG G Pro 2, new HTC One and Sony Xperia Z2

Next month, the Galaxy S5 will be launched in more than 150 countries as Samsung's latest flagship, and as usual, it will be facing competition from flagship smartphones from other manufacturers. The display quality on these flagships will,…


Samsung Galaxy S4 beats HTC One in ‘uncheatable’ gaming benchmark

When Samsung was accused of cheating in benchmarks on the Galaxy S4 by making its hardware run at higher clock speeds when benchmark apps were run, people were quick to jump at the chance of throwing curses and insults at the Korean manufac…


Samsung Lied about Galaxy Gear Compatibility?

Perhaps "lied" is a strong word, but we were told in no uncertain terms that Samsung's "Galaxy Gear" smart watch would *only* work with the Galaxy Note 3. At least, until they pushed out compatibility to other higher end Galaxy smartphones.…



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