New Tizen 2.3 screenshots show a colorful user interface

Samsung is moving slow, but it’s fairly certain the company will launch a smartphone running on Tizen later this year, at least in the Indian market. The device will be a low-end phone that will run on Tizen 2.3 out of the box – we’ve already given our readers a look at the Tizen interface, and now, the latest iteration of the OS has been shown off in more detail in screenshots published by Tizen Indonesia. As you can see in the screenshots, Samsung has gone with an extremely colorful look for its in-house OS, with blue being the prominent color in quite a few apps. Everything looks quite similar to the company’s TouchWiz UX on Android while still being different enough to give Tizen an identify of its own.

The Tizen 2.3 UX has been optimized for screen resolutions starting at 480×800 pixels (WVGA), and according to Tizen Indonesia, the OS uses a special font called TizenSans to offer a uniform design across the board. Hit the source link to go through all the Tizen 2.3 screenshots, and do let us know what you think about its user interface.


tizen-2.3-2 tizen-2.3-1


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2 years 14 days ago

Sorry, but it sort of looks like an Android replacement. Nothing new to deal with. Just sobbing :(

2 years 18 days ago

the main issue will be the apps. whether the new Tizen OS will have a support for running android apps or it will just have an new appstore of its own. Pretty sure nobody is gonna buy it if it doesn’t runs android apps

2 years 18 days ago

It’s very pretty. It’s like toy thanks to the vivid colors.
BTW I think the price is 100~150 USD without contract.
Hey Indians or HongKong Chinese. Please sell this phone on ebay and amazon.

2 years 18 days ago

Nice interface! Well done.
2 years 19 days ago

Looks great, although I don’t like the colors much. I would prefer the ones of the Galaxy S5.
And I just hated those icons in the app launcher! Are you serious Samsung? These ones look like they have been pulled out from the 5-year-old Galaxy S running Android 2.3!

2 years 19 days ago

i don’t know what different with android

2 years 19 days ago


2 years 19 days ago

I’m definitely going to buy this phone

2 years 19 days ago

Horrible design really. Seems a 3 years old device. No games, no applications, no designs, etc. TIZEN is a dead OS, nobody will buy it

Stealth Droid
2 years 19 days ago

Looks good tho except for the incoming call screenshot. Like the status bar icons