Samsung Z’s Tizen OS demoed on video

Samsung unveiled its first Tizen-powered smartphone yesterday, the Samsung Z, which is slated to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year. The Samsung Z, being the first commercial Tizen phone, runs what is the final consumer version of Tizen, which hasn’t been shown to the public yet as all prototype devices ran test versions of the OS. But thanks to the folks over at TheHandheldBlog, we can take a look at what Tizen will look and work like on the Samsung Z – the demo was done on a test unit, but the software is the same version as that which will power the Z.

Right off the bat, it’s pretty clear that Samsung has tried to keep things as similar to its TouchWiz UX on Android phones, a move that will it attract more consumers. The homescreen is pretty similar to Android as well, with a dock at the bottom and customizable screens just above it, a similar notifications shade, widgets and the like. Tizen does seem to run quite smooth but seems to be quite basic at the moment, which means it could bog down if Samsung decides to go its usual route of adding as many features as possible without stopping to think of actually optimizing its software.

Check out the full video below to see how Tizen looks and behaves, and let us know if the new OS from Samsung has gotten you interested!

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  1. Welcome back to Samsungs own stinky software. This remembers me of the Samsung Star generation.

    • Why buy a Samsung ONLY phone???? Look at what Samsung did with the S3. No updates after 18 months….In Tizen, it will be worst….In Tizen there will not be Google protection…..I am lookind at LG for my next phone

      • o ya just tell me how well did LG supported LG optimus G or HTC supported One X……

    • Ah…. yes.. an Applewellian iTroll Prole. For your information Samsung’s software has grown more than any other non hardware department within the company. They’ve even hired more developers that are working in Open Source 2nd only to Google now. Which means it’s the whole Open Source Community working for Samsung just like Google. Because unlike Apple in Open Source, Samsung is actually now in the Top 5 Open Source Contributors in the World! FOOL!!!

      Stinky? Really??? You’ve been thoroughly Brain Washed and have no idea about Samsung in Software now. Samsung’s software features will begin to be ported to all Android devices. Google and Samsung are now co-operating. Look for Play Store to also be added to Tizen too! hahaha…. since Tizen is capable of running both Bada (beat out Microsoft WP7 and Blackberry 3rd ranked Mobile OS before open sourcing). Samsung even has an RTOS variant license for wearables!

      With Touchwiz you can do things only supported by Samsung’s hardware. Like True System Wide Drag n Drop (like desktop OS’s) App to App, Multiwindow, PiP, PoP and true system wide Pervasive Multitasking. No other vendor is capable of doing this on Android or any other OS. Certainly NOT Apple still using iMagical Hyperbole and slight of hand tricks to only look like they have widgets, to only look like they multitask, while only suspending all tasks except the one running. That certainly isn’t True System Wide Multitasking for sure!

      What I want to know is where do you iDiots come from who don’t understand just how much Samsung spends on R&D every single year. For the first time last year Volkswagen replaced IBM in the Top Two with Samsung in R&D Spending. They’ll drop down to about 4 or 5 even and Samsung will be #1 or #2 again this year!!!
      Now what was that about software? Because you are obviously off your rocker on that lame assumption from the past now being #3 in most innovative companies to Apple and Google and expected to overtake both in Software next year!!! mwahaha….. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it, but you better shut up about stinky software, because Samsung sells more devices than all their top competitors combined! EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!

  2. Samsung is completely horrible at execution. I understand this is their first Tizen phone, but their is no excuse in today’s times to launch a poorly designed phone from the inside out. Their are to many resources and two major leading platforms to be inspired from. Samsung is considered a scapegoat to me now. I used to be a major Samsung supporter but now I see they’re just a “me to” type of company that has access to so many resources, but can’t utilize them. I honestly think they will be their own downfall. Kind of like Apple, but Apple started to catchup with the times. Apple at least executes correctly in nearly every area so even if they are playing catchup with features, they’d useful features and done right.

    Samsung sucks at design in both software and hardware. They’re kind of like dominant player with no fundamentals. That’s useless because you’ll only go but so far like that. It’s really no difference between this and their skin for Android. They simply changed their named and somehow made it uglier to look at. Saturate the market with so many damn devices and variants. For what? There really can’t be that many targets or markets of people to try and cover.

    They sale a massive amount of devices but it I’ll drop one day and they will wonder why.

    • Drink some cool water.

    • @Nate B lol… Samsung could drop 200 Million smartphones in sales and still be #1 smartphone maker on the planet by both volume and revenue. They made $220 Billion Dollars in Revenue Last year in just their Electronics Division. Apparently they don’t suck at hardware or software design then! ahahaha…. This year Samsung will again sell a 100 Million more devices than they were projected to sell last year. Projected this year to sell 400 Million Smartphones alone. Again killing Apple’s sales by well over Double and killing all their competitors combined for the 4th year in a row!

      When Samsung finally actually has a viable challenger in Smartphones…. let me know! ;-P

  3. Im a samsung fan from 2011 with the first phablet note 1 N7000, now i have the note 3.
    But I must to tell why im not happy anymore with samsung.
    The first reason is becouse im not feeling premium with samsung anymore.
    The second reason is that samsung phones droped the price after only 3-4 months. Example you can find at the same price samsung note 3 with iphon 5.
    The third reason samsung are boring with to much phones all with the same design. Example you spend 600 euro for s5 and looks similar like an s3 mini.
    We need something new new new. Maybe something like lg g3.

    • You can’t find iPhone 5, because Apple quit selling it. You can only find iPhone 4 in India and China. 4s can only be found limited carriers and countries. 5c and 5s sell in most countries, though 5c is a FREE phone and 5s as low as $99 in USA.

      You can’t find Galaxy Note 3 for less than $199 on contract and $590 just like iPhone 5s (except 5s can be had for $99 and $149 on some carriers). I know “THE TRUTH” is hard for you HATER TROLLs to understand, and if you think Galaxy Note 3 is anything like Galaxy S3 mini you are definitely DEAF DUMB AND BLIND!!! …or it you think Zoom or Active look like anything they offer, are too!!!

      New new new… like LG G3? Get REAL…. lol… that’s an insult. LG has always had lame software and look so generic that it’s hard to tell them apart from top Chinese Brands now! 4K screen alone isn’t going to sell them any faster!

      Remember Samsung out sells every single one of their Top Competitors combined!!! ;-P

  4. Atleast before it was android and touchwiz but now only touchwiz?

    • You ever used Linux? Ever used Gnome or KDE or Enlightenment or any of the other UI environments? Touchwiz is like them. It the desktop environment and without it you can’t even operate Galaxy Note Series phones!!!

      Your CrApplewellian iProles hired by Apple to diss on Samsung? Aren’t having much luck are you? lol… because Samsung sales tell a different Story and for one sure thing; Every Galaxy Note 3 Owner who loves their phone, loves it because that’s all it can run is Touchwiz! lol… and that alone is why they’ve now sold 70 Million Galaxy Note series phones in 3yrs! :DDD ….and it only has Touchwiz too!

  5. Dear samsung , put AOSP on your android devices cause your software sucks , look sense now it is best “skin” it is not even skin it is adjustment to stock android , bad job samsuck , my next device is nexus or htc :)

    • Dear Moron…. Samsung’s software is what made them #1 Smartphone Maker in the World. Galaxy Note 3 has proved that as a highest priced Android phone or iPhone. Because it’s all Galaxy Note series can run is Touchwiz. Certainly not AOSP anything. With Galaxy Note Series being just one of 2 Top selling Samsung Smartphones models they are selling! ;-P ….keep your ignorance to yourself.

      #1 Google is no longer making Nexus. Last year was last year Nexus model release sold. No More Nexus Devices to be made ever!

      #2 HTC? lol… better hurry before they go out of business. Because HTC One M8 can’t compete with Samsung Galaxy S 5! Sorry!!! :D

  6. Hope it’s lag-free!

    • How can it not be? It’s got a one of a kind license on some aspects, that will keep the grubby hands of Carriers from destroying it with BLOATWARE!!!

      Tizen has 5 open source separate licenses and license is specifically granted to make it impossible for carriers to doctor up like they can Android. It’s why Tizen Gear runs faster, longer than Android. It’s more energy efficient too!

      Besides running W3C’s .wgt as it’s application base under HTML5. In fact it runs HTML5 and Cloud Apps faster than any other platform today. It kills iOS 7 in every way online. The browser although built on Webkit like most browser today, needs no interpreter between the OS and hardware. HTML 5 and Cloud all run natively on Tizen! FAST N FURIOUS!!!

  7. Will give a try on Tizen device when we got note hardware with Tizen OS :)

  8. Finally!

  9. Remember Samsung, Without apps support like Android, Tizen is Nothing…

    • Tizen will be running Apps from Play Store you fool!!! ….they’re using Bada App Store for Tizen. Which is a W3D .wgt widget application foundation HTML5 framework. Tizen apps will kill both Apple and Android both online and running HTML5 streamed Apps both on and off line!!! ….with running Play Store Apps, Tizen Store Apps natively and Cloud based Unikernel Mirage OS HTML5 Cloud Apps natively as well, Tizen is more than ready to kill all the competition in the Future! ….that includes Apple again!!! ^_*

  10. I like this, I really do. What I think is that Samsung with tizen is going to improve everything that Touchwiz lacks.

    • I don’t think Touchwiz lacks anything…. at it’s core. It’s the same latest version of Linux kernel and Samsung is now in top 5 contributors to the Open Source Linux kernel!!! ;-P ….the thing that changes is all the licensing is very permissive and they even have one unigue license on the UI, no other Open Source software has! Tizen is a powerhouse OS and with DoD Department of Defence certification of Knox and Safe, it’s been certified as Government and Enterprise ready!!!

  11. :) GR8

  12. hi sir

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