Original Samsung Galaxy Gear (SM-V700) now being updated to Tizen

The time has come for owners of the original Galaxy Gear to say goodbye to Android and welcome Tizen onto their smartwatch. Samsung has begun rolling out an update to the Galaxy Gear that will bring over Tizen, the company’s in-house OS, to the smartwatch. The update carries software version 2.2.0, and while the entire OS will be replaced, most users won’t notice any visual differences. However, quite a few improvements and new features are to be had – improved performance and battery life, features such as an standalone music player (you can store music on the watch itself), customizable shortcuts for tap input, voice commands in the camera, among others.

Basically, you get most of the features that debuted on the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, except for those that are dependent on hardware like the heart rate sensor. We offered an exclusive look at an early version of the Tizen update on the Galaxy Gear, so be sure to check it out to see what all has changed. As for the update itself, you will need to either update via Kies, or grab the firmware file manually from our firmware section (search for SM-V700) and upgrade manually. We’re unsure if this update will roll out over the air, but if it does, you will be able to grab it from the Gear Manager app on your phone or tablet.

UPDATE: So we upgraded a Galaxy Gear using Kies, and found that the update will wipe all your data from the watch. You will get a warning screen before the update begins and get a chance to backup your data, and you’ll also have to pair it with your phone or tablet again. Furthermore, some third-party apps will not work after the update as those will be incompatible at the moment, unless developers move their apps to Tizen.

Firmware Details:

  • • Model: SM-V700
  • • Model name: GALAXY Gear
  • • Version: Tizen 2.2.0
  • • Changelist: N/A
  • • PDA: V700XXUCNE9
  • • CSC: V700OXACNE9

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  1. Thanks. I’d like to upgrade but if I hate it I want the ability to downgrade again.

    • Das kannst du besoge dir odin für dein pc eine alte Software der gear gehe in donwload modus und drauf spielen das sollte gehen

  2. AND, (there is no edit so I have to post again)
    And, what about apps? Does Tizen have most of the apps the Gear does with Android? If not then why even upgrade and loose all those apps?

    • What kind of App do you mean? Like in the Tizen Appstore there quite few apps….

  3. I live in the US and don’t see the update. Would the UK version work?

    • I am in the same situation. Live in US, but see no US version. What did you find out? Anyone?

      • Same here so wtf what do i do

        • I live in the US also. I downloaded the UK version. Worlds good no problems. Battery life seems much improved, only dropped 2% over night.

  4. Actualy is the same software for all… im downloading the german… because my brazilian S4 has the german rom…

  5. I must be dense. Anyone willing to do a step by step? I run Kies 3 and get the message that my firmware is up to date.

    I downloaded the file V700XXUCNE9_V700OXACNE9_BTU.ZIP

    What do I do with the files in the Zip file?

    • I am in the same situation, can you step by step to install the kies file from. Thanks you. I am from chile

    • Das kannst du besoge dir odin für dein pc eine alte Software der gear gehe in donwload modus und drauf spielen das sollte gehen

    • You need to download odin, can’t use Kies of you’re in the us. Google a guide, or YouTube.

  6. are you new to updating device manually? you need a video tutorial then. head to youtube for some video tutorial

  7. not sacrificing the null rom for this,will download it anyway but no way.

  8. I just downloaded the Spain Rom and manually flashed to my galaxy gear and it works fine but I can not find ChatOn for gear anywhere. Anybody having the same issue or a piece of advice?

    • how did you update do you connect watch to pc?

      • Yeah you need to put the watch in the charging case and hook it up to your pc with a usb cable. Before you do that you need to put the watch into download mode.

  9. I feel like the battery drains faster with the tizen update. Over night from 100% it went to 1% unplugged. Prior to this update with the latest android, It could go for at least 2 days without charging with minimal to moderate use.

    • I’m having the same issue. With android on my gear 1st gen, battery would last 2.5 days but now with Tizen, it’s 1.5 days.

      • Same issue: Gear1 + Galaxy S3. did you find a solution?

  10. Has anyone seen the link for US?

  11. Kies doesn’t have this update yet for the US.

  12. this software update works on Galaxy S3 android 4.3?

  13. will there ever be a over the air update

  14. I installed the update. Downloaded the German rom. Installed with odin v3.09. I had to uninstall Gear Manager and download again. It is not the same layout. There are no separate apps for Line, Chat on you do receive the notification when you receive a message. I was fully charged when install in the morning used the stand alone music player with bluetooth headset for a few hours. As of this morning after 24 hours at 36 percent. I like most the stand alone music player. You have about 3 Gig of room for music ,photos whatever.

  15. Good day! if someone can help me please. i tried flashing the UK firmware and I have not success. i tried flashing back the canadian firmware and it is just stuck to SetupConnection.. can someone please help!!

  16. Just flash TTT rom the United kingdom BTU rom. the Samsung Galaxy Gear has been renamed Samsung Gear. most of the apps in gear 2 is there except the heart rate monitor

    • i notice also there is no shortcut for camera and dialer when you slide down for the camera and up for the dialer

  17. I prefer the null rom 23. If I update to tizen I would like to be able to go back to null rom

  18. Hi, I’m eternit tizen now I want to go back to the Android I do?

  19. you God help I do?

  20. I want to go back to the Android

  21. I downloaded the upgrade and installed with Odin. Powered it up and it wouldn’t connect with my phone. Uninstalled gear manager, reinstalled, nada. Decided to go back to stock state and now I’m totally screwed. I now have the yellow triangle “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue…” screen – and nothing else. Trying everything using Odin but am getting no where. HELP!!!

  22. Tôi muốn hỏi cách để cập nhật ở thị trường Việt Nam ! Vì sao tôi vào cập nhật phần mêm cho gear không được?

  23. I tried to update and I can not do it. I receive the firmware update, agree all the items, start downloading, and then, a weird error while updating, and Kies 3 close.

  24. I downloaded b the file from sammobile on my note 3 so what do i do next

  25. Why doesn’t SAM just put the firmware OVER THE AIR just like any other software update no hustles . Some of us don’t have a clue about installing manually. Please help

  26. Are there any app in Samsung’s app store for the Tizen OS version of the galaxy gear? As my phone has none listed when I go to Samsung app on the gear manager.

  27. Does any know why Odin doesn’t see my PDA when I’m trying to add it to the AP line to upgrade to Tizen?

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