Here’s a list of Samsung devices getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update (UPDATE)

Wondering which of Samsung devices will be getting the update to Android 4.4 KitKat, and when? Well, thanks to an internal document that we obtained from a tipster and have confirmed to be legitimate, we have a list of the Samsung phones that are getting the much awaited update. As you can see in the image below, the devices confirmed to be getting KitKat include the Galaxy S III LTE, Galaxy S4 mini (and S4 mini LTE), Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3. We’ve already known that these devices will be getting updated, but today’s leak also reveals that the update is expected to start rolling out to those devices sometime in June, though that is just an estimated time frame instead of a concrete one.

The document also reiterates something that we had hoped wouldn’t be the case – the international Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) isn’t getting KitKat, due to “unresolved problems”, which we’re guessing has to do with the fact that it only has 1GB of RAM (the LTE and US models have 2GB.) However, our tipster has said that Samsung is under pressure when it comes to its third-generation Galaxy S flagship, as Google has apparently warned it that the device was less than 18 months old when Android 4.4 was released, though we’re not sure Google has a say in these matters, so we’d suggest taking this with a grain of salt.

Our tipster also tells us that Samsung has started testing Android 4.4.3 for the Galaxy S5 thanks to images of the new build of Android sent in by Google, and that some of the devices in the list might upgrade directly to 4.4.3 instead of 4.4.2, which hints at the possibility that the updates might take longer to arrive. Devices like the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 3 Neo are already on Android 4.4.2, but we’d expect these will also be hopping on to 4.4.3 somewhere down the line.


UPDATE: The tipster has now sent us a developer report of Galaxy S3′s Android 4.4.2 KitKat test build. As you can see in the screenshot below, it looks like Samsung is having a bit of trouble implementing its TouchWiz applications, which is stopping the device from loading system apps. At least one thing is clear that RAM is not an issue with the Galaxy S III. For now, the Android 4.4.2 KitKat upgrade has been cancelled by Samsung’s dev team until further notice.


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  1. I dont see any hope for gt-i9192 ?
    Is going to get s4 mini duos or not ?

    • yeah, i have a s4 mini duos as well

      • I Am sure this present will become a history 2 years later, and at that time it’ll be Galaxy S5, which will face the low RAM issue like S3, S2 & S3 has 1GB RAM, and S4 & S5 Has 2GB RAM, This is where problem starts, no upgrade in RAM with newer flagship, next year, they’ll release S6 with 3GB RAM, And S7 With 3GB RAM

    • wyjebac smieci samsungow i bedzie dla nas kitkat

    • How about Samsung Galaxy Express 2? Canceled!?

    • Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 got KitKat 4.4.2 update at IST 10:30 hrs on 14/07/2014 in India

  2. when will kitkat come for the s4 i9506?

    • Hi there! I have the same question to all administration and DEVs! When is 4.4 comming out for GT-I9506,as it was prommised already Late April/Early May! One of Flagman phones! On Vodafone AU it’s been canceled for another month :

      Samsung Galaxy S4 (Cat 4) Android 4.4 Awaiting software for testing. ETA late May/early June 2014

      • Hi, and what about the upgrade for Galaxy S4 SGH-I337m from Mexico of the Telcel carrier, some devices as the Galaxy note already have de upgrade…I´m still waiting, please give some information

  3. What happens with the updated GT-I9300? Is canceled permanently?

    • If you noticed, all the S3 variants which are being updatesd are the ones with a Qualcom SoC. The GT-I9300 has a Exynos 4412 Quad made by Samsung. They do not have the expertise to write “Good/Clean” drivers. The Snapdragon drivers are written by Qualcom.

      NEXT TIME ; Do NOT buy a phone with EXYNOS SoC because it is not going to be updated due to reliable drivers !!!!! or you get a “Buggy” ROM like the 4.3 S3 Update!!!!!

      I repeat; If you want your phones updated….do not buy them with Samsung/Exynos SoC !!!!!!

      • Yeah but the Exynos SoC’s are much more interesting than the Qualcomm SoC’s which is used in nearly every device. The Exynos is exclusive to Samsung device and is a powerful device on it’s own.

        The Exynos gave the Samsung devices a unique identity that you didn’t see in other smartphone, and it’s a shame Samsung can’t write a decent driver for their own SoC.

        Looks like my next phone will probably have a snapdragon inside, well might as well get a OneplusOne atleast that has the Cyogenmod running on it, so that should add some interesting features to it.

      • Coo story bro, but the international Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) got the Android 4.4 update, and it has an Exynos SoC. This debunks your entire gripy rant.

        • Different memory sub-system. Remember 4.4 changes memory paging.

          Samsung just does not want to do the work. Samsung sees the International costumers as not worth it. Only US a¡costumers are worth the trouble to Samsung. Africa, Asia, India, latinoAmerica are a “thrird” thought to them.

  4. Hahahaa fake photo :D source please xda forum :D hahaha

  5. I am not gonna buy samsung product again….

    • So you can’t neiter buy HTC, Sony, LG, etc….

      Here some flagships from first half of 2012 (like the SIII):
      HTC One X, One X+ -> 4.2.2
      Sony Xperia Z -> 4.1.2
      LG Optimus 4X HD -> 4.1.2
      LG Optimus G (late 2012) -> update perhaps this summer, Note 2 already has it.

      Now tell me, which competitor has a better update policy?

      • Damnit, I meant Xperia S, not Z.

      • Google Play Editions…:p

      • Apple iPhone … mmmm Nokia?

      • Samsung is always best… others are fancy but samsung is reliable. ..

      • Please, look to Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note (N7000), Samsung promised to update those devices to android 4.3 and we still have nothing.
        by the way, Google Plays editions have much more better update policy and faster sistems than the Samsung Touchwiz…

        • Your devices are 3 years old and you are still expecting miracles from them ? Better upgrade to anything 2014 if you want a fast and uptodate system.

          Touchwizz is perfectly fine since S4 and much more functional than on your devices, you could still get google play edition if you want to gain 200ms speed in UI (for launching a call?) but in my own experience stock android is overrated since you get like 3 updates a year with no visible changes excepted version number (whoa).

          • what about the tablets? We’re still waiting something more than 4.1.2 for the N8020/N8000/N8010 etc. meaning Note 10.1. We never received update of the original firmware so where is the 18 month policy? Probably iPad will be the next choice…

          • atleast we are expecting 4.2.2 or 4.3 to run this device smooth in which this devise will support. We don’t have major updates apart from ice & jell. galaxy s2 pluse received 4.2.2 why not we N7000 & S2? releasing of new updates to new devices is not a major milestone. this device will go for next 10 yrs and more if we have received updates…

          • Hi SAMmob! where are we now for our devices update? users of n7000 & s2 are posting several comments. is there anything you can take this up to SAMSUNG and provide us feedback?

    • I very much agree with you!
      I was a faithful follower of samsung phones…
      I have convinced my colleagues they purchased galaxy s3 and ace, not stop having failures, purchasing other brands from now on!

      • S3 was great at the beginning but got too laggy due its lack of ram. I heard from friends who still have it, than it’s now fine again since 4.3 update.

        Ace was a really bad device from the beginning: priced midrange but performance not worthing more than budget class, now for same price you can get much better devices.

        So your colleagues should change their devices to something proper if you were a good advisor by hanging on sammobile news site.

  6. Hey Sammobile galaxy s3 1 gb ram not mentioned update has been canceled due to unsolved problems !!

    • “due to “unresolved problems”, which we’re guessing has to do with the fact that it only has 1GB of RAM ”

      Exactly why we guessed. :)

      • 4.4 is designed for devices with little ram(512MB) the more ram is just a bonus.
        obviously they are talking about bugs.
        im awaiting confirmation from my source.

  7. what about s4 mini gt-i9192 ?

  8. “the international Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) isn’t getting KitKat, due to “unresolved problems”, which we’re guessing has to do with the fact that it only has 1GB of RAM (the LTE and US models have 2GB.)”

    But KitKat has been optimized the ram usage and Samsung released a couple low cost phone with KitKat and 512MB of ram, so this argument fails itself.

    • Not really. It’s easier to make new devices with a newer version of Android than update an older one, even if it might have the necessary hardware, that’s something that’s common with manufacturers. Also, KitKat is optimized for 512MB RAM devices when you’re talking about stock Android, that feature is almost non-existent when it comes to Samsung (and other manufacturer devices) as they add too many apps and features on top.

      But yes, there’s probably some other reason as well (low system partition memory, perhaps.)

      • still enough for a kitkat.
        my guess would be there having trouble with the bootloader as my source confirms samsung was not going to release KK for the i9300 with knox, he later confirms the carrier variants will be updated with knox and they are/were having second thoughts about not implementig it in the i9300 int variant.

        • I hope youre right. That means port problems.

    • But I think using Kitkat on RAM 512MB devices is only for pure Android like Nexus devices. For those who are using third party UI like TouchWiz or SenseUI may require more than 1GB because of their RAM usage. So, according to my aspect, pure android devices only require 512MB of RAM but for Touchwiz devices, more than 1GB of RAM may require to eat Kitkat.

      • I guess you are right, people are not thinking around here.

        My S5 has 0.99gb RAM used after a cold boot. I have only 2 resident apps installed (gear fit and a notification one).

        It was also more than 800Mb on my old S4, so people don’t think before asking for latest Android version each time.
        I have another brand of phone running only 4.2.2 atm, it has a very light launcher, same : 800Mb after cold boot. Thankfully it has 2gb ram too.

  9. if I9300 can run smoothly (ram hungry) 4.3 touchwiz.
    Then why not kitkat.?

  10. GT-I9192???????
    Não vai ter atualização???

    • Estamos curiosos se vai ter

  11. and Galaxy s4 active (I9295)????
    This device is still on 4.2.2.

  12. Are you freaking kidding me? Unresolved problems? It’s just Samsung’s way of forcing people to buy their new products so that people can get the feel of kitkat. I’m furious right now :@

  13. Where can i download firmware for my Note 2 GT-N7105 ?

  14. I’m running CM11 nightlies on my I9300. I was surprised that I havent run into bugs so far. Smooth Android 4.4.2. Its worth a try…

  15. plaz s4 active gt-i9295

  16. When the update for the Galaxy s4 Active i9295 Waiting for the update

  17. Hi, thanks for the info…
    What About Samsung Galaxy Note3 N900 and N9500?

    • Thay have 4.4.2 but is not yet avaliable for all regions. You can make update via ODIN.

  18. Since Samsung is passing out info on Kitkat, how about they look in to what’s taking Verizon so long to update the damn Galaxy Note 3!! All the other Galaxy Line phones have received the OTA (even the S3), LG G2, Droids (thru soak test but still getting 4.4.2). So Sammobile, investigate that one and report back please!!

  19. So S4 i9506 don`t get KitKat update ? seriously :D

  20. Galaxy tab 3 7″ no 4.4.2 wtf still stuck on 4.1.2 never Samsung again here i come Nexus!

  21. When the update for the Galaxy s3 i747m ??


  22. wrong source to look at. This is not official Samsung site guys. Once this site gave list for jelly bean update for some devices Samsung never updated them.

  23. Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192??????

  24. you will leave one of the best phones ever with buggy android 4.3 (i9300) .. this phone still can cope with much younger phones .. and you think to leave this phone with 4.3. .. xda developers just started to migrate 9305 rom to 9300 .. and what when they cr8 perfect rom which will work much better then ofc 4.3 .. what will you tell then . .shame on you samsung … the best selling android phone you will leave on laggy and buggy version … i suggest to all of you .. to downgrade to 4.1.2. because it is much much better android version .. or use cm or aokp aosp android ..

  25. I have to say that I am very disappointed by the way the galaxy s3 in the uk has been left hanging . Memory has been worse since 4.3 update , not best pleased at all . The least they could have done is some sort of update to resolve the bugs left behind . I and many others may well not upgrade to newer versions of the galaxy , with the thought the same problem will occur again . Even the iPhones are not left hanging . . .

  26. i will not buy another samsung mobile my last m is samsung s3 i9300

  27. what about the note 10.1 2012 ( the N8000) ?!??!?!?!

    • Hahaha, I know. It’s a total joke.

  28. shyme to sam

  29. Google has no say if Samsung doesn’t update S3 to KitKat 4.4.

    HTC One or One X+ doesn’t even have JB 4.3 WHat dod Google do? They are still with 4.2. Nothing happened, and nothing else will happen.

  30. Sprint’s L710 Kitkat update (only S3 official update that I know of), is running smooth. Wonder if the hiccups these devs are concerned about are valid with the Sprint variant.

  31. I don’t think that list is complete. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets are less then year old, don’t have major updates. They have to be updated to kitkat due 18 months policy. Maybe phase 5 because Tab 4 with kitkat didn’t come to markets.

  32. Interesting…
    It seems there is a build for the GT-i9300 but samsung struggles to implement their apps. The system fails to load the system apps after booting. RAM IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!!

  33. shame on you samsung… i never buy a samsung phone anymore…we need update for GT-I9300

  34. Damn samsung is same as the flagship S3 I19300 will not receive the KIT KAT??? The Motorola can run kit kat with 1gb of ram on your MOTO smatphone G, never as the samsung products …..

  35. Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192????
    Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192????
    Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192????
    Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192????
    Galaxy S4 mini duos 9192????

  36. Frankly pathetic, I am owner of a GT-I9300, if they can not we solve a problem with a device that they created, are in a problem grave, I also wonder the S3 Mini not this contemplado for Kitkat (at least in this list ).

  37. It is good know that GS III (I9300) upgrade has not been cancelled definitely, Do you know something about GS III Mini (I8190) ?

    • Poor I8190X never received a major upgrade.
      from birth … 4.1.2

  38. And i tought it was a good idea to buy the BEST s-series available! Now i have this GT-i9506 and no kitkat!! Had to wait for the 4.3 too for a fucking long time!! This is so fustrating!!

  39. thats the end of s3 but its no longer empress me these official firmware i just rooted my phone and flashed custom roms that have features from note 3 from xda forum even if kitkat came to s3 iam waiting xda developing roms making s3 perform like note 3:)

  40. What about S3mini GT-i8190 PLEASE SHARE INFORMATION.

    • yes i have GT-i8190 ..wat is problem :”( ..i dont like 4.1.2 jelly bean ..i like kit kat 4.4 :’( ;’(((((((((((

  41. These type of “news” seems to me equivalent to film actors love affairs news or similar gossips.

    Anyway, the bottom of the theme is a truth big as a mountain: phone and tablet makers do not have any commercial interest in updating yet sold models. What profit could obtain Samsung from updating models sold more than a year ago ?

    It is really a shame and almost a tragedy because this model is generating a lot of electronic garbage (when people discard “old” model to buy a newer, sexier gadget) but it is the way they (phone and tablet makers) are playing and we, the buyers, are like sheep without enough will to resist and generate a change. How many people want the “last model” only because it is so (the last model) ?

    As for now, if you buy one of these gadgets, it will stay the same as when purchased (no any real improvement in oerating system software) forever. The only way to improve it (dealing with dangers of possible damage) is using firmwares created by independent sources (XDA, etc).

    I think this is sad and bad…

    • Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100) ?????????????????????

    • You are partially right.

      I don’t think that you realized that nowadays, these electronic devices are comparable to non-hardware upgradable computers and that we are purchasing hardware with a software layer and not the other way around :

      meaning you can install/update software on them, until they reach a point where they are too slow to do any task. That’s what average joe does on his devices. I think you already saw that many times. If they go back to factory defaut installation, computer gets normal again..

      For a company, it’s not tolerable, they want to keep a good image of them for the public by finding the right spot between updating their devices (debugging/optimizing/giving new OS revisions) and not making them too slow or without any ressource left for launching a heavy app/game or multitask.

      So Basically, we buy a fully functional device, not a developping permanently program. Else, we would buy an OS license with our phone to get all updates until next version. Just like Windows.

    • you are right.

  42. And galaxy note 8.0 N5100 ????????????

  43. Defaq Why always they do nonsense with S3 (intl) what we have done to them , if cyanogenmod-11(kitkat) runs perfect with s3 GT-i9300 if they can why the officials cannot

  44. I sooo the S3 model SGH-T999 looks to be left out in the cold as well …. I have been looking at the Sony Experia Z2 and it may be my next device. Seems Samsung changes their mind ALOT after baiting us with 4.4.2 for a long while now only not to deliver again !!!!

  45. i would never ever buy another samsung product I bought the Galaxy Note 10.1 Model GT-N8013 and still no update to Kit Kat. I think i might just throw it in the trash.

  46. Samsung is disappointing you in his line S. I have thought seriously about changing you for another score, and that’s what I’ll do, unfortunately!!!!!

  47. i need help, my samsung galaxy s4 gt-i9192 turn it hot, and suddenly it turn off, i read that with a upgrade can fix them, but my phone is not on the list, help!!!

  48. Just delete the Bloat-ware from the GS3 – International ver. and walla! 4.4.2 KitKat! :)

  49. I have galaxy s3 i9300 very disappointed. Last update buggy 4.3 don’t buy sumsung products

    • I’m also experiencing many bugs since 4.3, but still, why would you stop buying Samsung products just because of this? Get a OnePlus One instead.

  50. I think the problem with GS3 is not the RAM, because it runs other KitKat roms efficiently, the problem is in the overloaded full of bugs Touchwize interface. The matter is a silly performance to gain a user satisfaction that GS3 can’t have Android 4.4.2 and should buy a better phone.

  51. Sad to read that Samsung can’t handle problems with their shitty Touchwiz, well i’m about to get some sleep, will install CM 11 right after!

  52. Sad to read that Samsung can’t handle problems with their shitty Touchwiz, well i’m about to get some sleep, will install CM 11 right after!

  53. This insider again ?,where’s my jelly bean update for my gingerbread phone you predicted,since you fail i’m considering these “insider leak” a fail too.

  54. Hi what about galaxy grand duos (GT-I9082)when it we’ll gets the update to 4.4 (kitkat

  55. yes i have GT-i8190 ..wat is problem :”( ..i dont like 4.1.2 jelly bean ..i like kit kat 4.4 :’( ;’(((((((((((

  56. i still cant believe .. that you canceled your best selling phone .. you canceled update .. and you will leave s3 on laggy android 4.3 …

  57. What about galaxy note 2 lte sgh i317m?

    • Same hardware as GT-N7105
      Don’t Worry. We are getting the update too (Telcel user. Same device as you).

  58. What about s3 we will never buy samsung any more we will go to iphone or htc bye bye samsung

  59. What about N5100

  60. E210K, which is basically I9300 with 2GB also don’t have Kitkat yet. So, 1GB isn’t the problem.

  61. What about GT N7100 note 2 still on 4.1.2
    Not available in Oman 4.4

  62. if so i will never buy samsung phone again! I promise !!

  63. Lol from now on i am not blaming any XDA developers who work on Our phone Galaxy s3 i9300 because the Samsung official developers failed to make 4.4.2 for us :P

  64. will sgh-t999 get kitkat update?

  65. Hence proved Samsung apps and that shitty TouchWiz is nothing more than pure Bloat ware. Never ever gna buy a Samsung phone again. S3 will be my last. FO Samsung! !

  66. Hi everyone !

    I’d like to know if GRAND 2 LTE (SM-G7105) will also get Kitkat update. I only see on the list the GRAND 2 DUOS (G7102)

    Thank you
    Nice day !

  67. Samsung should leave out all the bloatware and return to stock android as much as they can with exclusive apps in the market.

  68. I9300 already doing half way, just becoz of failed to load system app and cancel the project????? COMMON!!! which application or OS development without any issue?? any problem just find the problem and fix it, try and try and try again and again, why want to cancel the project? what a software engineer Samsung hired?? just simply drop the project like that? thats million S3 owner waiting for KK! PLEASE!!!!

  69. It’s not entirely true that the Note II has got 4.4.2.

    Samsung in the Nordic countries has yet to confirm that Note II gets the update. Samsung Norway has a website with information about future updates. This list has always been up to date. At the moment, this list states “no information” about any future updates to Note II.

  70. I hate Samsung for this, Samsung no more

  71. Which country is the timetable for?

    • Any information in which country the rollout will start? I’m specially interested in the availability here in Germany.

  72. Samsung you are killing heart of so many user’s who likes Samsung a lot. I don’t think you have nice employees who are not capable to solve bugs from phone. It’s better first hire educated and perfect employees then see all mobiles will get latest updates.

  73. Where is the Glaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000/N8010???

  74. how about galaxy tab 2 P3100???????????please update it to kitkat

  75. I Have a S3 US T-999, and say nothing about it D:

  76. when 4.4.2 update will availble for s3 i9300 international

  77. Nice list… what’s about the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1??? only one year old, but no Updates?

  78. Any report for kit-kat update for grand 2 . how long will it take ???

  79. Any news on a 4.4 update for the S4 GT-i9505 Black Edition here in the UK?

  80. Looking forward to kitkat on my S3 lte next month :)

  81. For the other versions of the S4 updated to 4.4.2 and never step i9295 4.2.2. The s3 supposedly not updated by memory, s4 i9295 has more than enough, which will be the excuse for not updating this terminal??

  82. well i’m done. Firts month and months of delay to get 4.3 and now this? Goodbye forever Samsung. I’m moving to nexus devices.

  83. I hate Samsung for this, NO MORE Samsung!!!!

  84. H T C ♥

  85. WTF Samsung ? hah ?
    Please release official 4.4.2 or 4.4.3 for GT-I9300 users.
    If u didnt I’ll say goodbye.


  86. I am missing the SM-P605 (Note 10.1 2014 4G) in the list :(

  87. When update to Kitkat for N8000 will be released, please ?

  88. this article list the international version of the Galaxy Mega. I have the U.S. Sprint version SPH-l600. Is the estimated kitkat update still june for my phone?

  89. What about Galaxy S4 Gt-i9500 !

  90. nigdy więcej telefonu od Samsunga!!!

  91. According to android policy mentioned for 18 months life span Samsung must provide Kitkat to Galaxy Grand Dues i9082

  92. What about s3!!!!! Samsung bye bye

  93. Wondering note 8 also have 2gb ram but why not included into update list? So far from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 only? Shamesung!

  94. will we get kitkat for grand duos i9082…

  95. I have a galaxy s3 gt-i9300 update my phone has been canceled again I will definitely purchase any samsung products.1 gb ram which other brands are updates. TouchWiz interface problem by changing the interface to the new update should make s3 .. because the world’s largest-selling model type s3.

  96. When SM-N750 WILL GET UPDATE KITKAT 4.4.2

  97. And Galaxy Core Nothing??? axaxax You are laughable

  98. Samsung loses a lot of fans because it
    For example, I …..

  99. When i will recive Kitkat 4.4 on my S3(GT-I9300),I am in UAE……


  100. Either incompetents or liars

  101. Where is SM-P601, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition?



  104. Soy cliente fiel samsung, y no me parece que no haya actualizacion Kitkat para mi Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9192, deberian pensar en sus clientes ya que este dispositivo trae defectos, y deben cuidar la reputación de su marca, recuerden que hay muchas opciones (marcas) espero lo tomen en cuenta…

  105. Galaxy ace style 512 mb touchwiz interface android 4.4.2 but samsung galaxy S3 1 gb ram update not avaible bye samsung

  106. Update for KitKat came 512RAM i9300 SAMSUNG samsung i9300, and I can not get updates to the boycott began to take forever! You’re no longer dealing for sell like nokia

  107. Now i will say bye to samsung product if my s3 never get kitkat i will go to apple phone

  108. Samsung you have bad service after selling your product i promise you i will never buy any samsung product again i hat samsung name now

  109.  say bye to samsung product if s3 never get kitkat

  110. Hahaha hehehe hihihi hohoho huhuhu

  111. Hello, when update samsung galaxy s3 lte i9305 ?



  114. Please help. I had update my galaxy note 2 to kitkat 4.4.2 The Picture taken from my camera become blurred. the pixel is very low. can you fix it?

  115. hi!!! SAMMOBILE… is there any chance of update of GRAND Quattro(I8552) to Kitkat..

  116. note 2 GTN7105 LTE….. when is it gonna update to HK versions…. only nordic countries are out now… but come on samsung… hurry

  117. Hi
    Galaxy S3 Neo Duos Brasil, KitKat Pls.

  118. The phase 5 update status report says ”completed” for the i9305 LTE, but when will it be available for download here in the Netherlands???

  119. Quando sai android kitkat para s3 LTE?

  120. Its already June and why isnt the update comming for samsung galaxy s4 mini?

  121. When updated to 4.4 gt-i9192

  122. SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND 2 :)))))))))))))))

  123. Good afternoon. When the update will be released Android 4.3 or 4.4 on Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos?

  124. When will Kit Kat Update for GT-I9192 come??? Shall I get any info abt that

  125. I was hapy seeing s4 mini but not seen any update for my 9192 wont it be available. ?

  126. So no update for S Advance i9070? :(

  127. is there any available firmware for samsung galaxy note 3 – N9005XXUDMJ7 i want to update my note 3 to kitkat 4.4.2

  128. already june,it close to july,galaxy note 3 neo sm -n750 still no update!!!shame to SAM,many excuse such as waiting certified by google,you’are talking cock,the notice is fake!!!there still no update from today 24/06/2014,google was as slow as turtle,waiting so long,new model phone update to kitkat need wait so long?You bullshit!!!

  129. Fuck you samsung,2 month already,when want to update sm-n750,you fool cheating us to buy this phone now well no update ,somtime hang like shit!!!

  130. WHAT ABOUT GT-I9195L ? … can I update with I9195 Version. or samsung will do a ROM for 4.4 for this. (I9195L is a latin american version of I9195)

  131. wird es noch ein Update für GT-I9192 S4 mini DUOS geben ?

  132. Any news about the kitkat update yet? Anybody?

  133. What`s wrong with this new update? still is not available for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini , i have been waiting for along time, and it`s July but still not available ! somebody knows how long more i have to wait?

  134. cuando se actualizara el s4 mini i9190?
    Digan meló por favor!! :(

  135. Now it’s July but no update for GT-I9305. Really disappointing. Seems have to move to an alternative other than samsung. :(

  136. may finished and june also finished but still now i didnt get kitkat update for my s3 lte. tell me the exact date or month

  137. Any news about kitkat update for samsung galaxy grand 2 duos?

  138. I am waiting for KitKat update for Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 when it will be update ?

    • No one is giving us any information on this phone!!!! :(

  139. Well, and why the i9190 isn’t getting kitkat yet?
    Could be possible someone tellme please? Thanks!

  140. i waiting always for my galaxy note 2 LTE ….

  141. thanks,

  142. Hello.
    Model: GT-I9192
    Model name: GALAXY S4 mini DUOS
    Country: Tajikistan (Black Edition)
    Version: Android 4.2.2

    When my phone get new update 4.4.2 with KIES or OTA?

  143. The Mega 5.8 is still on 4.2.2 and has NOT received any updates!!!!

  144. I reported the above statement today Oct.16.2014 NOT 5 months ago

  145. shokra

  146. Hi samsung team. Tell me gt 9192 s4 mini duos when? THX

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