Apple wants Samsung to pay $40 per device for five patents

Somewhere in mid-2013, word got out that Apple was asking Samsung to pay $30-$40 for each device that infringes on the Cupertino giant’s patents, a crazy amount that Samsung smartly refused to cough up. Well, looks like the rumors were true, and Apple did indeed ask the Korean manufacturer to pay $40 per device, and too just for five patents instead of the entire portfolio (around $8 per patent): phone number tapping, unified search, data synchronization, slide-to-unlock, and autocomplete. A delusional demand from Apple any way you look at it, and it might just have made one of Apple’s most staunch supporters in these legal battles wonder if the company has “lost its mind.”

FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller has followed Apple’s legal disputes closely, and has often agreed with the iPhone manufacturer, more times than he has favored the likes of Samsung (and Motorola/Google), but this time, he believes Apple has gone a bit too far. Furthermore, Mueller is also surprised that U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, who has been overlooking Samsung and Apple’s legal battles, is letting the latter company present its demands in front of a jury.

The $40 per device demand is considerably higher than what Apple asked for in the first California Apple v. Samsung trial (which ended in a $929 million fine for Samsung) – back then, per-unit claim for “pinch to zoom” was $3.10, and $2.02 for “over scroll bounce” and “tap to zoom”, for a total of around $7.14 for three patents – and Apple will be presenting its new terms in front of the jury on March 31, the day when the second round of court sessions are set to resume.

It’s clear to see that Apple has no intention of making a sensible deal with Samsung, and the latest demand in patent royalties is a testament to that. What does this mean? Well, basically, the court wars between the two biggest smartphone manufacturers are far from over, and unless Apple suddenly wakes up and realizes that it is asking for a queen’s ransom for something that’s not worth even half of that, a final conclusion might not arrive in the near future.

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  1. I am disgusted at Apple, bunch of hypocrites!

    • Apple’s just scared that Samsung will beat them in the mobile industry. Which they will :)

      • You mean ‘which they have’. In 2011 Samsung surpassed Apple for the first time, both in market value as well as number of phones shipped. In 2013 Samsung sold more than twice the number of phones worldwide compared to Aplle (320 vs 154 million).

      • Hey bro samsung already defeated apple

  2. Apple apple bunch of LOOSER’S

  3. Just stop Apple really lol.

  4. samsubg should stop making the chips for the iphone apple will be f***ed then

    • not really, samsung will just doesnt get proffit from apple, but apple will ask for another group to make their chips.

      • Ask who? If Samsung is doing is because other companies don’t have what Samsung has.

        • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for example. They started making chips for Apple this year. Apple has stated several times over the past few years that they want to switch to other suppliers. It will happen eventually.

  5. I will never ever buy any apple product. They are a bunch of thief’s that cannot innovate any more so try to make their money out of law suits. I think this U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh is in the pocket of Apple. She gives some ridiculous decisions.

  6. I won’t be surprised if Apple will soon patent taking a sh*t. 40 bucks per visit to the bathroom.

  7. event if samsung give them a $1000/device, they couldn’t be better, they just have some money but doesn’t have a brain..what a pitty

  8. I have two words for apple – suck it

  9. I think that since apple keeps sueing samsung that samsung should quit manufacturing parts for apple or start charging them more or something this shit is ridiculous. granite apple has a like one feature i like but it is a piece of shit Samsung is way far Superior

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