T-Mobile Galaxy S4′s Android 4.4.2 KitKat treat arrives today

T-Mobile only recently started pushing out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the Galaxy Note 3, and now the uncarrier is extending availability of the latest version of Android to the Galaxy S4. The update is beginning to roll out over the air and through Samsung Kies with build number M919UVUFNB4, with the former sized at 388 MB. Your phone will have to be on build M919UVUEMK2, the last Android 4.3 build, to be able to get the update; as always, the rollout will be staggered, so you might have to wait for a few days before the update shows up on your Galaxy S4.

The KitKat update brings improved stability, and major features include white status bar icons, improved performance, reduced memory usage, improvements to Samsung’s onscreen keyboard in landscape mode, inbuilt wireless printing support, ability to select the default launcher and messaging app from the settings menu, a  camera shortcut and full-screen album art on the lock screen, and new emojis. You might also find that most apps are lesser access to the external storage than before, which is by Google’s design and hence something you’ll have to live with.

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  1. Boa Tarde!
    Alguma Previsão para o S4 Mini Duos(GT-I9192) receber o Android 4.4 ?

  2. And still nothing for factory unlocked hansets in UK! Thanks Samsung! You think i would learn from the years of shit from them!

  3. Lol Samsung have become a joke with update.. It’s mid march and still no kk update for the UK and not even the unlocked versions of the s4. You would think consideing the unlocked versions have no carrier ties it will get updates quicker instead it gets it last. A fu*king joke

  4. On Galaxy S4 KitKat, is anyone has also slower/lagging games even if they were running smoothly on Jelly Bean?

  5. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ?????

  6. SEB Kitkat???

  7. Turkey Samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ??????????

  8. Downloading for Galaxy S4 (M919)

    • Installed the update this morning. Everything is going smoothly.

  9. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ????

  10. when will be getting the kitkat for s4 GT-I9500 In SRI LANKA still no update …y is that this much late to give this ….soooo sad

  11. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat i9500 kitkat ??????????

  12. UK I9505 now working, unbranded and unlocked. OTA and Kies. Although Kies throws an error at me which i think is an issue on my machine not the firmware so downloading through OTA. I will then factory reset once installed and see how it goes.

  13. Update Regarding 4.4.2 For Samsung GALAXY S3 ->

    An Official Mail from SAMSUNG MOBILE :

    Email response ID: 212******2

    Dear ****,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Support.

    With regards to your recent, the Kit-Kat 4.4 operating system will be released very shortly. The new update will make its way around all Samsung devices by order of their IMEI numbers in set batches of ten thousands at a time to ensure the Networks are not overcome by this volume.

    I hope this answers your query. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by the waiting time.

    If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

    Our Customer Support Team love feedback! Share your thoughts on this response by completing the survey at the bottom of this page.

    Kind Regards,

    Online Support Team
    SAMSUNG Customer Support Centre

    • Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ???

  14. I have get the KitKat 4.4.2 update today for Australia :)

  15. I downloaded it yesterday through OTA , but it seems like it has too many issues as it is slow & sometimes stops so I think there should be another update for fixing these issues !?

  16. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ?? ????????

  17. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ????????

  18. Sammobile samsung s4 i9500 kitkat güncellemesi ?????

  19. where is the sm-n900a kitkat? all the galaxy note 3 have the oficial KK less the at&t note 3.

  20. I loaded Kitkat and now my phone says firmware upgrade has encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again. but since Samsung has not posted kitkat to their firmware site I am left with a very expensive brick

  21. my model is GT-i9500 .

    when it will arrive to KSA ..?? i am still getting nothing. i am tired of waiting and checking it every hour in every day..!!!!!!

  22. Hoy por fin tengo Kitkat 4.4.2 :) Excelente

  23. Turkey samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ??????

  24. did anyone notice that there is so much battery drain after updating S4 i9500 to Kitkat..??
    Samsung Mobile…. please fix it..!!!!

  25. Türkiye samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ????????

  26. Türkiye samsung s4 i9500 kitkat ????????…

  27. Hello good afternoon my Samsung Galaxy S4 model I337 ATT has not received the update of Android 4.3 or what should I do to upgrade my system?

  28. HI all.
    Release date kitkat 4.4.2 for GT-i9506?

  29. Never ever ever ever upgrade any Galaxy device to 4.4.
    Samsung has ipmplemented the new kitkat rules enforced by android regarding the external SD storage.
    meaning no third party app has write access to external storage, making navigation apps, file manager apps and any other app that has the abbility to write to external storage instantly redundant.
    Since most devices only have 16GB’s of internal storage, the devices will be full after just 2 or 3 bigger apps (games, navigation software etc.)

  30. 4.4 for S4 i9505 black edition?

  31. does anybody know when thailand is getting the kikat upgrade for the galaxy s3

  32. ok

  33. When is the Official update Kitkat 4.4 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile in Czech Republic)?????

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