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Report: Galaxy S5 announced early to hide lack of innovation, counter iPhone 5s


The Galaxy S5 didn’t get a dedicated event for its announcement unlike the Galaxy S III and S4, and many had wondered what reasons Samsung had to announce its newest flagship earlier than usual. Now, a report from Business Korea is citing industry sources as saying that lack of innovation and the better-than-expected reception of Apple’s iPhone 5s in Europe were the two prime reasons for the early reveal of the Galaxy S5.

According to one source, Samsung wanted to divert attention from the lack of innovation – rumors and leaks leading up to the S5′s announcement suggested it would have features like a 2k display, 64-bit processor, and a metallic body, but except for a fingerprint scanner, most of the rumored and hyped features didn’t appear on the final product. This supposedly prompted Samsung to announce the S5 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), likely because it didn’t feel the new features and improvements in the fifth-generation Galaxy S warranted a dedicated event.

Another reason, apparently given by a Samsung executive, points at the positive reception Apple’s iPhone 5s received in Europe, a market where the Galaxy S series is extremely popular. “I heard that it was necessary for our company to unveil the new version ahead of schedule, since the iPhone 5s got a better-than-expected response in Europe, which is the Galaxy S series’ stronghold.”

Both reasons actually sound quite reasonable (pun intended) – the Galaxy S5 does have enough new features to make it a good upgrade over the previous flagship, but the hype created by the rumors did make a lot of people feel underwhelmed after the official announcement. Also, the iPhone 5s has been doing pretty well, and since it has a good head start in the market, Samsung probably thought it best to let the world know about its new flagship as soon as possible.

Of course, we’ll probably never know the real reason behind the early announcement, but for Samsung, it might just have worked out quite well, so the Galaxy S5 should become yet another bestselling device in the Android market when it launches on April 11 in more than 150 countries simultaneously.


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12 comments on “Report: Galaxy S5 announced early to hide lack of innovation, counter iPhone 5s

  1. wisscool 11 months ago said:

    maybe they launched the s5 early so they could sell it well before introducing a new s5 prime,in order to avoid low sales of the cheaper version plastic s5 , so they don’t repeat apple mistake ( the iphone 5c).

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    • jose2012 11 months ago said:
      • magmar100 11 months ago said:

        If Samsung really introduces the S5 Prime, they would lose soooooo many customers. Everyone who bought the normal S5 would be extremely angry.
        I don´t think it would be a good step for Samsung to make the S5 Prime.
        We´ll see

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    • sorg 11 months ago said:

      I’m at 99% sure that S5 prime (or whatever name) will be available exclusively to Korea as it was many times before. May be it will be launched in the rest of world but much much later.

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    • Millenium3 11 months ago said:

      I think Galaxy S5 Prime will debut as Galaxy F series…

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  2. mkindiabiz 11 months ago said:

    It will be good if samsung launch s5 prime also because in our country (INDIA) most of people wants cheap price phone but there is also huge amount of people those wants to premium model. So if samsung will provide premium version of s5 it will be great option for both type of people.

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  3. NBH 11 months ago said:

    “rumors and leaks leading up to the S5′s announcement suggested it would have features like a 2k display, 64-bit processor, and a metallic body, but except for a fingerprint scanner, none of the rumored and hyped features didn’t make it into the final product.”

    This bit doesn’t make sense, it should say none of the other rumored and hyped features made it into the final product, otherwise they all made it and we would have a great phone.

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  4. kirrinjones 11 months ago said:

    This is the same issue with the iPhone 5S and 5C. Nothing new and really necessary. But these manufacturers are just trying to bring a new device to market every few months instead of just building great device and let it run its course for a few years. We as consumers are also to blame because we constantly keep asking and looking for “the latest and greatest” even when we already have it and not using it. I’m sure that most people don’t use most of the “awesome” features that these manufacturers keep trying to pump into all these devices. I personally buy devices on a 5 year cycle, because I personally believe that it takes at least 3-4 to seriously improve a device with features and innovation that warrants my hard earned cash. Maybe we should all start seriously looking at what is being offered and stop watching the version and model numbers.

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    • amitdalal 11 months ago said:

      Hello Dear

      Very Very well said. People are just running for the “Latest & Greatest” Model & when they own it they keep running for another Better Version of the same. They aren’t actually using the Die-Hard Features which were incorporated by these Manufacturers instead they just want something New everytime when there’s a new release in Smartphones Category.

      Hello everyone out there please read this & open your eyes. My serious advice to every Smartphone Owner is atleast use your Smartphone for 1-2 years & then you can change your Handset. Use your Handset to its full extent & full capability & try out every possible feature which is already there in your phone. Read the Manual which comes with every Handset & also try out googling for what extra you can do with your existing Smartphone.

      The Technology keeps changing each & every day. Today there are just Candy Bar & Flexible Screen types of Handsets but tomorrow there will be Foldable, 3-Way Display, Front & Back Display, Rolling Display etc. types of Handsets which will be making their way into the Smartphones World. So all in all I’d just like to say that “Be Satisfied” with your existing Handset & change the same only after 1-2 years & that also if there’s a huge change in the Technology only then. It really makes no sense changing your Handsets often.

      But as we all know what “Human Tendency” is all about. Often we try to run for the things we want & once we get it we lose interest in it & keep running for another one.

      SO the Moral is “Be Satisfied” with the thing you own now.


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      • mangaba 11 months ago said:

        I agree with both, but I think that the world economy would be in trouble if we didn´t have lot of people that are driving by those “markting hypes”.
        If all people only buy thing when they really need some new added function, these big electronic corporations will be a lot less impressives.
        BTW, in 2013 a change my 5 years old Samsung Omnia 2 by a Galaxy Note 3.

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