Global KitKat update list for multiple devices confirmed by Samsung Poland

Yesterday, Samsung U.S. confirmed that 14 devices will soon be making the switch to Android 4.4 KitKat. However, there was no mention of when international models would be receiving the KitKat update. Fret not users, as we now have confirmation as to which international models will be getting the Android 4.4 KitKat update. The list is Samsung Poland’s official KitKat update list that was obtained today by Polish blogger Robert Nawrowski. It is to be noted that not all models listed below would be making the switch to KitKat right away. They will move to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and eventually receive Android 4.4 KitKat.

Here are the international models that will be making the switch to Android 4.4 KitKat:

  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note 2
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Galaxy S4 Zoom
  • Galaxy Mega 6.3
  • Galaxy Mega 5.8
  • Galaxy Grand
  • Galaxy Express
  • Galaxy Note 8.0
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
  • Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
  • Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
  • Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

The list is identical to the list of models detailed by Samsung U.S., although unlike the U.S. list, it isn’t clear as to when these mobiles will receive the OTA update. Most devices launched last year are included in the list, with a few notable exclusions like the Galaxy Core. It is interesting to see that the Galaxy S3 won’t be making the switch to Android 4.4 KitKat, but considering that it is now close to two years since its official launch, we won’t blame Samsung for giving the S3 a miss.


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  1. You might not by i am. Flagships should be getting software updates for 36 months, not 18.

  2. What about the GS3??

    • yah
      What about the GS3??

    • DAMN YOU SAMSUNG what the hell are you doing ??? where’s the GS3 ????

  3. Galaxy S3???? Why Samsung???

  4. soon equal 1 year :P

  5. No Galaxy S3 Kitkat? Gotta be kidding me!

    • I agree !! .. No Update for S3 .. can’t believe it .. this must be fake/wrong list .. may be !!

  6. samsung… you just let us down as always you did!!

  7. Nexus, Sony, Acer ; all are supporting their devices by latest android SW .. It was a mistake to buy a samsung device.. I regret it

  8. wtf….no S3?

  9. this is only samsung poland so maybe samsung uk will offer 4.4 to the s3… if not it’s the last samsung phone i’m getting

    • worldwide updates is stated i dont think the s3 is getting this update and if this is the case then oh my samsung shame on you people went to android 4.3 and got screwed over with corrupt files and now hmmmm nowt like slapping people in the face huh

    • Me too!!!

    • Same here passing to LG G2

  10. wtf? ….no S3???

  11. i think that’s the end of galaxy S3

  12. the end of galaxy s3 -_-

  13. why is the us version of the s3 getting kitkat and not the international version?

    • The us version of s3 is differend. For example it has 2gb ram instead of 1.

  14. Well its a pity would like to see how S3 runs on android 4.4 oh well i guess only 2 major updates pitty

  15. Sh**… And I waited for kitkat for my s3 mini… Fu*!…

  16. It’s country specific. The list wouldn’t be the same for all countries, I believe.
    Can anyone suggest if the list for India as rolled out yet.

  17. What about the S4 Mini, it is very new and won’t be getting the update? That’s not nice, Samsung

    • S4 mini will get the update. If you go to the polish site you will see that the S4 mini is listed on the list.

  18. How come !? Samsung USA confirmed s3

  19. who cares :) i use CyanogenMod 4.4.2 on my i9300 for over a month now, who gives a shit :)

    • +1 for this.. i used the CM11 by temasek from the first version until the v46 and it’s running well with the G2 launcher..

  20. The samsung should not advertise things that will not to do.

  21. wtf samsung. if u don’t update galaxy s3 international version to kitkat,im gonna switch to iphone.your 4.3 update f u c k ing stucks.if the update not gonna come ill give up buying samsung agin.go to hell u biches

  22. Oh >< So no update for S4 Mini (I919x) Thank you Samsung !

  23. No S3 / S3 Mini KitKat Update? No more Samsung…

  24. there are some reasons .

    such as if they give kitkat update to s3 .
    the user of s3 will not switch to s4 or s5 .

    there are lot number of user that are currently holding s3 worldwide.

    that’s why they are not giving kitkat update to s3.

    its a marketing strategy .

    correct me if i am wrong .

    • Oh ya such a great marketing strategy to piss off your customers and push them away from their products completely, and they wonder why the S4 didn’t sell as well as they hoped. The S5 will be even worse if they keep this crap up.

      Not everyone has the money or cares to spend $800 every 8-12 months. Samsung needs to stop releasing dozens of devices yearly, focus on a few and update older ones to keep customers happy and wanting to buy their products in the future and not push them away by ignoring their devices to try and push people to upgrade because those people will upgrade to their competitors products when ready to spend.

      • exactly. I have a S3 and I was thinking to buy a new smartphone this year (maybe S5), but now I won’t buy it. In 2 years if I can’t buy a new smartphone I will have a obsolete phone.

  25. The note 2 is getting android 4.4 but not the s3? bulsh//////

  26. If they don’t update the S3 to 4.4 then it’s time for me to move on and try LG or the Htc next flagship . It is a real shame to let down millions of S3 users !


  28. if my s3 doesn’t the update, i wont get mad, i will just wait for the jolla sailfish os port for the s3 and once i get tired of my s3 . . . never again will i buy a samsung device again.

  29. in this case that not supported s3…well bye bye samsung for ever and ever

  30. I am still on samsung galaxy s i9000 rocking on android 4.4.2 fuck other samsung flagship phones, phablet and tablets!!!!!!!!

  31. What a shame Samsung… Moto G has it.. S3 doesn’t!

  32. @Harish of Sammobile . When u did copy/paste the list of devices u forgot S4 mini :)
    U will scare a lot of S4 mini users ;))
    On original source the S4 mini is listed

  33. I am pleased to read the news here on Sammobile but I am realy disgusted of the users blowing off their steam in the comments.

    I understand that you are frustrated that some models aren’t receiving any updates. Me too, I own a SIII. But really… most of the people behave like dumb spoiled children!! Average post quality is shockingly poor.

    Fuck Samsung, bye bye Samsung, Fuck Samsung! give us update! Fucking fuck ….

    Come on, how old are you? 10?! No reason at all here. Samsung is not obliged to deliver Updates for all their devices. They try do fit into this 18 month system, which they delivered for the SIII with 4.3. Heck, I was even surprised to see an announcement for 4.4! But fact is, you bought the device ~2 years ago because it was top notch and now it isn’t anymore? My SIII was running fine with 4.1 an even with 4.3 now. I really can’t distinguish the difference (besides lock screen widgets which i don’t use and the settings which i dislike). Besides, do you really think Samsung is encouraged to update more devices after reading these comments? *lol* I would have stopped after 4.0.4 with this disrespectful attitude :D

    For those crying that 4.3 ruined your smartphone, try a factory reset. Solves 99% of your problems!

    Yet another fact: This is Samsung Poland. Their statement is for sure not 100% accurate. It even says in the news: ‘eventually receive 4.4′!!! So this list means nothing. Nothing as well as SIII and SIII Mini can ‘eventually’ receive an update.

    SO people get the sand out of your vaginas and carry on. It’s not like it’s the end of the world if a device doesn’t receive the latest an greatest update… Other manufacturers aren’t that much better.

    Yet another thing: the comment above my reply box ‘What a shame Samsung… Moto G has it, S3 doesnt’ … Really?! You are comparing devices that are 18 months apart. And yet, the SIII has more functions, better cameras, swappabe battery and Micro SD support. You take KitKat, i’d still prefer an old SIII on JellyBean :D

    • Fully stand behind your opinion.

    • Its a pity this considered post is wasted on these whining morons. If you want kit kat on your phone then root it and install it!

      You’ll loose all your samsung lovelyness and will be with bare vanilla android and that is not for the faint hearted.

  34. S3 was reportedly getting KK, according to an earlier Sammy list this week.
    So, yeah, S3 is getting KK too.

    • S3 in usa, not the international version.

      • How come! When samsung says that s3 will get the upgrade that’s mean all versions around the world.

        • It was published samsung usa who said that certain carrier specific models get it. Where have you read that all version of S3 get that? Samsung Poland said that int.version of s3 wont get it because it has only 1gb ram instead of 2gb (us version).

          • Kitkat doesn’t need 1gb or 2gb and Samsung Poland doesn’t say that s3 doesn’t get the update and s4 mini they didn’t mention it i think it’s a fake

          • Why the us s3 model get the update and international model doesn’t! The international model release first and the kitkat doesn’t require 1 or 2 gb.!!!!
            someone tell me?

  35. If mine and my wife’s S3 (retail european version) won’t get KK update, those will be our last samsung devices ever. And my contract is due to finish in july, so bye bye samsung, clients will treat you the same way as treat them…

  36. this is polen ffs. S3 will get 4.4.2

  37. where samsung galaxy s3?????????????

  38. How about Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 ? It’s a pretty new model to miss out on KitKat…

  39. Debe ser falso la noticia, no creo que dejen el S3 de lado!

    • el s3 ya es un equipo viejo, fue lanzado en mayo del 2012 que salió al mercado.

  40. Wtf samsung. My next phone will be HTC OR SONY. F*** SAMSUNG

  41. Thank God, Galaxy Grand is finally listed for the update, I was so disappointed when Samsung announced an end to upgrades for the Grand.

    I just hope the list is correct.

  42. galaxy tab 2 p3100 please,why only galaxy tab 3 7 inch???it have same specification on hardware,same dual core
    please samsung update galaxy tab 2 p3100

  43. please update galaxy tab 2 p3100 to kitkat,because specification is compatible

  44. where is galaxy tab 2 p3100????????????????

  45. i want S3…W T F SAMSUNG….? S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3 S3

  46. It would be a shame if Samsung didn’t update the S3. I love this phone and I’ll use it until its last breath. The least they could do is to provide an update fixing all those annoying bugs that came with their 4.3 firmware update fiasco.

    We all get it that Samsung is just another company that just wants to make money like everyone else but they should also look after the millions of consumers who buy their products and make them rich with their hard earned cash.

    I always regarded Samsung as a source of innovation but as consumer support goes they are crap.

    Take care of those loyal to you Samsung and you’ll be making a lot more mone

  47. please for S3 kitkat 4.4 ………………. :( :(:(

  48. please for s3 kitkat :( :( :( :(

  49. If this is the truth then Samsung you have failed my me. If the Galaxy isn’t good enough to make a switch to KitKat then Note 8.0 should be either. Why? Because it has the same processor and the same specification except the 2GB RAM. If Samsung saying RAM was an issues to get it upgrade to KitKat then tell it to Google that 512MB minimal requirement is not correct. F**** YOU Samsung.

    • Google is correct. Dont forget samsung own stuff like TW. If you really want kitkat so bad, why not use a custom rom? Probably will work way much better than loaded sam-rom. (there are lots of info on xda-forum how to flash it.)

  50. Wait for the Galaxy Note 3 DBT……

  51. Wher i can download the update file?

  52. GT-i9305 S3 LTE international version will receive android 4.4 kitkat? reply please

    • no one knows !! i even doubt this list is real :\

  53. GT-i9305 S3 LTE 2GB RAM international version will receive android 4.4 kitkat ? reply please

  54. please for S3 kitkat 4.4 …………

  55. Samsung galaxy s3???? :’( perchè kitkat non esce??? (Italy)

  56. What no KK for S3? My next phone is definitely not going to be a Samsung. I think after the poor Android 4.3 experience us S3 users endured when they rolled out the buggy firmware, offering KK would be the least they could do since KK is less processor intensive. Poor show Samsung for your most popular smartphone.

  57. I have sgs3 and i think that samsung is shit.Not because he’s bad.I was very pleased with the phone, but never more samsung.

  58. Guys, if you want updates go to CyanogenMod.

  59. Galaxy s3 get 4.4.2 kitkat if not thats really bad for samsung

  60. abandonando a samsung,sou cliente a anos e se deixarem o s3 para traz,nunca mais samsung

  61. Load of B.S by sammobile again.

  62. how there is no android 4.4 to S3 , will you stay on your promis till android 5.0, I dont think so, bec. till now i didnt got even 4.3

  63. maybe soon (next year) i’ll get android kitkat for note 3.

  64. Note 2 GT-N7100 in Thailand can update or not ?

  65. What the Fuck
    Galaxy note 2 is only 6 months younger than Galaxy S3.
    Still Note 2 is getting an update an not S3.
    And why the Americans getting it, do they pay more for the phone than the rest of the world.

    I think Samsung needs to get a good lesson here.

    Why dont they keep in mind that Apple is coming with Iphone 6 this year.

    So they are just giving their customers an open chance to move out to competitors.

    • Check the specs. S3 us variant has e.g. 2gb ram instead of 1gb.

      And yes, it sucks that they do so many models and variants…

  66. just cringing at all these “fuck Samsung” comments.

    your s3 is just shy of being on the market for 2 years. 2 YEARS! Do you not realise how long that is in smartphone technology development? hint: it’s e-ons.

    most people have 24 month contracts now so why would it make sense for Samsung to continue to update “old” technology?

    the Galaxy s5 is due for release soon also, so another reason to stop concentrating on the s5′s once removed older brother.

    your average consumer doesn’t really care or even know about what android updates are. Yes, it’s annoying for those of us who like to have the latest version. I’m affected also, but if I really want kit Kat, I’ll get it. Cos I’m rooted.
    The person moaning about having to spend $800 every 8 months just to make sure they get all the updates, I mean really? if that’s your thing then fine but the VAST majority don’t care, that’s why they stop the updates

    • If I’m not mistaken! Samsung SIII sold out until the release of S4 and beyond! So if I calculate well, a SIII purchased in April 2013 did not 1 year. So those who bought a SIII with a package 24 months last year are entitled to update KK. ‘Cause everybody does not have the means to pay € 650 to its release!

  67. No samsung you cannot do so with s3. You have to change your decision. Or its ok i will go after sony or iphone

  68. The samsung game is over now. The time has come to abandon samsung products. This same shit happened with my S1 & S2, and now S3.

    • of course it did. name me a smartphone that’s been supported since its inception, then your point would be valid

  69. Hmmm.

    I’m not about to become a five year old like most of the people in these comments (crying like babies cause their S3s won’t get 4.4, well if that’s true neither will mine, so suck it up like adults), but I do have some level of skepticism towards this.

    I can acknowledge that yes, the S3 nears its 2nd birthday (in roughly May or June). Its sad, cause I’d love some Kitkat as well. So its not too much of a shock that the S3 could be dropped.

    The absence of the S3 is still odd though. Samsung USA’s obviously a much more credible source for news, and they’ve announced 4.4 for the S3. This blog… No disrespect for the guy, but unless I’m missing something, I can’t trust his word without evidence.

    The hardware’s different, sure, and so is the RAM, but still…

  70. Galaxy Note GT-N7000???

  71. Why does no one from Samsung post something here occasionally ?

    Like this Kitkat update for the S3.

    Nice new site, and they want some feedback…but what about some feedback in return!!!

  72. American version will get 4.4 but international NO
    S3 (international I9300) is still the most wide-spread samsung phone out there, they are loosing a very big fan base.
    Because of this I will never buy Samsung phone again.

  73. First you skip 4.2, then we go thru hell with 4.3 and now you leave without 4.4. For me this is total disrespect for all S3 owners. Out of all Galaxy models, S3 is still most used one. I am not a cry baby but i think that S3 has skyrocketed samsung and earned them a lot of money. The 4.4 update is the least they can do to give back to the S3 owners.

    • Because the international version has only 1gb ram. If you want kitkat, why not a custom rom without extra stuff filling up the memory?

      • So does the s3 mini us version but he will get 4.4. how come?

  74. The source of the blog says that the Galaxy S3 will not get due to 1GB ram issue.

    But i think some one has to remind the blogger that the Kitkat on 1st place was optimized to run on low memory devices

    • So does the s3 mini us version but he will get 4.4. how come?

  75. The S3 US version has 2GB ram as opposed to 1GB on the I93000 Intnl version.
    But the Grand also has 1GB.

    Perhaps Touchwiz is too bloated to work on 4.4 and 1GB ram.
    They should provide a touchwiz free version.
    cyanogenmod here I come.

    • So does the s3 mini us version but he will get 4.4. how come?

  76. What the hell… Samsung? 4.1.2 got battery drain and lag issue…
    skip 4.2,
    Now give 4.3 firmware with full of issue…
    i am giving up of samsung product…
    selling of my tab, s3
    i get back to apple product…

  77. 4.3 R.I.P all s3 user delay

  78. WTF Samsung ? -.- Galaxy S3 is better than Galaxy Grand ! S3 have a quad-core while the Grand have a dual-core ! The devices have both 1gb of RAM! WTF samsung, WWTTFF ? .-.

  79. It is really a shame that Samsung forgot that S3 is best-sold device in company’s history, almost 100M sold devices world wide! It is big shame for Sammobile, too for saying WE DON’T BLAME SAMSUNG FOR GIVING S3 A MISS, you could write that that is a shame, and not just suck up in Samsung’s ass! Yes, that device is year and a half old, but still powerfull, still able to run KitKat! We didn’t receive 4.2.2 when S4 came up, and now we won’t get 4.4.2 neither, is it fair? Note 2 is just a half year younger and will get KitKat. My next step is CyanogenMod, and after that LG! Samsung became to gready and no better than Apple. You will start to lose your customers, because of your bad moves, I really hope so!!!

  80. why no update for samsung galaxy s3 it was best samsung mobile it was bes than galaxy s4
    all custmers over the world who bought samsung galaxy s3 love this mobile i’m and all costmers need the update why samsung send update to grand and don’t send it to s3 s3 is is best-sold device in company’s history please samsung send the update to s3 becouse if you don’t send the update to s3 you will lose many costmers

  81. why no update for samsung galaxy s3 it was best samsung mobile all custmers over the world who bought samsung galaxy s3 love this mobile i’m and all costmers need the update why samsung send update to grand and don’t send it to s3 s3 is is best-sold device in company’s history please samsung send the update to s3 becouse if you don’t send the update to s3 you will lose many costmers

    • please learn how to use commas and full stops

  82. My S3 runs Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and smoother than ever. Since Samsung has no respect for their customers, I have removed TW and rooted and installed Cyanogenmod 11.0. M S3 has got a new life and doesn1t jerk nor freeze anmore.

  83. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ????? where’s the GALAXY S3 ???? not fair at all it’s the most popular phone in the whole world why damn it WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ?????

  84. Galaxy s3????? Samsung??? Why???? Please android 4.4 Galaxy s3 :’(

  85. what about galaxy tab 2 P3100????please update it to kitkat

  86. Los de compania samsung tienen q actualizar a 4.4.2 galaxy s3 I9300
    X q da muchos errores el 4.3 y estamos decepcionados con la actualizacion

    S3 can handle 4.4
    Google said that the minimal requirement for kk is 512 MG RAM
    S3 have 1 GB ram
    if you do this
    probably it will be my last SAMSUNG

    • Yes pure android, but S3 isnt pure android. It has Samsung stuff. And 1gb ram isnt enough.

  88. No Galaxy S3? Your product support is a fucking joke — FUCK YOU SAMSUNG!

  89. waiting for kitkat 4.4 for galaxy note 1!!!!>…

  90. what about galaxy grand duos? will revice 4.4 kitkat?

  91. Grand update was received؟؟؟!

    Galaxy S 3 will not update?!!!!!

    Samsung Sly


  92. S3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Samsung lay the Trash

  93. 99.9% of S3 user i know did not care about what firmware they used. Well samsung don’t care about 0.01% moaning about 4.4 upgrade.

  94. Show your s4 mini in the source will update the KitKat he writes, write here why do not you?

  95. So, no galaxy s3 samsung? ok no problem, proved that you guys don’t give a **** about the costumer, i had problem with your monitors, with your HD’s and now with you fuc*** smartphone, SAMSUNG NEVER AGAIN IN ANYTHING, WORST COMPANY EVER. THEY DON’T GIVE SUPPORT DON’T BUY THIS CRAP

    Want respect?Move to nexus, iphone or another smartphone, but not samsung

  96. S3 whithout 4.4?


  98. samsung is very bad company
    why dont update s3???
    samsung user go to other brand
    samsung is so stuped

  99. samsung is very bad company
    why dont update s3???
    samsung user go to other brand
    sasung is so layer and stuped

  100. What about Samsung GS3 LTE i9305 (2gb RAM) ????

  101. What should I do to prevent my s3 freeze? I can not even use it please help me. When do you think we will be ok with our s3? help, help, help.

  102. No KitKat for s3 internaional = Bye Bye Sammy. Who knows if (that’s a big if) we buy s5 and samsung again “forces” us in buying s6 for only releasing the new OS version to the latest mobile phone only. Not Fair. Cheap way to sell your new phone models sammy. Be Nice

  103. omg no update kitkat for s3 why why why !!!!

  104. that must be funny leaving s3 Int. version…samsung poland out of mind

  105. Quando ira sair a atualizaçao para o GT-I9505 do brasil????

  106. What the fu…. kitkat works on 512 MB ram how there is no 4.4 to SGS3 damn now LG really better than samsung….. its a stupid move from samsung to miss this update for SGS3

  107. please update galaxy tab 2 P3100 to kitkat because its specifications similar to galaxy tab 3 7.0

  108. kitkat is supposed to be for low end memory phone with better memory management , what crap Samsung wants to display – that old is Obsolete and 25k phones can only have power to get kitkat .. kudos to the developers who are putting their valuable time and releasing Customized kitkat versions (CynogenMod) to our beloved phones.

  109. No update to KitKat for any of the devices in this list until now, right? So we can assume this is a list with the devices that WILL NEVER RECEIVE UPDATE TO KITKAT. Then, bye bye Samsung, hello HTC, Apple, Sony, Nexus etc. Samsung is doing the same mistakes that sent Nokia from the first place to nowhere.

    • you re right man ! samsung show they are loser, we should buy another phones, htc, nokia, lg, apple etc. samsung eat my ass , this phone sold 70 million if they dont give a update, i never buy a samsung

  110. oh nooooo! where’s s4 mini :(

  111. if list is true then samsung is pushing lodza fans to apple i bet…

  112. what about S3 I9300 samsung ? :(

  113. Yes Samsung galaxy grand duos get 4.3 or 4.4 get soon. yeppy…..

  114. gente io ho compreto samsung gt-i9295 s4 active ma sn ancora fermo ad android 4.2.2 ed e un dto di gamma dell’anno scorso e veramente vergognoso da parte di samsung che imparasse da xda dove sn sempre mesi in vantaggio con rom rispetto ai firmware della samsung

  115. An Official Kit Kat Firmware For The P5200 (European Version) Is Not Available And We Have The August Of 2014….!!!!

    Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1

  116. all who have Samsung galaxy grand duos gt-i9082 they stay waiting you samsung to get their the new firmware upgrade from 4.2.2 jelly bean to 4.4 kitkat or 5.0 lollipop
    please give the firmware update in short time :D

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