Samsung delivers official statement regarding Galaxy S3′s Android 4.3 update issues

Two weeks ago, Samsung finally released the much awaited Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III, but immediately after updating the device to Android 4.3 users started to complain about various bugs they were encountering. We ourselves tested the Android 4.3 update extensively and came to the conclusion that Samsung might have rushed with the new update just so that they could bring in GALAXY Gear’s support to the Galaxy S III. Samsung KNOX was also not implemented in the software update, even though Samsung promised that it will introduce KNOX with the Android 4.3 update.

Major issues in new Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III:-
- Wake up lag (Sometimes it takes a few seconds to wake the device from standby and sometimes a few minutes)
- Random Freezing
- Huge battery drain
- Bluetooth Audio issues during playback in car
- Stuttering music playback with stock Samsung music app
- Device freezes as soon a call is received (Black screen issue)
- Poor RAM management (very difficult to multitask)
- Wi-Fi issues

After receiving so many complaints about the new Android 4.3 software update, we contacted Samsung Mobile UK for an official statement on the matter, check the statement below.

“As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.” – Samsung Mobile UK

According to the statement, Samsung has temporarily suspended the upgrade service and the Android 4.3 update (I9300XXUGMG9) has been pulled from FOTA and Samsung KIES. So you won’t be able to update your Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3 at the moment.

Galaxy S3 users were waiting for this update for a long time now as the device was still running a year old version of Android (4.1.2), Samsung never updated the device to Android 4.2. We think Samsung should have taken some more time and iron out all the bugs before actually rolling out the firmware upgrade as it has made a lot of its customers very unhappy. We will let you folks know as soon as Samsung resumes the upgrade service again.

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  1. this is old news why not tell us when they are going to get the 4.3 updates fixed and back to sending it our to us Glaxy S 3 owners, i found out they stoped the 4.3 update about 5 days after they send out the first 4.3 update to irland whitch was over a week ago. lets get it fix and out before they chnge there minds and want to skip the 4.3 nd go to the 4.4 unless they lredy did that.

    • I updated my S3 as soon as the update came available and that was the issue updating your phone you are going from 4,1 to 4.3 which is a massive jump on a update as drivers need updating as well as apps and the core i downloaded the full firmware off sammobile site then wiped my phone by going into recovery mode and wiping user then cache i then put the 4.3 firmware on the phone using odin when it reset i took battery out and put it back in then went back to recovery and wiped user and cach files again reboot waited for it to boot then everything was great i am getting over 20hrs battery my best where i charged it and left it until it died was 37hrs but as i said even though wifi and mobile data was on i didnt use the phone but it did receive texts emails and un answered calls.
      i havent had any of the issues that have been mentioned in fact i find it more stable than the s4 update om my other phones.

      • Tnx for the news, i did it so and you are right no issue us well, have also good battery running time 20h +++

      • Can you tell us again what you did.

        I am in Turkey and my phone was updated to 4.3 by OTA, but it is awful.

        Did you download Stock Rom firmware or 4.3 firmware?

  2. sad news for me…i wanted 4.3 on my gs3 now :(

    • Not worth it, just root it and flash CM.

  3. i can’t return to 4.1.2 after upgrade to 4.3,because after downgrade to 4.1.2 is on my s3 below error

    (( Not registered to network ))

    so pleaseeeeee help me ASAP.
    i live in Iran, and i can’t contact with Samsung support.

    • hey bro I know how to solve this issue but im at work now tonight I will tell you how to fix it. same happened with me before and solved it

      • Hi,

        would u please tell me know about how to resolve it.

        • I am joining the queue as well, I live in UK and wasted around 3 hours already on trying three 4 different images.

          Please let us know how to resolve this.



        • ok guys first of all you need your phone to be rooted in order to fix it, if its not rooted search google for :CF-root galaxy i9300 and you will find many threads on how to root it. after its rooted go to google again and search for : “ariza patch i9300 xda”.. the first result will be an xda thread go to it and you will find a topic about restoring the signal on your network, its called ariza patch and it will make the signal work again, in the thread you will find many questions and answers on how to solve it, if it does not work let me know.

          • Itried ariza patch i9300, but it doesn’t work even to root and install the two modems via sd card, the phone still display not registered on network, I’m running 4.1.2, bultnumber is I9300XXEMG4. plz try to help me I’m from RWANDA(CENTRAL AFRICA)

      • hi, root ur device, then patch new modem patch for android 4.3 which is I9300XXEMG4 from recovery. if need more explanation contact me

    • try with KIES. go to tools firmware upgrade and instalation put the phone model and serial number then kies will download the firmware put the phone on download mode

    • Dude just flash MG4 Modem with Odin and its solved your problem is so easy its a common issue :)

      • How mate if I downgrade my s3 i9300 to 4.3 to 4.1.2 it will loss the imei then how to to recover it tell me please am fed up with 4.3 …

        • Just Flash This Rom I9300XXEMG4 via ODIN … u will get your IMEI working again … Adios

  4. I got the 4.3 update on my s4, what a bad mistake that was I also got the knox software bundled in with it, I will warn you now do not open the knox software. It will max out your ram put huge strain on the battery and block most apps, you will also get constant error pop ups. The worst thing about the update is the really bad camera lag its at least 6 seconds on my device and then another 5 to process the image. Also the 4×3 keyboard has been taken away

  5. These delays and bad releases make me want to stop buying samsung devises.

  6. my country is UAE but I update my s3 with ierland vodafone and I face same problems but now I want to downgrade my 4.1.2 what is the procedure for that bec I heard we cnt simply go back to privious version so pls help sammobile to downgrade agian for step by step procedure pls pls pls for god sake sammobile help me I fade up with this 4.3 I ruind my self my phone pls help for downgrade . waiting for reply

    • hey bro I will tell you how to downgrade to 4.1.2 step by step but now im at work so tonight I will text u and explain it

      • @bleedme Can you solve it without rooting?
        if u can then please tell me how

      • thanks bro to respond I wll be very graitfull to u pls text me I m waiting for ur reply pls I not very advanced user so tell me step by step thanks

        • ok bro I will explain it, I think you downloaded the rom 4.3 from this site, so go to firmware link in this site again search for 9300, many roms will show up download the rom from tunisia which is coded XXEMF6. download it and then extract it then flash it using odin by placing the md5 inside it in the PDA file and flash it, after it finishes restart the phone it won’t boot and will stuck at samsung logo so take off the battery so it shuts down then replace the battery again and turn it on using: Volume up+Home button+Power key it will load into recovery showing many options written in blue go down and choose wipe/factory reset, wait till it formats then reboot it and it will boot with 4.1.2 installed, however before doing this make sure to back up all your data because this procedure will DELETE EVERY FILE ON YOUR PHONE SO BACK UP!!!
          p.s: are you an arab? you said you are from UAE?

          • hey bro r u sure this process wll not brick my phone ha . and I m from kuwait not uae but my phon country is uae

      • yeah Im sure it wont brick your phone, I have tried it like million times now. I installed 4.3 and 4.2.2 and all the custom roms you can think about it and always get back to 4.1.2 by this process because its the best.
        I am an arab too but living in Turkey, nice to meet u :)

        • nice to meet u too I m faraz ahmed whats ur good name and wher u from . onemore thing I want to cleat if I download my country I mean uae firmware instead of tunisia it wll work or not or if I downloaded another country I wll get ota in future or not bec my fone ia not rooted pls tell thanks for ur kind attension

    • Download UK BTU rom with this PDA I9300XXEMG4 and root through ODIN. But first make backup because u need to do factory reset after root. I do this and work fine for me.

      • @lOVRO,

        but i couldnt find the UK BTU rom with this PDA I9300XXEMG4 in sammobile. please let me know how/where to download the rom.

        • Go to sammobile and press firmware you get a new window….
          Welcome – The latest firmware for your device. and now press again firmware you get the window…..Select your firmware…smartphone next android next gt-i9300 international next united kingdom BTU and download it thats it.

    • I managed to downgrade using Odin. At first it got stuck in a loop showing the Samsung loading animation for ages. I had to boot into recovery mode and wipe everything, then re-install the 4.1.2 software. Everything is back to normal again now.

      • wich country firmware u used its ur own country wich fone belongs to or any other country pls tell

  7. I AM ON ANDROID 4.2.2 since 3 months , of the CyanogenMod stable release CM10.1.3 , and i am fully satisfied , its a better rom then samsung shitty roms that full up the ram with useless system applications and stuff. i have always a 35% free with my little ram running this custom Rom , i support Cyanogen .

  8. Google please help Samsung.

  9. (Samsung Galaxy S3) I was using fimware 4.1.2 and had lots of issues: phone restarting every 15 minutes approx. bluetooth wont turn on and USB mass storage was reporting unkown device. So i decided to upgrade using the First firmware 4.3(Germany) from Sammobile that was .zip file included (csc,modem,pda, e.t.c and odin was included in the .zip and so on. I did read some of the forums and instructions for upgrading the galaxy s3. So i opened odin selected the firmware files modem , pda , csc, and bin files and also took the risk selecting checkboxes : nand erase, repartition, phone efs clear and bootloader update.. and flashed the phone and i was amazed that it completed the operation with sucsess and the phone restarted without any issues! Now im using the galaxy s3 with 4.3 firmware more than a week and everything is working like charm and didnt notice any issues yet. As im using the phone all day and battery lasts about 2 days with wifi in use. Oh and bluetooth is working again and USB mass storage also.

  10. ashkanshahbazi you do reflash firmware xxemg4 or just modem xxemg4 cause efs file is modified in this can just reflash the last modem is working in your can extract the modem eassyless

  11. I think this is all because of the old kernel.
    The kernel is still old.
    Where as devices like Samsung galaxy Grand quattro have the updated kernel version 3.4, this is so dissapointing!!! Seriously!
    Many users have reported that after changing the kernel to some custom kernel solves the problems!
    so i think they should update the kernel to version 3.4 and try.!

  12. I start to think I will never buy samsung devices again, my next device will be sony xperia or HTC.
    Samsung don’t care about what customers need, they care about money.
    They don’t upgrade S3 with the last version of touchwize and widgets, they aim to let people buy thier new devices.

  13. Too many issues. I tell u guys why. Becouse they wan’t to change to many things in this firmware. They need to put new touchwiz etc to wthis frimware and then optimize to work on sgs3 is not to much for Samsung Ingeners

  14. sofwares from samsung sucks Cyanogenmod is way much better the phone speed is so much better open / closing apps , I prefer use nova launcher than the fucking slow Touchwiz I don’t know why samsung is always making bullshit in its updates.

    • whilst I agree with the move to Cyanogenmod… Cyanogenmod, has still has issues with NFC and STK… Cyanogenmod is unable to support these functions correctly… I had to go back to Samsung stock firmware, in order to use correctly…


    In my case, if I can keep Free Memory to more than 200MB, the phone behaves reasonably well.

    If you are suffering from the issues with the 4.3 update, I have found these steps help. (I now have a responsive phone that lasts about 24h on a single charge)

    1.. Remove as many memory hungry Apps like Facebook, Viber, eBAY, etc that you can live without for now (Use the browser interfaces if you need).

    2.. Every time you finish doing anything on the phone, and before you screen-lock/sleep it. Long press the home key and close all recent apps and perform a “Clear memory”

    This should keep you going until Samsung fix it.

  16. Whoever looking for a solution to downgrade Samsung galaxy s3 android version 4.3 to android 4.1.2. please follow the simple instructions. normally when you try to downgrade to android v4.1.2 there will be two major issues. “Imei” corrupt issue as well as “Not registered on network”

    solution to fix the issue.
    Download and install i9300xxemg4 v4.1.2 country slovakia (sammobile)
    after installation it may take several minutes and the samsung logo will keep on refreshing. All you need to do is to patiently wait for few minutes. shutdown the mobile and get into recovery mode by pressing (volume up, home and power button) – format the internal memory and restart the mobile. after few minutes it will boot into the os and you can start using your mobile as usual. Trust me this works.

    (People who dont have patience, normally dont wait till it boots and start reverting it back to v4.3 and complain about it)

    • hey bro if I use my own country firmware it wll not work ? I mean my fone uae and u r telling to doqnload another country why like that

    • You say “several minutes”, how much is it ? 5, 10, 30, 60 minutes?

  17. Подигравате се с нас,подигравате се с доверието,което сме Ви оказали..Давайки 1200лв при излизането на телефона,аз си мислех:те ще пускат постояно ъпдейти,ще доставят полезни неща.А то каква подръжка… Ти не може за един от най-успешните си телефони да не пускаш ъпдейт повече от година! А още по-грозното е как чакахме 4.2.2 и в последната седмица преди да излезе президента на Самсунг Шин Шен Нещо си,каза ама Вие сте Бого помазани,Вие ще получите направо 4.3. ,но чак през август. ПОГЛЕЖДАМ КАЛЕНДАРА И КАКВО ДА ВИДЯ? МАМА ВИ СТАРА ВЕЧЕ Е 19-ти ноември и сме получили само един КУР!И как може за 2 седмица да са го получили само 10 оператора?Как Apple за 1 ден достави IOS7 за всички?Как? Нали Самсунг се бият в гърдите колко по-велики сте от Apple.Е ДОКАЗАХТЕ КОЛКО СТЕ ВЕЛИКИ!Яд ме е,че дадох толкова пари на такива лъжци и мизерници,които само обещават,но не си спазават обещанията.Яд ме е ,че препоръчвах шибаните Самсунг и на познати и приятели.

  18. Samsung has been very good in all the previous updates. What is happening now!!!!

    A quick Samsung fix and release of 4.3 updates to all customers, may keep customers. otherwise Samsung may start loosing some of them.

  19. We’ve found a part fix for S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 problems here >

    Hope this helps

  20. i update my s3 to 4.3. so what can i do? my s3 crashes,restarting and many problems… plz help me….

  21. I just flashed the UK BTU version ( xxugmj9) and everything seems good save for the occasional lock screen lag, which is bearable compared to the ireland version. The app crashes and heating problems are gone too. I did something similar to what micheal1601 did which was:
    1. BACKUP important files and apps
    2. Do a data+cache wipe via recovery mode then remove battery for at least 5sec
    3. Flash the firmware via odin
    4. Do another data+cache wipe, then remove battery for at least 5sec
    and voila!

    Note: In my case, I didnt restore any old app, just contacts and some important files.

  22. So far, i missed a train connection because my phone wouldn’t wake up to tell me which platform i needed. I’ve been 10 minutes late on an appointment because gps failed on google maps navigation. I’ve missed three phone calls because the screen wouldn’t wake up to let me answer. And i’ve spent a few euros not being able to hang up out-of-bundle phone calls because the screen didn’t wake. I actually had to pull out the battery a few times to hang up.

    Thank you samsung :-(

    • PS and this is all after the update had all my apps crashing, so i already did a factory reset and a cache clean. Apps crashes and everything hanging is a bit less frequent now, but still very common.

  23. tI too flashed the 4.3 firmware on my GT I9300. I can’t make call anymore. the phone says not registered on network. i came back to stock rom but it didn’t solve the problem. used ariza patch but still a problem. what to do then? MY IMEI has changed to 004999xxxxx

  24. Wen we get the fixt BTU 4.3 update Tnx it’s time more then 14 days after shame to samsung

  25. Yes the golden question, when will we be getting the fixed firmware for our devices? That would be a nice to know.

  26. The only bug I have is that three download files keep coming back to my notification dock. I don’t have these files anymore but only reoccur in my notdock. Anyone else have this issue or have hit this issue in other versions of the os? Have any ideas what to do?

    • Yes! I have a picture that now says it downloads about 20 times each day!

  27. Unlock lag is still here unfortunately. Beside that:
    Unlock light effect introduced in 4.2 leak disappeared.
    Flash light widget is also missing
    Lock screen short cuts thanks to Wanam Xposed

    Ones step forward three step back…

  28. I really really really really hate samsung now… almost 05 years i am using samsung phones all high end phones.. and am so disappointed with the updates they provide…been waiting for ages for the update for S3 now and still they didnt deliver any standard ones but concentrating on producing more (S5/Note 4 etc) phones… i have spent hell of a lot money on the phone which i am using now…and no way am gonna spend a dime in samsung phones hereafter..switching to HTC for real..AND DUMPING MY CURRENT PHONE..NOT EVEN GONNA SELL IT TO ANYONE.. Samsung you money hungry piece of trash…. you will loose your market share soon enough and will be back to the place as you were before when nokia dominated..

  29. hey guyrs sorry if i bather u but iu have a probleme with my S3 i flash it with android 4.3 but whene i want to downgrade it i wanted to root nit but it gives me” Get Pit For Mapping ” in odin…does anyone knows what does it mean §§….

  30. Took the “update” 10 January. I reckon Samsung didn’t SUSPEND it long enough. They obviously didn’t fix the “update” before sending it out, again
    Battery drain is at 1% down, every 4 minutes
    I tried Factory Resetting, but no improvement.
    This is just stupid! Obviously a rush job! Don’t they test such things, prior to putting them out to their customers???
    The VZW community site has reps providing such wonderful advice as how to reduce battery drain and such. (EYES LOOKING UP!)

  31. updated my s3 to 4.3 a few weeks ago, and i’am facing the same problem with battery drain. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

  32. Hi my friends..

    its my first post in here and its about my s3 – i9300, see the problem is i downgrade from 4.3 to 4.12 after upgrading to it, several times and i lost:( my imei number and retrieve it by flashing MG4 modem file as i directed to do that thankfully from PDA developers, but the issu now its whene i turn on my bluetooth from the menu the phone is hanged ( freeze) and after that it restart 2 to 3 times,
    and i don’t know why please heeelllppp pleeeeeeezzz :o

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