Samsung to add multi-user functionality to Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and 10.1 through software update

Despite running on Android 4.2.2 out of the box, both the 8 and 10.1-inch models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 miss an important feature from the last-but-one version of Android – multi-user support. However, we’ve received a few screenshots that confirm multi-user functionality will be making its way to both tablets via a software update, which should make life easier for those who share their tablets with others.

It’s not clear if this software update will include some new features as well, but it’s still an important one even if its sole purpose is to add multi-user support. We’re not sure when this update will start rolling out, but we’ll be sure to let you know whenever that happens.

* The screenshots below are from a TEST firmware

2013-09-15 (7)

2013-09-15 (7) 2013-09-15 2013-09-15 (5) 2013-09-15 (6) 2013-09-15 (3) 2013-09-15 (4) 2013-09-15 (1) 2013-09-15 (2)

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  1. why only 8 and 10.1 and not 7?
    and what will happen to Gtab2?

    • Multi-user is a 4.2 feature, so it won’t come to the Tab 3 7.0 unless the 4.2 update itself rolls out for it, which should be sometime this year. As for Tab 2, that might get the same software update later on, let’s see.

      • wait a sec, tab 3 7.0 doesnt have 4.2, lol.
        but Tab 2 7.0 has already got a 4.2.2 without multiuser, well lets hope for the best…

        • Who can follow the chaos in naming these tablets?! Some old stuff had newer OS than newer stuffs. This is the main reason I didn’t purchase Samsung tablet yet.

  2. How about Galaxy Note 10.1 ?Samsung always late for update firmware especially Samsung Indonesia..

  3. Tab 3 8.0 and 10.1? Then why are there on-screen nav. buttons?

  4. What about N5100. Don’t forget about this device.

  5. I hope you can put an update for the Note 10.1 ( not for the 2014 edition) , since the function Automatic lighting of the screen does not work well since the last update. and hopefully put more multiview applications and upgrade to kitkat

  6. Any news on this? When it will be published?

  7. Still any news about that ? Got this tablet as christmas present , sharing it with my wife and it’s frustfrating to change all accounts etc everytime

  8. Any new of this feature????
    Im waiting from september 2013……
    Come on wake upppp

  9. My previous post is not from 5 months ago. It was from january 2014.

    This new feature is just a lie!!!
    Like this note!

  10. Today February 17th 2014

  11. The date in each post is wrong. It says 5 months ago but is a lie

  12. The date in each post is wrong. It says 5 months ago but is a lie

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