Samsung sold over 38 million Galaxy Note devices

Samsung’s CEO JK Shin confirmed the sales of its Galaxy Note range that was introduced couple of years back. At a press meet during IFA, JK Shin said that the Galaxy Note range – which includes the original Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II – sold over 38 million units. That’s impressive number for a form factor that was ridiculed by many for its size initially.

Shin also confirmed that regarding the Galaxy Note 3 sales, he expects “10 million units will be sold”, which we assume is the launch numbers considering the mass availability of the device from September 25.

JK Shin also supported the high price of Galaxy Gear, saying “it provides a lot of functions.”

Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will go on sale in 149 countries from September 25 whereas America and Japan will get it in October.


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  1. Good!

  2. I am wondering Q3 is about to end and what is the sales figure for S 4 now. :)

  3. still they don’t care to update note 2,, what a piece of shit company has it became,, i bet sales will go down only just like s4,,, as what they done to note 2 and s3 customers regarding updates,,,

    • From what I read over here, the S3 will be updated to JB 4.3 by next month, along with the s4. Well, the s4 is selling well i guess, not maybe to the very high expectations of some..

      • what about the 4.2.2 they can deliver that to s3 … it was such a long time from july to october…

    • I wouldn’t say that. Clearly Samsung had a strategy in mind and I for one don’t like long delays on OS updates, but the GS3, GS4 and GN2 will ALL get JB4.3 starting in October. Why . . . the Galaxy Gear requires it to use Gear Manager so if they want to sell GG watches they need JB4.3 on phones asap. I would expect they will push US carriers to get those updates out.

      You could be on an LG Optimus G and never get beyond 4.1.2 which is where it stands. The Optimus G Pro is at 4.2.2 but will it get 4.3 or ever see 4.4. I suspect maybe 4.3 but that will be the end of it.

  4. Please Note 2 users, I have a question: How can I change the default ring tone and volume for the alarm when I set it by talking to google now, I know I can edit the alarm and change it, but no sense if I want to use google now to set alarms quickly. Thank you!

    • Open de music player, find the mp3 file, touch and hold, and then apply as ringtone. I’m shure that there is another way, but i do as i told.

      • sorry, i misunderstood your question. My bad. I don’t know how to do it.

  5. I am definitely buying the Note 3…just love it!

    • Got mine ordered on 9-6 along with a GG as well. I am not sold on the GG, but I have 14 days after delivery to return it if I don’t like it so no biggie.

  6. When the update for the note 2 ? They are 38 million devices sold and I will not be next to buy any more because I do not note update is PATHETIC AND SHAMEFUL samsung was always loving but it is happening as apple who neglect to customers and then passes what happens to terminal fashion now are the s3 s4 note 2, but fashions change and I are looking

  7. Even if the note 3 will be a great piece of hardware I will not buy it again with such a rotten update politics that Samsung is happening to have. Having the N2 now for 11 month and no major update was done the whole time… still on 4.1.2!! Same thing will happen to N3 in next year… but right people should pay up to 600 bucks per year to get an up to date device … for some weeks… my next phone will be a Nexus device! Dont get too arrogant Samsung or you will end like Nokia!

    • I for one don’t rely on the carriers to push updates, at least if I have bootloader access I can get a ROM update that has been cooked but since the GS4 its gotten harder.

      Yes it sucks, but they do make an investment in OS updates and would you have wanted 4.2.2 and never seen 4.3 with Trim or would you have wanted to skip 4.2.2 and go straight to 4.3?

  8. not even 5 million will be sold

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