Posted by Kunal G. 1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 (SM-P900) image leaks


We’ve got the first glimpse of Samsung’s rumoured 12.2-inch high-end tablet, thanks to MovePlayer. The tablet is believed to be of the Galaxy Note 12.2 SM-P900 and according to the site, the tablet hails from the 9x series and given Samsung’s history, 9x series is a flagship product.

What the new product will bring is not certain but according to previous speculation, we can expect the tablet to bring a high-resolution 12.2-inch 2560×1600 display along with new Exynos 5 Octa processor.

There are high chances for Samsung to announce the tablet at the IFA and we’ll be there to bring first hand report of this tablet along with other announcements.



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17 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 (SM-P900) image leaks

  1. averymlewis 1 year ago said:

    Looks sexy to me liking the physical buttons

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  2. drakenlord78 1 year ago said:

    In a near future, I would like to see a device like that be able to boot to an desktop OS (which Android could be as Ubuntu for Android is already).

    This could lead at the death of the desktop but not a shame because this will allow us to escape the madness of cables…

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    • Abhijeet M. 1 year ago said:

      Death of the desktop? That’ll be a long way off if it will even ever happen, as a big screen, mouse, keyboard etc will always be required for stuff. But yeah, would love hybrid tablets like those to become popular and the standard.

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      • Pirate-X 1 year ago said:

        Never say never ;-) I believe in destop death for everyday stuff. You can now use your smartphone wireless on your big tv screen with wireless keyboard and mouse ! What else do you need ? :-) beer, crisps !! But right for intensive work such as making videos fhd etc we still dont have enough power on mobile devices

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    • umair1161 1 year ago said:

      But then gaming won’t be the same as it is on PCs! :/

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    • legacik 1 year ago said:

      ATIV Tab 3 – Tablet 10.1 with Windows 8 OS (full system, not mobile or something like that.)

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  3. Sir Smalzz 1 year ago said:

    I hope they make a smaller successor for it.

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  4. AmirHA 1 year ago said:

    Not that physical buttons again! Samsung tell me that isn’t true! :-( physical buttons are for phones not tablets! :-(

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    • westbros 1 year ago said:

      Why all this fuss about physical buttons? Do you hear people moaning about the home button on both the iPhone AND the iPad? No! Complete red herring if you ask me.

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      • AmirHA 1 year ago said:

        I dont complain about home button, I just hate menu and back button fixed on one side of the tablet its so annoying when rotating the tablet, and its so weird too!

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  5. stoleriko 1 year ago said:

    it’s way too big!!

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  6. Sebastian Shaw 1 year ago said:

    i am just wondering right now that note 12.2 is going to be relased with note 3 and galaxy gear at unpacked event 2

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  7. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Seems to resemble the Galaxy TAB 3, but in a less-rounded corner style.

    Chassis build? Polycarbonate?

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  8. infinitylook 1 year ago said:

    Are they trying to imitate the omnibalance design of Tab Z? What a shame!

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  9. eds817 1 year ago said:

    Where do I place my order?

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