Make chance to WIN 1 of the 3 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi!

SamMobile contacted all Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi winners.

As you might have noticed, SamMobile is the biggest online Samsung Community. Samsung owners uses SamMobile for the latest news, rumours and official firmware updates! In January this year SamMobile hit 1 million site members, and this month, the number of registered SamMobile members is on its way to hit 1,500,000! To celebrate this awesome number we will be giving away three Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi tablets.

You have three ways to win one of these Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi’s. 
- Follow us on Twitter
- Like us on Facebook
- Follow us on Google+

Piece of cake, right? We’ll announce the winners once the site hits the 1,500,000 registered members milestone!

Technical information of the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi.
The Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi features Android 4.2.2, Touch Wiz Nature UX , 8.0” TFT display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 (WSVGA), 5.0 megapixel camera and a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz.

The prizes are powered by SamMobile and it is a worldwide giveaway!


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  1. Check! I hope to win a Galaxy Tab3!

  2. Already following on that three social network.
    One question: how do you choose the three winners?

  3. Let’s check our luck :)

  4. im Already following! but m worried about my luck caus i never won!

  5. Hope i’ll win sammobile :)

  6. It is for me for sure!

  7. Done, Hope I will win this time :)

  8. Nice… Hi from sunny Salonica of Greece

  9. I’m following, facebook,, google +, and now Twitter (but I never tweet). That’s a very good idea !! Good luck everybody :-)

  10. been following you everywhere for like a year now so pick me!!!! please? lol

  11. Never had a tablet in my life. I want to win it

  12. I want to win it as well :D

  13. Checked :)

  14. Im already followed,,, hope to win sammobile :)

  15. I really want it!

  16. i followed sammobile on FB,Twitter and Google +

  17. Already following on that three social network, Facebook – Twitter and Google+. Great Price.

  18. Done on: Twitter, facebook and google+!

  19. I’m following, Facebook,, Google +, and now Twitter

  20. Followed on Twitter , FB, & G+

  21. Im hope im can win it

  22. Done :D give me of those PLS!!! Hahaha

  23. done.. greeting from Malaysia :)

  24. done. all 3 way

  25. done. all 3 ways

  26. Followed, hope i will win

  27. already following. :)

  28. Lets hope I win this.I just wanna ask if we have to follow sammobile on all three platforms or just 1 would do it ??

  29. it’s great I hope to win one of the three :)

  30. Done …i want to know that we just have to follow sammobile on all three platforms ..??? or Something Else..??

  31. Im already following you, guys and girls.

    Good luck to everybody for the 2 tablets. One is for me, im sure! :D

  32. i want to win^_^

  33. following Sammobile on Twitter, Google+ and liked on Facebook.

  34. I am waiting… How easy is to send it to Bulgaria ;)

  35. I don’t have luck so i think to win one of tablet :)

  36. Yes, please!!

  37. HAHA I already won. I hope.

  38. - Twitter ✓
    - Facebook ✓
    - Google+ ✓

    I want to win ! :)

  39. Que la chance soit avec moi !
    That luck is with me !

    - Twitter ✓
    - Facebook ✓
    - Google+ ✓


  40. Yes, I want it. Please

  41. 3588 members left

  42. When will the winner be announced?
    Waiting. #HOPE :)

  43. Yes, I want it. Please

  44. pls guys i really need one ….

  45. 1148 left
    Hope to win it soon

  46. No chance to win for me.. from poor country.. good luck for all. Dont worry be hppy :)

  47. 473 remained
    It should be tonight
    By the its my anniversary and it would be my anniversary gift if I win

  48. 320 remaining. Good luck everyone ;)

  49. :))) I can waith :)))

  50. Down to the last 47. Getting quite excited now

  51. yes! please sammobile I need this tablet I’m a huge fan of Samsung, please

  52. I love it and i need it thank’s;)

  53. In sha Allah I will get one. :D

  54. I really hope I win the Tab 3!ive never won a single thing before and this would make me so happy! I’ve been a Sammobile member since 2010 and I hope I win a Tab 3,I really need it to help me with my studies and research and also have fun and play games on it! Please Sammobile! I love this innovative yet simple device.

  55. I’m probably the biggest Samsung fan around! I have a lot of phones including the Wave, Note 2,S3,S4 but I need a Tab 3! :D

  56. I’m a super huge fan of samsung , and i’m always trying to make people get a phone or tablet from samsung beacuse they are the best , and i wish to win the tab 3 to support samsung more and more :-)

  57. I’m a super huge fan of samsung , and i’m always trying to make people get a phone or tablet from samsung beacuse they are the best , and i wish to win the tab 3 to support samsung more and more :-)

  58. Already following months ago.

  59. Already following months ago.

  60. Hope i win

  61. Count me in!!

  62. Hope not too late !

  63. I’m late but still I have hopes

  64. any more tablets for winner :)) hope no too late

  65. hi sammobile. I’ve did all 3 by liking, and following. How do you choose the winners? Hope to get one soon. I have no tablets at all. thanks

  66. It seems they are not active on Facebook and G Plus

  67. waaw,, nice info dude… :)
    Give me one galaxy tab 3.8.0 :D

  68. :(

  69. Hope i’ll win XD

  70. waiting for last chance :)

  71. ahh I want to win the Facebook part ! ;)

  72. And the Facebook winner is Tarun Bedi….. :):)

  73. Give me the last tab.

  74. inchallah marbouha
    i hope i will win

  75. Done ! If I win I would love you more :3

    Mariusz Bansleben

  76. cool

  77. i love to have it

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