Posted by Danny D. 2 years ago

WSJ: Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 mini on June 20th


According to WSJ Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S4 mini on June 20th. Way to late cause the device self leaked several of times even on Samsung’s own application store page. Samsung will held an event on June 20th According to the press event will Samsung show ATIV (Windows) and GALAXY (Android) products. We will ask Samsung to get press invitations.

We expect Samsung to announce the next series 9 notebooks, a tablet and the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Samsung will probably show us the Galaxy S4 mini too.


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3 comments on “WSJ: Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 mini on June 20th

  1. Polkyb 2 years ago said:

    … and the S4 active?
    Any news on that do you think?

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  2. vbx 2 years ago said:

    Wasn’t it suppose to be released in the 30th of May? Guess I’ll just wait for tizen or the 5s sincemits the same size as the so calles “mini”.

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  3. gtone339 2 years ago said:

    Attend the event, though I can’t make it there.

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