6-inch Samsung smartphone confirmed, no flexible display for Galaxy Note III

We have some good and bad news, let’s start with the good news. Samsung will announce their first 6.0” smartphones in the second half of 2013. According to oled-display.net, Samsung is ready to bring such of a display. Samsung will not use LCD instead it will use AMOLED for this panel! Which is good news for those AMOLED fans out there! The expected 6.0” flagship device would be the Galaxy Note III. Sometime ago, SamMobile posted some rumour regarding the display of the Galaxy Note III. Samsung tried to use flexible display but sadly Samsung couldn’t make it into mass production right on time. The same problem is for LG, Samsung’s biggest rival in display tech. The flexible display line of both companies has been delayed!

samsung-display-lg-display-flexible-amoled-forecast timeline-5.5g-samsung-display

Words by oled-display.net

Samsung Display plans to produce flexible AMOLED Panels at the A2 P3 line.
This production line has a monthly capacity for such 24.000 sheets based on 5.5G.
That is not enough capacity to make a flagship product with a flexible display like the Galaxy Note3.
Samsung Display has to expand the capacity for the flexible OLED line. Youm is the brand for the Samsung FOLED technology
The same hard facts are also for LG-Display. LG-Display has a monthly capacity of 8.000 sheets based on a 4G production line.


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  1. Galaxy Note: 5.3
    Galaxy Note II: 5.5
    Galaxy Note III: rumoured as 6.0
    Galaxy Note IV: 7.0??????

    • No. Samsung already has Galaxy Note 7 with phone capabilities. So your sarcasm is irrelevant.

      • *Galaxy Note >>>8.0<<<<
        i mean that soon they will reach tablets size of screen, and GNote will not be an Phablet… will be a Tablet!

        • Galaxy note 8.0 has phone capabilities. Galaxy note 10.1 also has phone capabilities.so it will still be a Phablet.

  2. So they clearly ditched the flexible design for the Galaxy Note 3. Not ready for mass production or design flaw?

    Only 2 designs they have to either pick:

    1. Galaxy S4-esque like design with all out-Metal [Premium] chassis build – don’t know how they’re going to mass produce that version.

    2. Completely something new this time around! Highly doubt it!

    • Yes completely something NEW it will be. Design flaw it’s not the Galaxy Note 3 will be a total NEW DESIGN. New button placements, NO home button, as well as the power button moved to the top of the handset with NO captive keys. It will have curved display at 1080p 6 inches as well as 3gb of ram, 4200mAh battery. It will be the BEST handset on the market from September 2013 to July 2014. You can mark that down for your record books.

      • Ouch, that’d be a bad design choice :(
        Power button on the top of such a large handset?
        That means it’s almost impossible to turn it on with 1 hand…
        Anyway, the first note is already too big for my tastes, I’ll stick with the S4.

  3. This is why I love Sammobile…
    You tell people rumors you get from some dubious sources – nobody at Samsung ever confirmed anything about YOUM display for Note 3. And if it turns out to be not as you told it’s not your fault but Samsung has delayed it? How can you say that? Do you have any prove that Samsung actually planned to launch YOUM together with the Note 3?
    Some well-intentioned advice for you: Start to check your sources better and try to do less copy’n’paste of some rumors spread on the net.
    This has nothing in common investigative journalism.
    And by the way, when you’re again gonna praise yourself how many right things you’ve found out about Note 3 before release, please don’t forget again to mention this mistake you’ve made together with all the other ones you will definitely have made till then.

    Of course I’m not telling you not to post rumors, but mark them as rumors and not as normal news like you have any prove for it.
    And above all: stop blaming SAMSUNG for the lies/rumors YOU’ve told. It’s not their fault when you tell people something that’s not true at all.

    • True but don’t blame sammobile for this!

    • At ease, u r clever enough to differentiate between real news n rumors, what the big deals, some rumors posted here also to be true in the end :)

    • Well, there’s only so much news they can post everyday here, so of course they have to make some shit up from time to time….

    • Maybe you need to read our posts. We directly said the next information: One with the design of the Galaxy S4 which isn’t good news for us. One with a completly different design, which sounds better. And the final one, a flexible display design of the Galaxy Note III. Sadly Samsung isn’t sure to use it cause of flexible display problems.

    • If you don’t like it then do not read it and specialy don’t blame sammobile, i like every news and articles about new devices i don’t care if they turn out to be true or not, it is just fun for me, i like those speculations and wonder how good devices we will have in the future

  4. oh

  5. Have you asked yourself why do you need a flexible display?

    I would rather have a Gorilla glass free display than a flexible display.

    • “Gorilla glass free display”

      so, no Gorilla glas? :P

      • Yes, no glass. Why do we need glass? I am sure Samsung can use other materials to protect the screen.

  6. why would anyone want a bendable display? thin like paper. how fun would it be, everytime to play games or touch around in apps the display would would bend away from your finger.
    who would pay a larger sum of money to be able to say to friends” look what my phone can do!”

    whats next a tattooable display that can be tattooed on to your arm/hand ?
    or why not as a chip inside your skull so that the display will show as transparent image infront of your eyes. touch your left ear to increase volume and right ear to decrease the volume. move a finger on your nose up and down to scroll.

    or why not a crystal ball display. so people can communicate like witches in fairytales?

    • Woow… You know flexible display doesn’t mean paper or jelly baby flexible.. Did you not pass your chemistry? Foleds (flexible organic light emitting diods) is basically fabricating polyethylene terephthalate instead of glass to the oled, then on top of that the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is added. It’s flexible but not in the way you’re thinking. I’m guessing you thought the motherboard, CPU, batter, SIM card etc bends as well? It’s thinner than glass, LCDs whatever and yet almost shatterproof because its a thermoplastic polymer.

      • watch the picture. the whole display is bended.

        didnt mean that the motherboard is benden. these things can be in a some kind of shaft.

  7. Hopefully it’ll be enough for the S5, perhaps? Or maybe not..

  8. is so fast,but sure not problem?at Malaysia look like so more problem.

  9. Good, I didn’t want a flexible screen anyway. All fun and well to have a round screen in a cinema, but in 6″ it makes no sense whatsoever.

    I don’t want to have to put it in a clipboard just to watch a film on the train!!!!

    Also, didn’t they already say the screen is going to be bigger, but the device itself will not increase in size? The same way the S3 and S4 did?

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