Samsung to bring the Tab DUOS, Tab 8.0 AMOLED, Tab 11 Super PLS TFT and NEXUS 11

This weekend SamMobile received Samsung’s tablet plans for 2013. Samsung wants to bring more tablets for every segment. Samsung want to bring a dual-sim tablet and that maybe sound strange but not unreal. Lenovo has made such a tablet before. Inside the list below you wont find the Galaxy Tab 3. Cause this list is only for this years special tablets from Samsung. As you will notice Google And Samsung are busy with the NEXUS 11 and this has to be the first octa-core tablet from Samsung and Google. Samsung is also busy to create an own high-end 11” tablet plus a follow-up on their AMOLED line-up. Samsung delayed or might even cancel the next generation of Galaxy Note 10.1 cause of the weak sales of this tablet. The specifications of the Galaxy Tab 3 are around the same level as the Galaxy Tab DUOS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0
- 7.0” PLS LCD 600 x 1024
- 3 Megapixel (back)
- 2 Megapixel (front)
- Dual-core
- Micro SD 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0
- 8.0” AMOLED 1080p
- 5 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Quad-core A9 (Exynos 4412)
- Micro SD 64 GB
* Samsung need to solve AMOLED burning problem first.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11
- 11” Super PLS TFT
- 8 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Dual-Core A15 (Exynos 5250)
- Micro SD 64 GB

- 11” Super PLS TFT
- 8 Megapixel
- 2 Megapixel
- Octa-Core A15 / A7 (Exynos 5410)
- Micro SD 64 GB (Rumoured)
* Needs to get approvement from Google (Worlds first Octa-Core tablet)

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3 years 6 hours ago

Nexus 11 with octa core would be very nice for the S4 octa core users who are fan of AOSP roms. So lets hope this is true.

3 years 11 hours ago

Nexus 11 with LTE and Micro SD and I am sold.

3 years 11 hours ago

Oh wait…No Smart stuff…so Samsung Galaxy Tab 11 then…:)

3 years 12 hours ago

Galaxy Tab 7.7 still a better tab than the Tab 3 7″.. But Im waiting for this Tab 8.0, looks promising but expect a pricey tag. :D

3 years 14 hours ago

Get ready Apple!

3 years 15 hours ago

MicroSD on a Nexus device? If only.