Weekend Special: Samsung ”worried” about their build quality, Galaxy Note III to have a new design

Our insiders have just sent us some information regarding the Galaxy Note III and its design. It looks like Samsung saw the success of the HTC One and is a bit ”worried” about the design and build quality of their mobile devices. The HTC One is fully made from aluminium, something all Samsung fans would love to see. With the introduction of the Galaxy S4 people started to blame Samsung for using plastic again instead of aluminium / metal. Samsung isn’t worried about the software as according to Samsung their software is better than the one on HTC devices. The simple Nature UX interface by Samsung is easy to use and, thanks to the new smart functions, Samsung’s new interface makes the Galaxy S4 even more smarter.

According to SamMobile’s famous insider, Samsung is planning to switch build quality for the next flagship device. He pointed out that the Galaxy Note III will not use the design guidelines of the Galaxy S4. Samsung expects to sell many Galaxy Note III devices. The Galaxy Note III is rumoured to have a 6.0” FHD AMOLED display, Exynos 5 Octa CPU with LTE, 13 megapixel and the latest version of Android, which could be Android 5.0. The Galaxy Note III will have even more software features than the Galaxy S4. He couldn’t point out the material choice for the Galaxy Note III. He said that Galaxy S4′s metal design was very popular internally but Samsung couldn’t make mass-produce it right on time, so it was declined.

Let’s hope this is true! We would love to see a better build, like Samsung’s Wave series, on their Galaxy series.

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  1. Nice to see samsung is taking consideration about metal back devices.
    The metal makes the devices shiny with a premium feel.
    I do like The metal on my Galaxy Tab 7.7
    and hope the next metal device to be black/brown metal .. WoooooW :)

    • It’s the plastic that makes my Note2 survive all the times I dropped it. without any case on. The harder the material the more brittle it gets. Look at iphone and others, thay crack instantly when hitting the ground.

  2. can’t wait for the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  3. I want my Galaxy Note III……. NOW !

  4. Consider me a potential buyer! Am in guys ^_^

    Proud owner of the Note 2

  5. I prefere polycarbonate… no need for cold, hard and heavyweight metal… And I hate the design of the HTC One… but maybe, we Germans are softer ;)

    • I prefere polycarbonate too for the same reason you pointed out.

      • Nice to see that there is somebody with my opinion.
        I don´t really know why people prefer metal… it´s like golden teeth.. yes of cource… expensive… scratch-resistant… worthy… but don´t look white plastic teeth more natural…

        just a metaphore

        (sorry for misspelling^^ english is not what I am used to speak^^)

  6. Any news unofficially on when its going to become available on the market ? I think I’m going to wait for a while for the Note III, and not purchase the S IV.

    • Well… I asked where I preordered ant they say most probably 26 of april… 1th may is holiday so samsung would not open the doors on 29th fpr just two days.

  7. Lol i call bs on the “couldnt mass produce” the metal material on time. the plastic was the preferred material and the deadline had nothing to do with it.

    What? You mean the galaxy s4 was only planned 3 months ago? Lol stfu “insider”. show us a photo of the actual s4 metal mockup to be more credible.

  8. Slightly ironic, the fact that you used the words “more smarter”.

  9. Plastic is better then metal cover

    • Depends on the plastic. Shiny plastic is horrible for a phone cover because it’s scratches.

      I prefer the “rugged rubberized” back cover of the Sony Xperia Go. No need to cover it up with a bulky plastic case. I can slip it in my pocket and not worry about the phone.

      • Galaxy S4 uses Polycarbonate [PLASTIC], so it’s durable than metal and easy to remove.

        • The sides crack easily – I’ve seen in two cases already. Both on press specimens – one here on SamMobile on official press photos (sic!), other one in the quick glance test of a local portal, phone supported by Polish T-Mobile with Polish software.

          It’s plastic, and I don’t think it’s really that good news, even if its type is potentially better.

          I don’t really care that much for the back flap, cos it is exchanged easily.
          I, however, do care much about the front and the sides, and it seems the sides have S3-like problems. Hopefully NOT.

  10. Samsung is “worried” about build quality, but they’re going to go ahead and release the S4. lol

    • Yep, they’re ready to ship at least 10 million Galaxy S4 this week or next week.

  11. Worry about build material? Well look at Apple, Sony & HTC, all uses metal/glass chassis build material for their flagship devices. One thing is certain that you won’t be able to mass produce a metallic phone every month and it’s price is very costly, since it causes delays as such.

    If Samsung ditches Polycarbonate and uses Aluminium instead then they’re going to suffer the same fate as HTC.

    For their R&D team, Samsung should experiment with Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. Yeah I know it sounds so expensive, that could be the next chassis material.

    On the good side, it’s great that Samsung can mass-produce at least 10 million Galaxy S4′s every month and the demand if it is very high!!

    What I’ve read so far on the internet is that there’s at least 10 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 since announcement last month ago!!

    So Samsung, focus on your efforts on marketing & telling to world that we’ve been waiting 4 the NEXT GALAXY!!!


    • Not entirely true.
      Apple could somehow produce more iPhone 5′s in comparable amount of time.

      I am not against plastic, but I’ve already seen two S4 on two different pages with sides broken/scratched and I’m getting worried for the crash tests/build quality in long run. The specimens that press gets should in general be better (I know what I’m talking about).

      One was seen HERE, on PRESS PHOTOS. And I’m not joking. Will find you a link if you want to.

      I’m worried, cos I’ve already chosen – Sony Xperia Z has mediocre screen, HTC One makes tragic photos, iPhone is limited in its own iOS (and will probably continue that way), I’m not a big fan of BlackBerry, Motorola had quit from Poland and offers no support here (so no NXT for me), Google also worsened its support (so probably no Nexus in near future too), I would have to be very conviced by the overall quality (and I mean almost all of the specs) to buy Chinese flagships made by ZTE or Huawei or Alcatel – the lower price simply isn’t enough.. So, what’s left? Asus still runs the same old SnapDragon 600 in PadFone 3, LG is for me the smaller brother of Samsung and can’t consider it seriously for its GLOBAL lack of software support, Micro$oft/Nokia.. am not a fan of limited OS now, so WP is not for me – and Panasonic doesn’t make such great flagships.
      Plus, I have my own motives (which I count will fire away this year).

      Thus I am aiming at S4 (my S2 is getting old) and while I’m aware of its problems: 1) lower clock speed than the Korean version (I’m planning to buy Exynos version, as it will be available in Poland), 2) no FM Radio, 3) no LTE in international Exynos (not a good thing :/ ), 4) so-so call quality (microphones are a bit better, that’s the earpiece speaker that I’m talking about) – basing on some sites it’s just average and call making are, HELLO, the primary function of the phone, even the smartphone- and last, but not least – 5) materials&build quality.

      As you see, IF the sides are cracking by itself again (and not by eg a fall on the ground), it is a major problem and a repeat from S3 – even using a case won’t help (just as some people had plastic cracked at the sides or the back close to the photo lens even they DID wore it in a case). SO… it’s all down to hope (?) that Samsung made a product with the plastic materials and fit and thus crash test durability CLOSER TO NOTE 2, NOT CLOSED TO S3.

      • Take a look at the meizu mx2. its running on the eynos 4412 quad core.

        • Exynos 4412 has pathetically weak Mali-400 GPU, so thx for trying, but I can’t really consider it a good choice.
          For me the GPU is important, so I consider a minimum a good one, like SGX543 tri-core in S4 Exynos, Tegra 4 (in future perhaps, or even Tegra 5) in upcoming devices or, perhaps, still-not-released SnapDragon 800, or, in theory, next Ax chip from Apple (though I don’t like the limitations of iOS, so only as a secondary device).
          From what I think, waiting for the SnapDragon 800 or Tegra 4, even if they would be perhaps a bit more powerful than SGX543MP3 (I think they could be on par, maybe Tegra 4 better, much depends on the optimization of the phone’s software AND support of the developers) is not that sensible, because flagship devices with those chips will be released in the 3rd quarter of the year. If they would be 2+x or even 1,5x faster than S4′s Exynos, one could wonder and wait, but in this case S4 could probably be a better idea.

  12. I had the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and now the Galaxy Note 2. Plastic or aluminum doesn’t matter what so ever to me. Regardless of which i will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 come September later this year.

    • Because we need 8 cores to make a phone call and browse the web.

      • So here’s to remind people that Samsung is using 2 Quadcores, 1 for Power & 1 for Efficiency. ;)

        • ^ For the Galaxy S4. Exynos 5 Octa, 4+4 = 8 cores

          • And actually, according to some of the reviews, the call quality (read: earpiece speaker) is not really good – rather ‘average’. Seems like a problem if it will be true.

  13. Waiting for Note III in sizes of : 11.6″ , 12.1″ or 13.3″

  14. Doesn’t matter to me either way, I am still upgrading from the OG Note to the Note 3.

  15. It’s the plastic that makes my Note2 survive all the times I dropped it. without any case on. The harder the material the more brittle it gets. Look at iphone and others, thay crack instantly when hitting the ground.

  16. note 12.2 perfect

  17. ¿Aluminium? I think a good plastic is better than aluminium. And even better are materials like carbon fiber or magnesium alloy. For example Thinkpads were using this materials from a lot of years and they are incredible durable.

    Please Samung: don’t follow HTC and make it much better: choose carbon fiber, magenisum alloy or something better than aluminion. Don’t follow a loser, be a leader in materials too.

  18. Will Samsung imitate HTC too and losing replaceable battery?

    Will new Galaxy have 1/10 Repairability Score as HTC One? Lowest repairability score.

    Please Samsung, don’t imitate loser HTC. Go ahead and maintain replacable battery and a good internal design.

    Even it is possible to make a unibody desing and own a replacebale battery: battery can be accesed by a door on the upper side or the lower side. Even this would be easier and faster to replace battery: you move a slider/switch that opens de door anad battery is out by gravity; you inser new battery -other time with gravity help-, close door and you have a fress battery. Beeter than having to remove and hold back cover and put it back.

    Don’t imitate HTC, be ahead, be a leader in design too.

  19. I don’t think the S4 is going to do well at all. The Xperia Z, HTC One and the LG Optimus G puts the S4 to shame (design wise).

    Of course there are a few fanboys who will buy the S4 just because of the Exynos processor. Just so that they can run a stupid test and post their scores online to showoff.

    But in the “real world”, no one cares about stupid test scores. Only a few fanatics do. No one can tell the difference between 200+ more points.

    And since it runs on Android, it will still lag. lol

  20. i have both Samsung Galaxy Note and Note 2 .. i will like to see carbon fiber for the design… Samsung with the series NOTE make me 100000000000000000% Fan .. i want to see many new thing in Samsung Galaxy Note III i will like to see new Screen , design , battery performance , screen size , frame less , new GPU, new CPU,more 3-4 RAM with more 1600MHZ…. Sensor .. and camera biggest than 13 MP

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