GIVEAWAY: 2 x The Galaxy Note 8.0

Yes you have read it right! This time will be giving away 2 Galaxy Note’s 8.0 for the one who draws the nicest drawing on a Note device. So show us your ┬ábest drawing skills and have a chance to win one of the Note’s 8.0. 1st place Note 8.0 3g version and 2nd place will get the Wifi version.

Post your best creation in this topic

Good Luck

You have until the March 10th



Tablets 23
  1. And what are the rules? The limit date to post it?

  2. can it be drawn on any note??

  3. Yes it can be drawn on any note

    • Tablets too?

      • It should be any one of the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE SERIES.

  4. too bad it’s only for users that already have a Note.

    • I almost buy a stylus for my galaxy tab 2 7… It wasn’t clarified from the beginning and i was so excited :-\

  5. Just Uploaded My Drawing…Best of luck to me…n of course to all who posted their drawing…

  6. Damn, just for users of the Galaxy Note.

  7. should change the title. GIVEAWAY: 2 x The Galaxy Note 8.0 to galaxy note user. too bad for the rest of samsung users.

  8. Can I use the Note II? And is it just a screenshot of the drawing?
    Is the giveaway international? I’m in the Middle East.

  9. You can use yor note, note2 or note 10.1.

  10. hey guys … you dont need to own a note. you can always borrow from your friends, cousins, family members…etc all it requires is a drawing from note series. i understand it this way.. i am borrowing it from my bro. wish me good luck.

  11. International users or only US?

  12. sorry…but this contest seems idiotic which is not something I normally associate with sammobile. Why limit this to existing note users or to someone who knows someone who has a note?

    • Laziness for reviewing more sketches?

  13. So I have to be a NOTE user to win another NOTE

  14. Well it means.. draw something using the S-PEN!
    why are you guys confused?

  15. How and when will we know the results?

  16. All we are asked to do to be eligible is to draw a sketch on the Galaxy Note series. One need not own one since they can be borrowed for the sake of this contest. What’s so difficult to understand? Take a Note(I, II or 10.1), open S Memo, Make a sketch and Submit. That’s it. Best of luck :)

  17. Sad contest, if you ave one you don’t need a second one; at least not as bad as someone without a note.

  18. Thanks for the opotunity, good luck all!

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