Samsung’s Project J isn’t just one device!

As you may notice SamMobile posted the first details of the Galaxy S IV under codename Project J. Codename Project J was changed to Altius and Altius with the codename GT-I9500. And the Samsung GT-I9500 uses the name Galaxy S IV. So can you still follow everything? Good… SamMobile was tipped before about more upcoming devices by Samsung. Well the different thing this time is we are talking about a full line up of the Project J! Yap we are going back where it all begun! The Project J line by Samsung uses more than one device! Now before we get started we must say all information is based on upcoming accessories for Samsung’s Project J line.

The Project J line by Samsung is based on 3 devices where just 2 are confirmed and one still needs to get decided! One of the devices is of course the Galaxy S IV or GT-I9500 or Altius or Project J, just how you like to call it. The other 2 devices by Samsung is the Project J Mini which uses the codename Serrano. The Poject J mini Serrano simple hints to the Galaxy S IV mini. This device uses almost the same accessories as the Galaxy S IV only this device can’t use the wireless charing dock. The third device could be Samsung’s answer on Apple’s rumoured iWatch. Project J Active based under the codename Fortius uses some strange accessories like a Arm Band, a Bike Mount and a Pouch. Project J Active isn’t final decided yet but the Altius and Serrano are.

Below a list what we know about Samsung’s Project J line based on the accessories.
Project J Altius:
- Clear Cover
- Flip Cover
- Protective Cover
- Pouch
- Extra Battery Kit
- Battery 2600 mah
- Wireless Charging Kit
- HDTV Adapter
- Headset

Project J Mini Serrano:
- Clear Cover
- Flip Cover
- Protective Cover

Project J Active Fortius:
- Arm Band
- Bike Mount
- Pouch

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  1. It’s like the olympic motto.. Citius, altius, fortius (faster, higher, stronger)
    I think this is going to be something big :) something better, faster and stronger than the competition ever could imagine!

    Go Sammy, don’t disappoint us :D

  2. Sounds great no doubt. I am waiting on the Galaxy Note 3 specifically. But I will take a very close look at the Galaxy S4 i might buy that too.

  3. eagerly awaiting the S4. or the Note 3. either one will work for me.

  4. Project J could probably the flexible screen line? awesome! :D

  5. whay samsung not made big battery for the note like s2 battery 2000 mha

  6. Waiting badly for Galaxy S IV!

  7. Altius = Flagship phone (S4)
    Serrano = Smaller version (S4 Mini)
    Fortius = Durable version (Xcover-like S4)

  8. Fortius could more likely be the new version Galaxy mp3 player !!

  9. It might be the #tizen devices!

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