‘Samsung to introduce the Galaxy S IV in Russia / Moscow’

Is the combination of Olympic Games Samsung’s decision to hold the Samsung unpacked event in Russia ?
Could be… Last year Samsung held the Galaxy S III Unpacked event in London, this year Samsung could hold it in Russia, Moscow.  The Samsung unpacked event for Sochi 2014 where the Olympic winter games in Russia are held. Recently Samsung announced a sponsoring partnership with Sochi 2014. Of course is Sochi 2014 still far away… But it is possible! The Olympic winter games will start in Sochi next year from February. Yesterday SamMobile leaked the expected Samsung unpacked date which is March 15. When we read the words of Samsung about Sochi 2014, we can clearly make up ” One Year to Go Countdown with lots of campaigns”.

Let’s see what Samsung will do.

Below a couple of pictures of Samsung partnership with Sochi 2014.

Sochi-2014-Campaign-1 Sochi-2014-Campaign-2

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  1. i believe that it’s not true

  2. Does not make sense.

  3. shame on you samsung

  4. Samsung Galaxy S V maybe??? Not IV

  5. if no s4 nor note 3 will be released until 2014 mars (s4) and fall/winter (note 3)

    ill just stop buying samsung phones for a decade
    and start using htc phones instead or maybe sony

  6. unrealistically

  7. This article doesn’t even make sense.

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