Samsung Display starts mass production of Full HD AMOLED panels

Samsung Display is going to start with mass production of their Full HD AMOLED displays this month. This news came from the DDaily a korean newspapersite. According to them Samsung Mobile needs those displays from the beginning of March from Samsung Display. Samsung first Full HD AMOLED panels are rumoured for the Galaxy S IV. The Galaxy S IV by Samsung is scheduled for April, this morning SamMobile reported about March 15. According to our insider this will be the introduction date by Samsung. Even he confirmed to SamMobile about an early release in April!

We can’t wait to see the first Full HD AMOLED panels. AMOLED technology is one of Samsung’s unique selling points! The size of the display would be 4.99” with a 440 ppi pixel density.

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  1. Hopefully it is not Pen Tile matrix. Does anybody know about it?

  2. @sa71 +1

  3. PenTile for sure. There’s no way to manufacture a lasting Full-HD AMOLED display of this size at the moment.

  4. NO PENTILE cut the crap man ! Note 2 is RGB too so this will be RGB too! And even it is Pentile with so many pixels per inch you Can Not possibly notice it !

  5. You can do the math on your own and calculate wether it is pentile or nonpentile

  6. @MartinR

    You are correct about the details on the screen, font corners, etc… I noticed on my Note 2, the white is whiter than on Galaxy S3. When I hold in my hand N2 and GS3 side by side, the difference bet. the whites is very obvious. Both are AMOLED, but Galaxy S3 is Pen Tile matrix, and Note 2 is not.

  7. @vavrorvav

    You are welcome to explaining how.

  8. diamond pixels?

  9. Only not Amoled so Xperia Z is 1 step behind again!

  10. How long you have to wait to have a comment moderated here?:)

  11. Note is Pentile too only they placed in a S stripe so that will be the case with this screen!

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