Samsung to bring the Galaxy Pocket Plus soon

Remember the first information leaked out about the Galaxy Pocket Plus? Today we have more information about this device. The Galaxy Pocket runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and uses the new touch-wiz interface by Samsung. Of course this touch-wiz has been downgraded because of lower specifications and screen size. When we compare both devices we cannot see any difference only the new touch-wiz interface out of the box. The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus model number GT-S5301 uses almost the same hardware, only the CPU has been updated! Samsung want to bring the Galaxy Pocket in the first half of 2013 to the market. The Galaxy Pocket Plus will also be available in Latin America under codename GT-S5301L.

Below a list of specification.
• Android OS: IceCream Sandwich (4.0.4)
• BCM21654, 850Mhz (Broadcom)
• GSM (GSM850/ EGSM900/ DCS1800/ PCS1900), WCDMA (W850/ W1900)
• 4G Bytes (eMMC) + 4G bits (RAM) memory
• 2 megapixel camera
• 2.8″ QVGA TFT (C-type, Multi Touch)
• 1200mAh standard battery
• A-GPS / BT v3.0 / USB v2.0 HS / WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) / FM Radio
• Sensors: Accelerometer, Digital Compass

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  1. ha haaaaaaaaa, garbage

  2. piece of shit

  3. 10 units sold per year in the world

  4. why don’t they stop producing shitty phones like this and have better support for their current phones?

    Are they just trying to get rid of old left over parts?

  5. Garbage? Galaxy Pocket sells well.

    ”better support for their current phones?”
    Compare Samsung with updates against Sony, HTC, or LG.

  6. Well, not all can have an expensive phone.
    Now, Samsung have cheaper phones for people with less money.
    If that’s not your case, that’s good.
    Probably a rude reality in several countries.

    BTW, Samsung is the best in phone’s support.
    Someone know a better company?


  7. Remodeling old fones… Just like s2+

  8. Just great, this little fella has ICS… Come on Samsung, bring Jelly Bean for Mini 2 and Ace 2 as you promised in September!

  9. yes samsung do what TMHKR SAID
    you promised jellybean for ace 2 and mini 2 and s advance
    s advance already took it
    and this pocket plus has ics?
    phone with very low specs you give it ice cream sandwich
    ace 2 and mini 2 should get jellybean

  10. But when? november? december? januar? 2035 maybe :D

  11. all I’m saying is, if I couldn’t have a touch screen phone with a 4″+ screen, I wouldn’t bother getting one, I’d get a normal dial pad phone as I’ve done in the past….

    when updates are coming sporadically for current phones and “new models” are coming out that have less or the same specs as previous phones but are just re-branded as new models, I call that bad support… why don’t people just buy the existing low spec’ed phones if they cant afford the higher end ones?

  12. nice pic what will be the price

  13. flagship phones still waiting for jelly bean and samsung makes (…) phones!

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  30. me seria muy útil que le saquen una actualización al android para este teléfono ya que el android 4.0.4 ICS se esta poniendo viejo, con el gingerbread, kitkat o lollipop me conformo. Por favor cuando puedan… en mi ciudad hay muchísima gente con este teléfono. Les repito, cuando puedan hagan una actualización de software.

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