Samsung Korea posts Galaxy S II Jelly Bean update details

Samsung Korea posted Jelly Bean upgrade details about the Samsung Galaxy SII. The Jelly Bean update by Samsung will reduce internal memory from 12GB to 11GB and the reduced 1GB memory part will be used for system partition, as it will also re-partition the memory system, so this upgrade will take at least 1 hour. This upgrade will only be available through Samsung KIES.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is Samsung’s second best-selling Android device ever. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S II 2 years ago at MWC. The Galaxy S II features a 4.3” SuperAMOLED+ display, Exynos 4210 Dual-Core CPU clocked at 1.2GHz, Mali-400 Quad-Core GPU with 1GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. This is not the first time the Galaxy S II is going to receive a major upgrade. Samsung updated their second best-selling Android device before from Gingerbread (Android 2.3.6) to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4). The Galaxy S II will now receive Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean upgrade.

Galaxy S II owners be happy!

Major Changes in the new Software Upgrade
1. Platform upgrade Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich → Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
- improved Home screens and improved scrolling performance (thanks to project Butter)
- Improved usability for some applications

2. Preloaded applications
- Add Help
- Add Google+
- Add +Talk
- Add Play Book
- Add Play Movie

3. Newly added/improved functions
- Add Easy mode, Block mode
- Improved Camera functions: function like Pause while recording and more
- Add Smart Stay
- New functions like Pop-up play and more
- Improved some functions & applications usability

As they released this document the update can’t be far away anymore! What do you think?

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  1. Great news! Waiting :)

  2. that’s great but they said it can only be updated through kies ? if so it will be annoying

  3. Waiting for the update :)

  4. ok im wating

  5. Good news. Thanks sammobile

  6. Good news, thx!

  7. what about i9100g ??

  8. This UI is not Like Jellybean in S3..Anyway i am waiting..Seed Sam..

  9. Yes. Really waiting for this. By Kies or whatever…

  10. That’s great news, however, if anyone from Sammobile can answer: you said that the update will be available only through Kies, by that you mean that it won’t be available as OTA update, but will you still be able to get your hands on the firmware so we can flash it via Odin for those that don’t want to wait to get the files for their corresponding CSC.

  11. Junuary 5th…. and all the SII Users still waiting -.-

  12. @Darkmind we will still get the FW which you can flash using Odin.

  13. @oliverg11x The wait will be worth it.
    It will be the most major upgrade given to any device. ;-)

  14. Thanks for the post jellybean is so near for my s2. :D

  15. I like to update via OTA……..
    Anyhow s2 is getting update na… :-D

  16. Wht abt S Advance :(

  17. wtf:?

  18. why can’t we flash it via odin?
    here in israel s2 users that Purchased devices from the cellular companies like cellcom/pelephone can’t get updates through kies so we have a big problem.
    is samsung will release the firmware for all i9100 devices in the same date that’s mean i9100T/P/G???

  19. how much more do we have to wait???????????????:-(

  20. OK nice news but… I hope there will be version to flash trough odin…And I hope e will have Root CWM and mods for this update…

  21. thanks sammobile for the information

  22. how many to go for jelly bean gt-i9100 update ??

  23. and what about UX interface?

  24. i mean the UI from S3?

  25. Super, I’m waiting too. But I have French I9100P Cityzi Orange. It will be longer

  26. what abt touchwiz nature ux ?

  27. yeahh still waiting !!

  28. Do you know when it’ll be released?

  29. Update arriving in February 2013

  30. I’m sick and tired of waiting for this update to roll-out. I can’t believe yet there’s no Jelly Bean for the Samsung zgalaxy S2. So frustrating having to wait like this and also wait for carriers to release the update for branded phones like mine.

  31. thanks samsung :-) galaxy s2 is the best phone.

  32. and what about Exynos bug fix?

  33. Change in partition sizes? Hope it does not cause chaos for the Custom Rom community

  34. Good news but there is no difference in the face of such as the SIII
    Is there any news about Note 1 update to Jelly Bean

  35. ” as it will also re-partition the memory system”
    thats means we will lose our data :(
    we wait for a long time for it why samsung always do this ??
    i’ll not trust samsung anymore i’ll switch to CM 10 :)

  36. Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss :D

  37. Nice. But This is sh*t Galaxy Note will have Premium Suite Update. So Samsung why don’t give Premium Suite for ur best selling device ever. Shame on you.

  38. Not premium suite??

  39. Looks like a buy for S3 because not all of the functiins on S3 are there I.e. split screen desktop (multi tasking), riipple effect, burst shot and best face for cameras. But at least S2 get a new lease of life for a while till S4 arrives. Then it will be a new chapter and new device.

  40. If that photo shot of ICS look alike touch wiz is what is going to be on my S2, then I would rather keep using test firmware of 4.1.2 or degrade back to 4.0.4 ICS, I mean what is the difference and point? It would be a shame lame if Sam cut the premium suit update from S2 just to sell more of new devices. Well, ee will see what HTC and Apple has to offer in 6 months or so.

  41. See this is biased treatment and an unequal share of firmware. At least EVERY Apple customers get their fair share.

  42. Can it get on air upgrade like ics?And how long will it takes to get out?

  43. For the last two months, I was using the leaked JB 4.1.2 firmware for the SII. The latest firmware got all the said new functions/features similar to the ones in SIII and it is working fine without any problem. Whether the new release launched via KIES or with ODIN, I am not in a hurry specially the the new release will not bring me some thing more fancy than the one I have already. Cheers.

  44. I’m Waiting but there is a new beta version 4.1.2 and works fine!

  45. @pablogeek – Where is this new beta version 4.1.2?
    Is not the leaked JB 4.1.2?

  46. espero impaciente desde rep dom

  47. I want to know, what time can upgrade 4.1?

  48. I have a bad feeling about this seeing the old TouchWiz in the picture.

  49. so when should we expect the update to begin seeding ?
    and people the update will bring the s3 theme don’t worry it’s just the retail old pic for the S2


  51. wow.gr8 news…… waiting

  52. want new TouchWiz samsung old one no more :(

  53. A sea of approximate release date update for sgs2, day, month

  54. Apparently at the rate we are going to upgrade the suspension, and will make you as a user to pull the phone to buy if you receive another upgrade or at least when they say that they are serious updating users with disrespect. … at least for this season and should give the exact date of this January in which they will launch the upgrade … and not be taking pure excuses … but the problem is understandable what processor … q but developers already resolved that leak that had the processor … Bone is a matter of seriousness on the part of Samsung to be honest and no longer walk with redeos saying that soon will see an upgrade knowing that spend months and nothing …. eye that this type of action are paid and charged with leaving the user by the brand and go to another company that meets … Thanks and I hope you read the comments users who post their .. users …

  55. great, I hope we will get new touchwizz, if leaked jellybean was with new skin, then I’m pretty sure that full version will have that too

  56. I think the best solution to try the latest “Super Nexus v2″ ROM.
    It’s JB 4.2.1!!!! running on our Galaxy s2…
    You’ll never get any better system software than this.

  57. When issued instructions to install the ICS it took another 3 weeks to come out.

  58. Guys… of course there will be Nature UX.Don’t Ya see old market app on picture ?It’s propablly picture from Android 4.0.3.To those who are branded: flash 3 file rom with Re.Parition and Pit.Then flash latest rom fpr Ypur country and Change CSC …

  59. It’s about time!!!

  60. yeah! waiting to upgrade and sell this crappy phone

  61. Waiting for indonesian firmware update


  62. @ mpjoe2000 | 06 January 2013 at 02:24

    How is the S2 a crappy phone? Despite being released 19 months ago this phone still one of the best phones on the market.

  63. what about multi screen ? Is it available in Jelly Bean of SII

  64. what about galaxy note 1 may be in 2014

  65. با تشکر فراوان
    خوب این اپدیت 4.1.2کامل کی عرضه میشه؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
    چرا تاریخ دقیق و درستی نمیدین!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. will Re-partition effect on SII’s Performance ? Will it be slow down ?
    Samsung galaxy s2 is the best phone for look and performance till now.

  67. I really can NOT understand why samsung is acting like this…
    I like my GT-I9100g alot but by this BAD supporting I’m going to be tired from my phone…
    and something else!There is a problem in Exynos and they said the update will arrive late because of it but samsung galaxy s II GT-I9100G’s chipset is TI OMAP 4430 (according to GSMARENA)…
    So why the update will arrive late for this SII too?????
    Is there anyone to answer?

  68. It’s Alright. But Just Fix the date Of Update Rolling Out. We have heard this a lot of time……but No Date Fix yet.

  69. i hope for i9100g …

  70. jb update for s2 thru kies is not available. i tried it. its rumors. fake!!!!!!!!!

  71. Not sure if trolling, or just very stupid…..

  72. Just don’t get excited yet guys. Remember, it will be release in PHASES. If and when it releases, let say, in March at the latest, we will have to add an extra one and a half to two months of waiting period for them to release firmware to the European section first. Look at SIII, Asian is still pending for how long we don’t know. And what about Note II…hhhhmmm:)

  73. Hey all of you who commented here……. the update will bring the new UI from S3 (those who use the test firmware 4.1.2 know what I’m talking about) it’s true the fact that it’s possible some features not be available on SII but… still it’s a major upgrade for our lovely phone. Also I truly believe that the update will be available through OTA, KIES with USB cable and ODIN for those who have free handsets phones and wants the international version of the update. Just patience.

  74. Ak nebude vonku uz zajtra, tak to bude neskoro…

  75. Aaaa aj Slovač tu pise?No uz vcera bolo neskoro.Natahuju to ako gumu v gacoch rakosnici :-)

  76. Happy and waiting ….

  77. do s2 i9100g will receive JB update ??

  78. Good News …. waiting…..

  79. very good news.but HD games is not working on this JB ROM!example:Modern compat2.Why?!

  80. Today, some silence before the storm that erupted this tomorrow? : D I do not believe

    Dnes je nejaké ticho pred búrkou, že by to zajtra prepuklo? :D neverím

  81. good luck samsung

  82. No to sobie poczekamy. Powiedzieli co wszyscy od połowy listopada wiedzieli. :-)

  83. samsung please roll-out update for <> very soon

  84. Coming tomorrow? Poland, roll out your FW… :-)

  85. for , europa , romania …. cand apare ?

  86. tomorrow? why not? we should be optimists.

  87. When it will be released ????

  88. They wont release at least until chinese new year.

  89. no multi-mode?

  90. will update gives multi windows feature?????

  91. what about s advance?

  92. what about Samsung Galaxy NOTE GT-N7000 …??? When’ll it receive Jelly Bean 4.2…????

  93. will SHV e120l , S2 HD LTE version also get the update? please advice.

  94. what about i9100g ??

  95. do s2 i9100g will receive JB update ??

  96. Jen by me zajimalo jestli to prerozdeleni pameti v telefonu narusi instalovana data. Wipe udelat nemuzu pac mam 4.0.4 s chybou co by po wipe zpusobila brick.

  97. Hi Sam part of one of the seamobile indicate the approximate date of Galaxy s2 upgrade to 4.1.2

  98. Anfalas1: Ja bych rekl ze nenarusi a chyba kernelu s hard-brickem bude podle me taky odstranena ;-)

  99. Ja mam tiez 4.0.4 a wipe som v poho urobil uz asi 50x. Ale berem ze 51x to uz moze byt konec :D

  100. Where is info about Nature UI ?

  101. Where is info about TouchWiz Nature UX ?

  102. no multiwindow gg

  103. advance faster then SGSII
    bed bed bed

  104. Multiwindows works fine in the 4.1.2 leak so why shouldn’t it do in the official fw? Touchwiz UI (new font, new keyboard ecc.) is the same like on the S3. Bluetooth works fine. So just be patient and wait – for those who don’t wanna wait: go and install the leak – it really works fine. cheers

  105. this is not special information.
    i’m korean.
    5th grade.
    so desappear this site .
    so i’m very disappointment.

  106. At least news from Samsung, almost thought they forgot about S2.

  107. Doom1: Treba HTC se u nekolika telefonu vymlouvalo ze by muselo prerozdelit pamet pri prechodu na ICS tak ze by uzivatel prisel o data. Nevim me to neva ja mam vse zalohovane, ale prijde mi ze prerozdelit vnitrni pamet bez poskozeni dat asi nepude , ten android bude mit nastaveny nejaky adresy v pameti kde ma vytvorit novej oddil a zrovna na te adrese ty muzes mit neco ulozene. Ale necham se prekvapit.

  108. Hey Sasmung you take drugs? S3 4.0.4-Jell Bean OTA, Note 2 4.0.4- Jelly Bean OTA, Advance 2.3.6-Jelly Bean OTA and Galaxy S2, it just gets on Kies? How quickly the S3 the Exynos bug was closed? What’s taking so long for S2? Again the question you take drugs?

  109. 3. Newly added/improved functions
    - Add Easy mode, Block mode
    - Improved Camera functions: function like Pause while recording and MORE
    - Add Smart Stay
    - New functions like Pop-up play and MORE
    - Improved some functions & applications usability
    Cant u guys read? THERE IS GOING TO BE NATURE UX!!! Peace off.

  110. waiiitiinnggg… :DD

  111. soooo awsome !!!! been waiting for ages it feels like xD this is going to be soo friggin awesome !

  112. can’t wait jb 4.1.2 for SGN.hope samsung will released the official updates soon…

  113. Tell us what is the specfic time for releasing JB for s2 ???????????

  114. Spero solo che non dobbiamo aspettare ancora…

  115. what about for i9100g? samsung ကလဲေဆာက္သံုးကိုမက်ဘူး ေနာက္ဆို samsung ဖုန္းေတြမကိုင္ေတာ.ဘူး

  116. We want update yalla We want update yalla !:D

  117. Great News,
    but when will the update be available in Germany and what about the Exynos-issue?

  118. It would be nice the flagship phones to be updated with higher priority and faster. We are waiting for this official update for a long time …

  119. Someone tell us the exactly time for releasing JP for s2 ????

  120. No one knows.
    I think it does not pay to Samsung to introduce updated now. look, what the competition becomes SGS2 with jelly bean for currently produced S3 and S3 mini. After updating the S2 will be much better than the S3 mini.

  121. Hi sammobile the answer I would ask when will galaxy s2 update available, I’m sure that many owners are reassured galaxy s2

  122. this is only my opinion ;-)

  123. que digan una fecha de actualizacion ya hemos esperado demasiadooooo quiero jjelly beam aparte mi s2 anda trabandose mucho cuando estan varias app abiertasssss

  124. When its will be released in Germany by kies?

  125. I like Samsung, I like galaxy s2 ,but now i hate this, why why ,
    on november jelly bean lie
    on decemeber jelly bean lie
    on january too lie WTF

    better not to deceive people
    how much you enjoyed with lies

    jelly bean available on galaxy s2 maybe on march or later :S:S

  126. Sao đợi cái này lâu quá vậy? trong khi s2 là một siêu phẩm một thời (2011)

  127. wow cant wait for the update!

  128. It’s bad that upgrade is only with KIES :(
    But still I am waiting for it

  129. want an email when it’s available upgrade to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

  130. I hope to get it

  131. wht happen swamsung why are they not updating galaxy s2 jelly bean
    i think that jelly bean will not come for sgs2

  132. feb. starting is the time when u start receiving updates for s2..
    but no news abt original note I…

  133. SII I9100G vs SIII mini ??? which’s win ??

  134. the last upgrade for my SGS2 in my country (Ukraine) to ICS we received in 6 month after release in Europe. it’s interesting, how long we have to wait this time…

  135. from gingerbread to ice cream sandwich to jelly bean
    update is too fast
    i want to experience each at least one year
    give us a break!

    • try buying mobile which is high with each os version like Galaxy Y (gingerbread) S II (jelly bean) S III (next os) :) so that u can use every thing and cant update more than that :P and dont ask them to slow the process coz jelly bean released on 23jan but still we didnt get it :’(

  136. I can’t calm for wait…this….!!
    Please improve the photo frame too, when i restart my s2, photo frame is blank.

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  140. WOW NICE Thank You Alot ***** Mr *****

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