EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked press release shots?

We of SamMobile just received a huge tip from our insider at Samsung and according to him this is the next generation of the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S IV. We can’t 100% confirm if this is indeed the Galaxy S IV but the picture he sent us looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all. The design of the device looks also very similar to the design of the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Premier, which makes this picture more authentic.

By looking at the picture of the device we observed a few things, the device will use on-screen buttons as there is no home-button present on the device (Finally), the bezel around the device is much thinner and the device features a large display.

We didn’t get any confirmation on the specifications of the Galaxy S IV but the rumoured specifications are listed below:
- Exynos 5450 Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHz
- Mali-T658 GPU
- 2GB of RAM
- 4.99” SuperAMOLED FULL HD resolution (1080×1920) Display
- 13 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera
- 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera
- Android 4.2.1 (Out of the box)

Reaction SamMobile:
- Source claimed to have more pictures.
- It’s hard to believe.
- Mix between Galaxy S III / Galaxy Premier could make this render (press photo) looks real.
- Before the official presentation by Samsung is nothing 100% sure.

A Korean member (tlagusgh3962) of SamMobile just posted an image of Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013 invitation. The Picture indicates that the Unpacked event will take place in Pyeongchang, Korea. This is also the place where the Olympic winter games will be held in 2018. Samsung to hold the Galaxy S IV press event at March 4 2013. We expect Samsung to hold Mobile Unpacked event 2013 in more than one country and not just Korea. SamMobile reported that Samsung will begin training sessions of Employees in April, this could mean that the device itself will come in early April.  This is just a photo of course, but we requested SamMobile member for more details. (Slogan doesn’t look that legit.) 


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  1. Looks fake. The reflection stops at a hard edge, that doesn’t happen in real life. Also, where is the notification led?

  2. The picture of the device was taken from a computer screen, thus the weird reflection. The Notification LED is present but is not visible in White colour.

  3. There should be a shutter button for the camera.

  4. Whatwv

  5. no more button? wow maybe tizen?

  6. The shadow right under the device suggests a press render, but the flash suggests a real picture;
    the color of the device is an exact match for the color of the background;
    on the bottom left there’s dust that’s not only on the screen but also on the bezel: unseen for a press render but also very hard to recreate in real life (because the edge is further away, the dust would look a bit different.

    Then there’s also other reasons to assume it’s fake:
    - it would be the first time in history Samsung uses the same speaker grill, sensor layout on the front, and shape for a flagship device
    - the Home button is iconic for the Galaxy series; killing it would be incredibly stupid, also ergonomically (waking up a large device with the power button is just a less experience)
    - onscreen buttons make the screen in most instances smaller or just as large as the S III

    Despite that all, if you take into account the secrecy around Galaxy S devices (fines for leaking are in the many millions; if you leak you have to pay that) and the way the S III design was held secret until the 3rd of May, it’s not very credible the design leaks months in advance :)

  7. We know it is hard to believe even for us.
    The source claimed tobhave more pictures.
    I have to say when we take the line of the GALAXY premier and this picture it can be a real device.
    Still till the presentatiom of the GALAXY S IV is everything a question.

  8. @rajarshi10 comment that I like, why they must follow apple by minimize the button :( adding shutter button like hold camera is sure handy for photographer (less shaking to push on screen button).

  9. @arnoudw the flash flares are not from the device (s4) but the picture was taken from a monitor.

    #monitor produce that flare

    the specs are, WOW.

  10. maybe the buttons are touch. like the menu button on the s4

  11. official jb 4.1.2 for SGN still not released and exynos vulnerability still not fix yet??? why samsung going to release new devices??? :(

  12. looks kinda ok.. but the border looks too old fashioned

  13. Looks like a early stage of a rendering.
    In my opinion the Samsung-Logo looks like printed but not like a reflecting structure.
    Also I think the won´t put the front-lense and the sensors on the same side. On such a big display, there is enogh room on both sides to split all these things. The home-button is missing and there is no notification-led, it really looks like an early stage of a rendering.

    Perhaps your source can send more pictures to fix the story.

    Grüße nach Holland :-)

  14. Looks awesome, i love that there is no home physical button anymore, on-screen buttons seem to work better.

  15. Mother of specs…. gotta upgrade to that after my s2 :p

  16. Lookslike sgs1, i hope this is not final -.- it is super ugly if you ask me

  17. this is fake we got the info that it has felixible amoloed pisplay and wat shit this is fakeeee launching same sg3 without will not turn into s4 donot think of it even

  18. if hardware true 100% get one after release

  19. looks fake. i looks like an edited poster with its dark, bland looks. And how come there is some kind of reflection on the bottom when the unit itself is lying flat. and boring it will look the same as sgs3, hoping for a new design.

  20. i hope it´s fake, because for me the design is a complete fail.
    i really like the design of the galaxy s3.
    They should take this design and use a better home-button like in the note 2, a bigger display with a smaller bezel and a back made out of glass.
    This would a be a great S4.
    But WTF is that???

  21. Whatever they make, I hope the frame and the back cover are not going to be silky sensitive like on other Galaxies. They have to come up with something tougher.

    If they make S Pen available (out of the bezel, not inside) and Super Amoled PLUS ( like Note II, note like Galaxy S3) full HD screen, it is going to be unbeatable device.

  22. Hardware button placement doesn’t make sense ergonomically. The volume rocker is placed lower than the power button. This would mean that if the user was holding the phone in a neutral/normal grip, they’d be holding on to the volume rocker as well. Unless they make the volume rocker less sensitive, they’d be hearing complaints about the placement. You’d be more likely to activate the rocker when you’re walking around with it in your hand, or even when you’re using it.

  23. But Samsung Company Declared in 2012 that Galaxy S4 must be folding mobile…What about that… ;-)

  24. I personally think that this is indeed the Galaxy S IV. The design of the phone looks similar to the Note II, Galaxy Premeir and S3, that display is huge and definitely looks to be 5 inches. I love the fact Samsung decided to finally do away with Gingerbread era style physical/capacitive buttons. I love the design of this phone whatever it might be but i hope it is the S4.

  25. FAKE

  26. It’s the start of the rumor “mill”…getting the hype and expectations going.
    This probably a hardware test mule, as was the case with the S3 before launch…

  27. Looking ugly, no flexible screen, No menu button on bottom (Samsung’s signature). FAKE

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  29. HTC killer? It is 440 ppi, should do. I would not mind an S Pen, 13 Mp Cam/ 2 or 3 MP Front and a Sona sensor.

  30. Wow. If that display is really 440ppi like that guy said, this must be fake. Too high up for a current Amoled display. Unless we’re talking about rgbg again, maybe that’ll work. Also, the stats given for this phone seem waaaaaaaaay too exaggerated for release in Q1 2012. Maybe Q2 or even Q3.

  31. this COULD be real. but if it does turn out like that its design are gonna suck :(
    as we have seen in s3 advertisements. the computer edited/made models don’t always end up looking EXACTLY like the actual phone. i hope they make it even thinner (even if they have to sacrifice an S-PEN)

  32. Common an S IV? It looks a withe SII stretched … without physical buutons! Its just dull …

    common it cant be …

  33. There is a LG Logo on the picture???

  34. wow,great design!i hope it’s not a fake/.

  35. look completely fake!!!

  36. it looks nice, it maybe fake because the volume rocker is too low, but has a beautiful design, very own of samsung

  37. one more shit from samsung. i will not buy it. give update for s2 now!

  38. If it doesnt have ne physical home button thn why the while bottom could as well use the complete display…

  39. I would be greatly disappointed if this were the final design. The major characteristics of my dream S4;

    1) Same form factor as the S2.
    2) Add a 5.x” Super AMOLED HD screen
    3) Add a Exynos 5 processor
    4) Add 2 GB of RAM
    5) Leave the home button intact (give it enough room so that it doesn’t appear as an after thought like on the S3)
    6) JellyBean 4.2 with TW
    7) Connectivity – LTE, HSPA+, GPS (et cetera)

    I did not get the S3 coz ‘it’s too curvaceous’ for my taste and the PenTile display – boo hoo.

  40. @xhustler
    umm…your list are actually more suitable for the upcoming Note III no? Plus if Samsung goes any larger for the S IV’s scr, they may have to kill off the Note line which is something near impossible to do imo.

    Another dilemma is; even if said specs are 50% true I’d be wary of picking up an Exynos kit until Samsung fully deliver on their promise to fully open source the SoC (or the whole Exynos gen) to devs.

  41. when jb s2 i9100 #blamesamsung

  42. This picture looks real but the phone sucks. SAME

  43. This picture looks real but the phone sucks.

    SAME old fashioned buttons, old fashioned design… come on SAMSUNG, wake up.. you know we liked s3, Note 2 but doesnt mean that we need the same thing all the time….

    you should come up with some new technology, feather touch buttons across the phone, on/off button, camera button, volume button, back, menu buttton.. etc. Matte screen so that no finger prints to fall, yet the brightest and clean screen, more bold design… s3 is very very delicate and a femenine design. Some thing to protect the bumper of the phone and lastly …. please come out of the plastic/fiber design… we need a better look better phone… trust me.

    With the price we are ready to pay, we expect more.

    Software wise… i expect a drag and drop functionality… from one multi window to the other. E.g. dragging one image from the gallery menu to the email if i am multitasking at the same time. i would hate to go to gallery, hit on share button, then look for email and then send it as an email. This is long process… you have multi window feature, why not drag the image on the email… this is just an example and i am sure many more benefits of this function.

    Thanks.. i hope this feedbacks reaches samsung.

  44. why another 4.99″ screen…?

    Screens already closer to that size…

    s3- 4.8″
    Note 1- 5″
    Note 2- 5.3″

    A, 5.8″ screen would make sence… as we already have many tablets out with 7″ and they are very uncomfortable in handling. As a smart phone, i would prefer a phone to stay as a phone …. yet with the best features and a very good handling. s3, note 1 and 2 are phone to get dropped quite often … and with delicate design… it hurts a lot when it falls down. :( …. nokia is hardcore… it can withstand a better drop test… and ofcourse (Crappy Iphone too) :(

    please please please …. come up with the best…. we looove samsung… dont fall down in our eyes or let make us think for someother option…

    Up grade wise…. i expect that all the countries should receive the updates at the same time.. its very disappointing to wait when one country get the update and other doesnt… some of us are surely scared to do a flash ….. may b because of the warranty … or the fear of the making the fone dead… so this should be seriously considered.

    Thanks again and please work around these things…

    A Happy Sad Customer. (Jatin- India)

  45. 100% Fake! it took me a few seconds to work out this is indeed a very neatly drawn picture of a phone with black reflective paper stuck down as the screen and hence the reflection of camera flash. if you zoom in you can actually see the background is not only same color as the phone but same texture.

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