Galaxy S II Plus to come in 2 variants

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S II Plus is 2 variants, one version with NFC chip and one without NFC. The Samsung GT-I9105 will not use NFC where the GT-I9105P will have NFC. Samsung delayed the Galaxy S II Plus because of the success of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S II Plus will run on Android 4.1.2 and comes in the first quarter of 2013. The Galaxy S II Plus will be available in 2 colors Chic White and Dark Blue.

Rumored specifications.
The Galaxy S II Plus looks not to be an upgrade more a cheaper downgrade…
Screen size and resolution are the same as the current Galaxy S II (4.3” 480 x 800)
Samsung downgraded the processor to 1ghz dual-core processor and the internal storage is 8 GB.

GT-I9105 Galaxy S II Plus
GT-I9105P Galaxy S II Plus (NFC)

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  1. WTF, this is lower S2 with “5″ in number…
    Why plus, is lower…?

  2. Galaxy SII Minus

  3. haha then what’s meaning of having ‘plus’ :P ?

  4. is a joke?

    this is not best phone than sgs2

  5. SGS II Plus – nothing much…
    I’ll stay with my old buddy SII…

  6. Update S2 I9100 to 4.1.2 first, then relase I9105 :D Thats my opinion :D

  7. What a fu*k? S2 is much better and S Advance too.
    UPDATE S2 TO JB, and stop producing new phones!

  8. good not that bad but whats so special to buy it……got a better s3 if we want

  9. …so this is the same as the S3 Mini? =|

  10. S3 Mini in S2 casing…

  11. Can I use the official ROM of this mobile in a SG2 GT-I9100P, I have a Orange UK branded phone, but I want to debrand but not loose the NFC function, I know if I use the official GT-I9100 rom work, but i loose the NFC function, but by the specifications I see that phone don´t have the same processor and have half of the internal memory so i don´t know that is possible use this rom in a original GT-I9100.

  12. How about samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100G update to JellyBean

  13. galaxy s2 plus is best becuase it will have jelly bean, and galaxy s2 will not received.

  14. maybe they are making it affordable for those who cannot spend a fortune ?

  15. ok when s2 jelly bean ???

  16. Ouch… now Samsung why would you rerelease the GS2 with worse specs *facepalm*

  17. It isn’t 1GHz. 1.2GHz. I recommend to read GT-I9105P FCC TEST Report.

  18. @trolloface

    yeah mate agree with yuh first they should release 4.1.2 JB :D

  19. It was a Joke for Innocent’s day

  20. i will buy it at launching whenever it will be launch…

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