New audio docking station expected to show up at CES or MWC

Samsung is going to introduce a new kind of audio docking station for all their smartphones with mirco USB connection at the bottom. The new audio docking station will have a max power of 6W, 3W on both sides and will come in 3 colors. black, red and silver. There are plenty of ways to connect your smartphone to the new docking. You can use bluetooth version 3.0 to connect, 3.5 plugin cable or just the micro USB to connection. The new docking station is expected to show up at CES or MWC, and will hit the stores in Q1 2013.

• USB Audio Class
• Universal dock station
• Bluetooth version 3.0
• Power: 6W (3W x 2)
• Power volume button
• Charging Port
• 3.5mm Audio Plug-in

Thanks Tipper 

Phones 9
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  1. I wonder where is Galaxy SII update to android 4.1.2

  2. Finally, i hope they launch this soon!!

  3. wooooooow,

    they should fuckin fix the old one…. I have the 1st docking station from samsung, paid 35 euro, and after the update to JB when I want to pick up the phone while in docking station, I cant hear anything through the loudspeaker what is more, the other party does not hear me too!!

    1st fix that what is not working and second bring in the new item for sale!!!!!!!!

    samsung you greedy fuckers

  4. If a phone sits superimpose on the speaker as shown in the picture above, it is very bad design. But do release something like this because you need to sell some peripherals like Apple do.

  5. good one hope the sound quality is good tooo……..

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