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Samsung to announce the Galaxy S II Plus in 2013

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Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S II Plus in 2 colors Chic White and Dark Blue.
According to the information that our insiders have just sent to us, The Galaxy S II Plus will only be available with a 8GB Storage option.

The Galaxy S II Plus is planned to come in 2013 Q1, according to our information Samsung will start shipping the Galaxy S II Plus Chic White from week 3 and the Galaxy S II plus Dark Blue version from week 5.

Just this year in August we rumored the Galaxy S II Plus. Samsung delayed the Galaxy S II Plus because of the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy Premier.
The new Samsung Galaxy S II Plus will come with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box and will use Samsung’s latest TouchWiz interface called the Nature UX. At this moment there is still no official specification sheet. We expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy S II Plus in December or January.

Samsung will put the Galaxy S II Plus price between the Galaxy S III mini and the Galaxy Premier.



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20 comments on “Samsung to announce the Galaxy S II Plus in 2013

  1. CrisR82 2 years ago said:

    Coming up in the list:
    Galaxy SII Advance
    Galaxy SII Duo
    Galaxy SII Mini
    Galaxy SIII Turbo
    Galaxy Note Kicka** Edition
    and a billion color versions of each released one month after the initial :V

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  2. sahinz 2 years ago said:

    woahhh samsung remember what is s2!!

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  3. justion 2 years ago said:

    That s great news but first you need to update firmwares for all devices because we
    Dont have money to buy 3 diferent devices for passing from gingerbread to jelly bean

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  4. Rumen_s 2 years ago said:

    yet, too much devices, poor support

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  5. JGKUMAR1976 2 years ago said:

    Yes I agree with You , Not only me every person who have sence OKKKKKKKKKK……………..

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  6. cuijknoord 2 years ago said:

    Samsung is good, but they release too much devices in so few time!!!!

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  7. kulisap 2 years ago said:

    Galaxy s3 advance and plus soon.

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  8. ralvarellos 2 years ago said:

    yes focus on less products, i bet that original S2 is still selling well

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  9. xarfrost 2 years ago said:
  10. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    Leak in List
    Galaxy S3 Normal
    Galaxy S3 Sprint
    Galaxy S3 AT&T
    Galaxy S3 Docomo
    Galaxy S3 Duos
    Galaxy S3 4G
    Galaxy S3 Plus
    Galaxy S3 Alpha
    Galaxy S3 Mini
    Galaxy S3 Milli
    Galaxy S3 Micro
    Galaxy S3 Nano
    Galaxy S3 … and MORE

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  11. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    and Galaxy S3 Advance

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  12. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    Galaxy S3 Professional
    Galaxy S3 Ultimate
    Galaxy S3 Home Basic
    Galaxy S3 Business
    Galaxy S3 Starter
    Galaxy S3 Student Suite
    Galaxy S3S
    Galaxy S3.5


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  13. Gepstra 2 years ago said:

    Oh my god what the hell is this… S2 plus…running out of ideas Samsung?!

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  14. acooldude789 2 years ago said:

    Coming in December….

    Galaxy S2 Minus
    Galaxy S2.1
    Galaxy S2.1.2
    Galaxy S2.2
    Galaxy S2.2.1
    Galaxy S2.2.1.1
    Galaxy S2.2.2
    Galaxy S2.2.2.1
    Galaxy S2.2.2.2

    Out of names yet?

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  15. namtran89 2 years ago said:

    I have no idea what is samsung playing at. Instead of flooding the market with loads of mid range phones they should have really concentrated on making their devices as premium as possible with better software support. The original s2 was their flagship phone last year and is still a very capable phone for atleast another year. However the s2 was in the apple lawsuit and so samsung might be trying to limit the damage if they lose their appeal.

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  16. marc15 2 years ago said:

    Yes… I agree with that they putting out more devices but No Support or should i say Less support and the most serious Scenario is Being Left BEHIND with no more Upgradable Android Version… Like the APPLE they only have few Devices but they’re all good because they still have care for OLD Devices that they published… UNLIKE samsung putting up more Devices but can’t support all their devices… They care only for their new babies…

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  17. amstradeu 2 years ago said:

    It might be samsung galaxy s2 plus mega optima to the max greater than v.6.000.001

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