Customer Consultant Guide version 1.0 for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Like the most of you know Samsung is going to update plenty of it’s devices to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.
But how does Jelly Bean look like?
What are the changes? What means Project butter?

Samsung created a guide specially for questions about the Galaxy Note II and Jelly Bean. The Galaxy Note II comes with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.
Download below the first version of the customer consultant guide of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

DOWNLOAD (To view this guide make sure you have Powerpoint installed on your PC or Mac)

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  1. When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update

  2. Cool :)

  3. When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update ?????

  4. so when is the uk due to get JB for the S3 ?

  5. Yes, When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update ?

  6. Yes, When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update ?

  7. where is my 1 million……… stop asking.

  8. “Maintain his phone updated, and he won’t buy a competitor’s phone”.

  9. When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update

  10. Does the author of this guide heard ever about Power Point optimization? 90% of pictures and objects could be flattened and then file is less than half of its size…

  11. When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update … ;)

  12. When Galaxy Ace Plus JB Leak Update ?????

  13. I flashed my S3 with official JB 4.1.1 Poland version. Everything is good except that instead of
    “S Note”, I still got “S memo”, “Best face” in camera is missing, “Add image note” is missing. “Paper Artist” is missing”
    What would be the problem?
    Note: As it’s an official version, there’s no change in Binary count or Device Status.

  14. when for tab 7.7? ah?!!!!!!!

  15. When Galaxy S2 JB Leak Update ?????

  16. android 4.1.1 and android 4.2 and android 5 for s2

  17. The guide is interesting, but as many ask to you : Please use your contact inside Samsung to take hands on a JB leaked for Galaxy S2 !!!

    Remember that Galaxy S2 has sold about 20 milions units in the world … Samsung cannot simple ignore this or the next phone this customers will buy, would not be a Samsung one !!

    A word to the wise is enough ….

  18. Where is the 4.1.1 update for the S3??? I think this will be my last Samsung phone, What is the purpose of having the most powerful phone if it is running on old software…Nexus series here I come

  19. When Galaxy Ace Plus Leak Update ples

  20. When will I become a millionaire?

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