Galaxy Note II colors + new Galaxy S III color

An retailer sended us a picture about their datbase of the Galaxy Note II.
The Galaxy Note II colors would be Ceramic white the other version will be: TBD.
Sadly the retailer didn’t know what TBD (To Be Decided) means as color.

The retailer told us also that Samsung will come with an new color for the Galaxy S III.
Called Titan Gray. Product number: GT-I9300TADSER.
Ou last inside info is that Titan grey will be available from week 37 for ths Galaxy S III.

Both colors and devices are planned for week 40 this year.

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  1. TBD – To Be Decided?

  2. To be determined – take it English isn’t the first language of this retailer ;)

  3. Yap retailer isn’t english :)

  4. TBD – To Be Decided…its a common language in Corporate world…

  5. i think is TBD= to be disclose….

  6. TBD – To Be Determined
    TBD – To Be Defined
    TBD – To Be Decided
    TBD – To Be Done
    TBD – To Be Developed
    TBD – To Be Discussed
    TBD – To Be Deleted
    TBD – To Be Destroyed
    TBD – To Be Discontinued
    TBD – To Be Detailed
    TBD – To Be Dated
    TBD – To be Demanded

  7. Lol! I guess TBD now means ” To Be Debated”

  8. TBD = To Be Disgraced by a Damned Fruit (an apple).

  9. lmfao whatever the D means, i think we can all agree they’ve not settled on a second colour for release yet ;)

  10. Does “open market” mean it may come to Verizon?

  11. Wow another color option for the Galaxy S3. The more color options, the better for us consumers.

  12. tbd edit of the main post made my day :)

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