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Samsung start Android 4.0.4 updates Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI

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Today, Samsung updated the Galaxy Tab 7.7  WIFI to Android 4.0.4
Samsung started already with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus and Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus WIFI.
Samsung will update the most of their tablets to Android 4.0
We from SamMobile tweeted before that the most updates will come the next month.

If you have the Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI and you live in United Kingdom you will be able to update your tablet.
You can use Samsung KIES or OTA for this update. Make sure the WIFI is on for OTA updating.
If you want to flash your tablet is this also possible. Go to and download.
Please flash only your own country.

Some details about this firmware:
This firmware is specially for United Kingdom (Android 4.0.4)
Build date July 2th

The next tablets will receive an Android 4.0 update.

GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI
GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI + 3G
GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI
GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI
GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI
GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI + 3G

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34 comments on “Samsung start Android 4.0.4 updates Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI

  1. gzycy 3 years ago said:

    finally , 7.7.
    but when will firmware for hongkong come out.

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  2. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    what kind of firmware do you use?
    Connect your tablet with KIES and tell us your current information.

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  3. gzycy 3 years ago said:

    Kies still shows “this is the latest firmware”

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  4. padelveccio 3 years ago said:

    Finaly ! guy try odin mobile it’s easy, safety and fast ;)

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  5. flamembi 3 years ago said:

    오야르 드디어 됏네 개새끼들.

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  6. bokyako 3 years ago said:

    just do as I did… don’t wait for the official firmware in your region/location and just use this one. There is a step by step procedure on how to do it and you will be happy that you did. :)

    I did see a problem with the ebook app though but I was able to fix it by searching a fix in the web.

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  7. flamembi 3 years ago said:

    hallelujah~! hallelujah~! samsuck made it finally ~!

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  8. udo2303 3 years ago said:

    I use a P6810 from Hongkong in Germany. Have I to wait for the Hongkong or the German update.
    Or can I use the United Kingdom update?

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  9. bokyako 3 years ago said:

    aswers to ascariss questions

    Hi there, I saw you mention that you flashed your 7.7 with the UK firmware, did you have any issues with the process?
    - nope i didn’t have any issues doing it.

    how would I go about doing it, is there some tutorial someplace?
    - i just followed the steps here and it all went fine except for the backups. The backup apps mentioned there didn’t work for me and I’m getting a lot of errors. So I just used kies to backup my data. But when I tried to restore data after flashing some files in my music backup causes errors and would stop the restore process. I just stopped it and tried again unchecked the music from restore.

    also will flashing with the new firmware stop the device from being upgradeable via kies or OTA from samsung in the future?
    - I think you won’t be able to upgrade thru kies anymore after flashing as I am getting a message in kies instead of telling me my firmware and the latest. But I think once the release in my region/location has been released I will either flash my device with that or kies updated will automatically work… we’ll see what happens.

    also is root needed to flash the firmware?
    - no

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  10. bokyako 3 years ago said:

    @udo2303 you can wait if you want but if you are as impatient as I am you can just use this firmware to flash your device

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  11. ascariss 3 years ago said:

    bokyako thank you for the guide and links, the tab runs great and finally on ICS :D :D :D

    It is blazing fast now and so responsive, browser is also quite fast. Pressing home to the main screen is instant, finally this is what was needed. :D

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  12. ascariss 3 years ago said:

    Forgot to add, stylus (bamboo stylus) support is much better now, more responsive, and much easier to use than before.

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  13. bangkenny 3 years ago said:

    I’ve flashed the ICS rom with Odin, but now my tab showing as a 16GB instead of 32GB. no idea how to correct that.

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  14. xednyl04 3 years ago said:

    My galaxy tab 7.7 is from Hongkong and I flashed it with ICS from open austria, it worked very very well from then on

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  15. simpleloves 3 years ago said:

    Please hurry up for 7.7(Hongkong, TGY).
    Now is only for Open Austria…

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  16. gzycy 3 years ago said:

    p6800 for hong kong seem arrived……get this from check fus

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  17. DANIELEOO 3 years ago said:

    How fix a ebook problem, Guys?

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  18. gabbyO14 3 years ago said:

    I Have a galaxy tab 7.7(XSG) but i live in Asia.. I’ve been waiting long for the ICS update on kies. When will it be available here in asia. been waiting since the start of june :(

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  19. khairil 3 years ago said:

    why too long samsung galaxy tab 7.7 new ice cream sandwish firmware late to update my galaxy tab 7.7 Malaysia???? i want android 4.0.4 to update my galaxy tab 7.7…too long waiting…bored…please fix it hurry and faster please…

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  20. edwardyang 3 years ago said:

    already september now,but still no words on ics update for p6800 in MALAYSIA

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  21. simoko 3 years ago said:

    No sign yet of P6800 [Galaxy Tab 7.7 wifi 3G] upgrades in the Netherlands and no indications about when [if ever?] to expect.
    Disappointing, Samsung!

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  22. sykosmurf 3 years ago said:

    i flashed my tab 7.7 32gb wifi version with ics and now its says its a 16gb any ideas?


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  23. kolioali 3 years ago said:

    hi there
    i have the tab 7.7 – 6800
    i dont live in UK or US

    will i get the ice cream sandwich update????


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  24. Craigsam 3 years ago said:

    I bought my 7.7 3G in Portugal in February and, despite all the publicity about the ICS update coming in July and August, it’s almost October now and NOTHING.
    I live in Brazil and the Samsung site here responds to enquiries with stock and useless reply:

    “thank you very much for your enquiry. At the moment we do not have any information about updates for the Galaxy Tab 7.7″

    I hope that the people from Samsung have a look at sites like this (and Sammobile is excellent by the way) and can see the disappointment, frustration and irritation they are causing by not even taking the trouble to inform the people who paid good money for their products.

    If they make promises about updates and do not keep them then they owe us an explanation out of courtesy alone. Apart from that, they are likely to have problems selling products to such customers in the future.

    Finally, a request for help from other members or the site organizers. Which of the existing updates can I use on my Portuguese tablet. To help here is some information:

    Kernel Version – 2..6.36 P6800XXLA4-CL616407

    Thanks in advance

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  25. rj24 3 years ago said:

    Is anybody have an idea about the availability in France, I’m a new buyer of this tablet and i don’t want to brick it.

    Thank in advance for answer


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  26. smsmtotti 3 years ago said:

    Plz update p6800 egypt
    Samsung give almost cantry updates even egypt

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  27. enzo916 3 years ago said:

    when the update to ICS will be available for devices Greek ??? Anyone knows????

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  28. jarokku 3 years ago said:

    can i have another link for download ics firmware version malaysia because in my country server hotfile very low

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  29. felipearimateia 3 years ago said:

    GT-P6800 update ICS problem WiFi version Brazil

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  30. ironman.timex 3 years ago said:

    when can this be updated to jellybean 4.1.1

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  31. sammy_blue 3 years ago said:

    I flashed my tab with ics from Abu Dhabi because I’m working here in Saudi Arabia. Still no updates here in Saudi. I just can’t wait to update my tab. I downloaded the firmware here in sammobile and flashed it using odin. My problem now is that my tab can’t connect to kies. When I’m using honeycomb before, kies immediately recognized my tab but now nothing happened. Is there someone here any idea how kies recognize again my tab?

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  32. jollyjonesy 3 years ago said:

    Hi Sammy blue

    I also have a 7.7 with the Saudi Arabia XSG firmware. Apart from not being able to connect to Kies did you have any other issues. I am trying to find out which is the most suitable version of the software to flash for a XSG P6800 model?



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